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30 > Image 30 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

The work done in some of the Departments will be better- I , understood from the following: l l DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL HISTORY. a 2 , Various forms of GovernmentMonarchy, Aristocracy, De- l 1 mocracy. Early History of GreecePersian Wars, Athenian, W 1 p Spartan and Theban Supremacies, Macedonian Supremacy and 1 Conquests of Alexander. Early History of Rome-Period of = A the Kings, Conquest of Italy, Carthagenian Wars, Expansion ` of the Roman Power, Roman Constitution, Fall of the Repub- L lic ; the Empire, its greatness, decline and fall ; the new Rome- I on the Bosporus, Rise of the Saracenic Power, the Crusades; Rise and Progress of tl1e Frankish and German Monarchies, Feudal System, Development of the States System of Modern Europe, Era of Spanish Ascendency, French Ascendency, Rise of Russia. Celtic Britain, Saxon Britain, Norman Conquest; the Plan- l tagenet Kings, Relations of Normandy to England and France, A the Hundred Years WVar and VVars of the Roses; Freedom of ` _ the Early English, Laws of Ethelbert, Ina, Alfred and the Confessor; Early English Charters, Magna Charta, Origin of Parliament and Growth of Free Institutions; Social, Religious and Political Condition of the Early and Mediaeval English; Feudalism in England and on the Continent; Accession of the- ` Tudors, Age of Elizabeth, Reformation, Beginnings of Puritan- ism, Era of the Stuarts, the Puritan Rebellion, Protectorate, Restoration, Revolution of 1688; England, Holland and France ; Age of Queen Anne, VVar of the Spanish Succession, Accession j of the House of Hanover, YVar of the Austrian Succession and ` i Seven Years War; Colonial Epoch, French, English and A { Spanish Colonial Dominions, Rivalry of France and England [ in Asia and America; Beginnings and Growth of British l Empire in India; Revolt of the American Colonies, War of In- { dependence, Principles Underlying the Quarrel with the Mothers { Country, British Constitutionalism, Relation of the American to the British Constitution; Era of the French Revolution, i French Republic, Consulate, Empire, Fall of Napoleon, Settle- _ -= *