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57 > Image 57 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

ict . [l I I I l it Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station I . S Y Crnounnn No. 2. 7215 F THE NEW FERTILIZER LAW. ESS me The following 1S a copy of an act recently passed by the ust General Assembly ol' the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Per it, sons, selling fertilizers in this State will take notice. M. A. SCOVELL. A Dircczforffcntiucky Agric~uZZwctZ Eccperimcmi Smtion. Aran. 26, 1886. CHAPTER 638. ` AN A OT io rrrgulate f/tc sale of Fcriilfzcrs in this Commomvealt/t, mul to protect the Agriculzfmnst in the pure/tasc mad use of same. @1. Be if cnaciczl by i/tc General Assembly of t/te CVOTD7/IN.O71lUC(lbf]lt of Ifentucky, E That on or before the lirst day of May in each year, before any person or company shall sell, otler or expose for sale. in this State, any commercial fertilizer whose retail _ price is more than ten dollars per ton, said person or company shall furnish to the Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station, inaugurated by the Agricultural and _Mechanical College ef Kentucky (which station is hereby recognized as the _ " Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station "), a quantity of such commercial fer- tilizer. not less than one pound, suflicient for analysis, accompanied by an aflidavit llihlt ; that the substance so furnished is a fair and true sam ile of a commercial fertilizer, , l _ which the said pe1son or company desires to sell within the State of Kentucky. @2. lt shall be the duty of the Director of the Kentucky Agricultural Experi- i i ment Station to make, or cause to be made, a chemical analysis of every sample of I couuncrcial fertilizer so furnished him, and he shall print the result of such analysis in the form ofa label; such label shall set forth the name of the manufacturer, the . place of manufacture, the brand of tl1e lcrtilizer, and the essential ingredients con- tained in said fertilizer, expressed in terms aud manner approved by said Director, _ together with a eertiticate from the Director, setting forth that said analysis is a true _ and complete analysis of the sample furnished him of such brand of fertilizer, and j he shall also wlacc u non each label the money value of such fertilizer com wuted from _ l 1 . I its composition as he may determine. The Director shall furnish such labels in .. ?a "