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38 > Image 38 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

g 38,, sure oonnnen or KENTUCKY. COURSE IN AGRICULTURE. y _;_____ < 1 >_ Agriculture. 1 , Selection of farms for special purposes. Division into fields { for different crops. How manures and composts are prepared , . and kept. Seeding for hay, grain and root crops. Selection { ; S of cows and other stock for farm purposes, with general di- i rections for breeding the same. Farm accounts. , Horticulture. ; Preparation of soils for horticultural and floricultural pur- poses. Management of plants, including methods of propag_a- l tion. Horticultural implements. Methods of obtaining new varieties of vegetables, fruits and fiowers. Arrangement and care of iiower and kitchen gardens, nurseries and orchards. The construction and care of hot-beds and greenhouses. Prin- ciples of landscape gardening. Practical green-house work by . the student supplements the lectures. . Elementary Botany. ' I. Outlines of structural botany and the rudiments of vege- table anatomy and physiology. ll. Systematic botany; general classification of plants, with particular study of the more important natural orders of phrenogams. Practice in analysis and Field study of the local tlora. Elementary Zoology, Distinctions between animate and inanimate objects ; life dis- { tinctions between plants and animals; definition of general `V I terms; development; basis of classification; characters of the i various classes with a more detailed account of the porifera; actenozoa cestoda, with a description of the life history of the I common tape-worm and of the form causing "staggers" in I sheep; nematoda, including thread-worms, trichina, wheat an- guillula, cause of gapes in chickens, etc, ; lamellibranchiates: E gasteropoda ; cephalopoda ; arthropoda ; vertebrates.