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Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Grayson County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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V i V li 1 is C t GRAYSON CCUNTY CIVILILN ORGLNIZLTIOHS g . . o . · AMTRICLF LEGION, GRAYSCH COUNTY POSTg#8l (National American Legion), Leitch- _ field. Founded l92l. Commander, Ralph Davis, Leitchfield. Telephone l22—4. Adjutant, Allen P. Cubbege, Leitchfield. Terms expire 1945. ;° Membership: 50. Qualifications, veterans of World War l having honorable dis- _ ehurgo. p n Committees: None reported. “ i [ Purpose: Promotion of the ideals of the American Legion. Normal Civic Activities: Community service, child welfare, rehabilitation of veterans. Defense nctivitiesi Engaged in First hid, Child Care. ilnttrested in Lux- , ilierv Police, Air Reid Warden Service, Auxiliery Fire Protection, Entertain- ; ment, Hecreetion. ~ i Local Publicetions: None. L _ n§HRlCQ]`RED CROSS, G`.YSON COUNTY CHAPTER (American Fationul Red Cross), C c/b Aubrey Moorman, Lcitchfield. Founded 1917. Chairman, Aubrey Eoonnan. t Telephone 186-4. Secretary and Treasurer, G. D. Litsey. Terms`cxpire`Dec- Y ember, l942. Home Service Secretary, T. E. Layman, Lcitchficld. Term lnd~ l . . ofirite. . 1 V _ ‘ Z I A _ . l Membership: 200. Qualifications, annual contributors of one dollar or over. l `”"`""““"" ·· “· V » Cormittocs: Sewing, Mrs. A. L. Nichols; Knitting, Mrs. Mary diller; Volunteer Special Services, Mrs. C. T. Cubbage, all of Leitchfiold. ; Purpose: Emergency aid in th; event of war or disaster. Social service for the personnel of the U. S. Armed Forces. _ ` Defense Activities; Engaged in First nid. greininp for First_nid. Intercst~ ed in Operation of Cantcens, Qntcrteinnent, Librrry Service, Collecting Books, ?7*···v—- . _ i ,· i_. ,» lyping end Other Clerical nssiscanco. - Local Publications: None. V C »' BOY S(j.j-U']S OF L§jITU§]_?I]?j]_,D, 'IROOP *_;r~l35 (]?e.ti_on:.l Boy Scouts of [unOriea>, e/o D; P. Hughes, Lcitchfield. Founded l920. Presidert, %L_£. Pickle, Leitchficld. Secretary, D. P. Hughes. Terms indefinite. V Membership: lO. Open to boys l2 tc l8 years, uble·to pnss test and`nect re- _•—~1--.—...,._.... " ‘quiremcnts._ _ ` ~ ‘" _ l Committees: Membership, R. E. Hughes, Leitchficld. i ‘ , . ·· l l I