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Image 54 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

; ' 54 STATE coLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. Z, 82. Any student may be removed from the dormitory and the 1 mess when, in the judgment of the President: and Command. 1,0, gf ant, his removal is deemed expedient in the interest of discip- 1 line and morality. doc l 83 No student shall cook, prepare food, or give any enter- 1 5 taiument in his room, or elsewhere within the College limits, Sm 1 without permission from the Commandant. 1 { 100. All permits to be absent from any duty, or from quarters Sm- ' during study hours, must have the approval of the President, LO] < All other permits for absence may be granted by the Com- HG1 ` mandant of the Corps; and every permit for a brief absence 1 1 will be deposited with the Officer of the Day. to whom the the I student will invariably report at the expiration of his permit, O,. whether it has been used or not. No permit will bear the name W1.1 l of more than one student. ` ma 101. If the cadet be in arrest or in confinement, or confined to 1 less than the usual limits, or if his name be on the slick report, my tl1e fact must be stated in the permit. P6; 102. All applications by students for leave of absence must ke, be made in writing, addressed to the Com1nandant of the Corps, — SP, and specify the place to which the applicant wishes to go. lf 1 ‘ the application is for a longer period than the Commandant is mj l authorized to grant, he will forward it to the President. 1 103. Every student who overstays his leave of absence must [O1 produce satisfactory evidence of his having been detained by 001 sickness or some other unavoidable cause. 1111- 104. Every student, on returning from leave of absence, will [1 immediately report, in person, to the President. my 105. A leave of absence shall not be construed to grant the 0111 g student any indulgence at the College, or to absolve him from pg; 1 the observance of regulations. 1 . j I 106. Applications to be excused from any duty 1nust be made fm l in ample time before the beginning of the duty. av. l 107. Except in cases of sickness, no officer of the College will 11;-. l absent himself from any duty without the permission of the be ( President, and with the assent of his immediate superior. ‘ , 123. No student shall be absent from his room between taps frr l and reveille without permission from the Commandant ini ur