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37 > Image 37 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 37 ` de- study, if his tastes and pursuits lead him to it. A correct . pronunciation and familiarity with general rather than special as rules of grammar are chieiiy insisted on, leaving it for a later period to maste1 the more intricate difficulties of the language hs, . to be acquired. G BI`I!13.I1. , & FrRsT YEAR, First Session.-Alin-Henns First Book in German and part of the Second. Ahn-Henns First German Reader. Daily exercises. XVriting from dicta- Lm'- tion. Reciting from memory, Second Session.-A.hu-Henn`s Second Book in German (completed). Easy Read- ing. Grimms Kinder und Hausmarchen (von der Smissen). Composition and Conversation. CTO- Siacorm Y1~:itR,Fivst S0s.si0iz.Alin-Henns Third Book in German. Boisens Pre- paratory Book of German Prose One of the easier of Schiller`s Dramas. Composi- Opy tion. Second Session.Ahn-Henns Fourth Book in German. Schillers Wallenstein," ' ]O1y Goethcs "Hermann und Dorothea," Lessings l\1inna von Barnhelm." Conants Primer of German Literature. _ French. the FrRs'r `YEAR, Firsi Session Ahu-Henns Method of the French Language. Daily the exercises, using the vocabulary acquired in conversation. ( Second Session.-Ahn-Henns French Method (completed). First French Reader. O1-gp Lafontaines Fables. Conversation. Sricoxn YEAR, First Session.-Kcetels Collegiate French Grammar. Knapps French Readings (selections). One o1 two modern plays (Le Theatre francais du {md XlXieme siccle, Hachette. Second Scssion.Keetels Collegiate French Grammar (completed). Corneille, pC~ Cinna ; " Racine, ** Athalie; " V. Hugo, * Huy-Blas " and " Ernani." Composition. V the Reading at sight. Saintsburys Primer of French Literature. nent For the third year (optional, not required for graduation) no speciiicd course has _ _ been laid down, as the work to he carried on depends in a great measure on the pro- LSIOH liciency of the students in other branches of study. The course, then, will be sonic- Owl`- thing like the following, subject to modification, according to the capacity of the students: German. Tntnn -XYE;\R.I{lGll1lll,S Gcschichte der Deutschen Litteratnr. (Extracts.) San- ders Hauptschwieriglceiteu der Deutsehen Sprache. H. B. Hodges a course in " Scientific German. Goethcs Iphigenic' and extracts from " Faust" and * Wilhelm Meister." Sci1iller`s Historical Writings. G. Freytag, " Die Ahnen;" l Y. Sehetfel, " Ekkehard." Sanders KVorterbuch. mm . . French. lghtl Titian Yr:.xR.Grammaire Francaise basce sur le Latin. C. Ploetz. Manuel de E the l-iitfruture Francaise (with copious extracts), C. Ploetz. Brachet, a Historical Grain- Sgme mar of the French Tongue. Corneille. **Cid; " Molicre, "Les Femmes Savautes" Same Mud Tartuii`e;" Racine, " All(il`Olll1\()llC,U *lphigenie en Aulide;" Moiitesquieu, * Lcttrcs Pcrsanes; " J. J. Rousseau. " Emile;" Littr (Beaujean), Dictionnaire de la ough Langue Francaise. I . z- s-n ~