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17 > Image 17 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 17 Agricultural C0ursePartial. \ A . Mathematicsethrough Geometry and Surveying. Physics, Chemistry, Inorganic, etc. l Botany, Zoology. Practical Mechanics. _ English LanguageGrammar, Rhetoric. J Agriculture and Horticulture. Military Science. Scientic Course. Mathematics. Physics and Astronomy. Chemistry, Inorganic, Organic and Applied. Civil History and Political Economy. Mental and Moral Philosophy. ' Natural HistoryBotany, Zoology, Comp. Anatomy, Geol- ogy, Mineralogy, etc. Latin, Partial Course. French or German. Practical Mechanics. English Language and Literature. Civil, Mechanical and Mining Engineering and Drawing. Military Art and Science. Classical Course. . Mathematics. Physics and Astronomy. Cl1emistryInorganic and Applied. Mental and Moral Philosophy. Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. English Language and Literature. , French and German Languages and Literature. _. Civil History and Political Economy. " f Natural HistoryBotany, Comp. Anatomy, Zoology, Geol- . ogy, etc. ii Engineering Course. Mathematics. Physics. _ ChemistryInorganic and Organic; Qualitative and Quanti- ` tative Analysis. Civil History. . Political Economy. ' 2