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33 > Image 33 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE cottncn or KENTUCKY. 33 i ; Realism ; Qualities, Primary, SecundoPrimary and Secondary ; T. % Self-consciousness; Faculties of Conservation, Reproduction ,8 and Representation, Memory Proper, Imagination. The Elab- L orative Faculty, Laws of Association, Theory of Unconscious P- Mental Modification, Doctrine of the Conditioned. Causation, Various Theories of; Intuitive Knowledge, Theories of Time A and Space, Substance and Attribute, Mind and Matter; Phe- q H nomena of the Feelings; ot VVill a11d Desire; Relation of ii Metaphysics to Moral and Political Philosophy; History of )f Philosophy ; Relation of Physiology to Psychology. The text- ,8 book used is Sir VVilliam Hamiltons Metaphysics; Lewes [G History of Philosophy, Archer Butlers Ancient Philosophy, 1_ Porters Human Intellect, Bains Senses and Intellect, Bains , 1_ Emotions and Will, are used for collateral reading. it r- l DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS. 1 _ I Fnnsiuran.TextBooks: XVentworths Complete Algebra, \Ventworths Plane and Solid Geometry. A thorough knowl- edge of Arithmetic and of Algebra through equations of the . is second degree is required for admission into this class. The S first five months of the session is occupied in completing the _ Algebra, beginning with chapter XVI. The remainder of the ` ` session is devoted to the study of the first tive books of Geom- etry. SOIIIOMORE.rI`XE-BOOKSZ YVentworths Plane and Solid Geometry. VVentworths Plane Trigonometry and Surveying, _ Pecks Analytical Geometry. The tirst iive months are occu- pied in completing Geometry, beginning with book VI, and in the study of Plane Trigonometry and Surveying. The il second term is devoted to the study of Analytical Geometry d and to a review of the iirst terms work. f Abundant facilities for iield practice, with a full set of sur- 6 veyors instruments, are furnished to all who desire to learn E - the practice as well as the theory of surveying. Among our