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50 > Image 50 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

` 50 STATE COLLEGE or KENTUCKY. { discretion of the Board of Trustees, for each Legislative Rep- resentative District." A person desiring admission under this provision must present to the President a certificate from the School Commissioner of his county, or from some other satis- l factory source, setting forth "that the applicant is a citizen of the county from which admission is claimed, and that he is a teacher or is preparing to teach." ` 26. The charter also provides " that other students, without regard to place of residence or birth, may also be admitted to L the College on the payment of the fees prescribed for them by the Board of Trustees or the Academic Board." Q 29. No applicants will be admitted who are under fourteen years of age, excepting those who, by the charter of the Col- ] lege, are admitted to free tuition at an earlier age. 30. Every student mt ctcZmz7ssz'o2t, (mol bqfbrc he is allowed fo 7*602%, shall prcscviti to the 17c.sicZemf ct ((f7ZUi(!((lf from the Tl`6(!S2(i7`67` dzowiwy that be has paid Z/xc sum 1eguMcd in ad- lvai/ma on. rzetount of {zz.z'thm. or otizcr 2'tc/22.s. 31. As a further condition of admission, the applicant must answer affirmatively the following questions, viz: Have you ` read and understood the regulations governing this Institu- I tion? Do you acknowledge your obligation to obey them? He must also subscribe the following form in a book kept for that purpose by the Faculty : " lVe, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do declare that we acquiesce in the regulations of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky, and acknowledge our obligation to obey them." 32. Having complied with the prescribed conditions, the g student shall be registered on the College roll. He shall be considered as a member of the College, and amenable to its I regulations during vacations as well as during the sessions, until he shall have been graduated or formally discharged, 2 honorably or otherwise. ln the case of an honorable dis- { charge, he shall be entitled to a certificate in the following words: ` i "I certify that A B was honorably discharged from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky on the i day of ;. , " SfJC}`(}{//7`y (or (Q'ZcM) tf [hc FccuZtg;."