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31 > Image 31 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

H. ment of Europe by Treaty of Vienna; Course of Events in Europe and America since 1815; Development and Growth of V Parliamentary Government in England, United States, France, " Germany; Unification of Italy; Eastern Question, its Origin. and Progress, Balance of Power; Commerce ; Education ; Naval; and Military Armaments of Modern Times; Republicanism in. 3- the United States, Conditions of its Perpetuity, Influence of 1, V the American Republic upon European Politics; Literature of yd the English-speaking People, Probable Future of the Englishe gf speaking Stock. ` n 3- ie- ,3 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH. In FREsHMAN CLAss. 5G First Te7m.Rhetoric and Composition; Diction and Sen- 1_ . tence Construction ; Punctuation; Recitations and Exercises on 3 the Blackboard. Secoyzd Te7m.Narrative Composition; Written Essays read [B in class and corrected ; Synonyms ; Prosody. Ji r Sorrroiuoma CLASS. ls? .Fi7st Tcm.English Prose and Poetry; Interpretations of . L Masterpieces of English Prose and Poetry; VVritten Essays L8- read in class and corrected. I- Second Term.Studies in English Literature. ` 3_ Each pupil is required to commit to memory and recite in } class selections from the great English poets and prose writers, ,3 including parts of Shakspeares Julius Caesar and the Merchant `d y of Venice ; Bacons Essays on Studies and Friendship ; Miltons ,_ ` L Allegro and Il Penseroso, and extracts from the Areopagitica; il Bunyans Golden City; Drydens Alexanders Feast; Grays 1 Elegy; parts of Golds1nith`s Deserted Village; passages from Q- Burkes Speech on the Spirit of Liberty in the American Colo- iv nies; Burns Cotters Saturday Night; VVordsworth Intima- M tions of Immortality; Coleridges Hymn to Mont Blanc; the ; closing passages of VVebsters speech in reply to Hayne;_