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6 > Image 6 of Annual Register of the State College of Kentucky, Volume 3 (1887-1888)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

) J M 1 Q . F A C U L T Y . 5 l * . , . - _ JAMES K. PATTERSON, PH. D., F. S. A., PRESIDENT, (_ Professor of Metaphysics and Civil History. Q ROBT. PETER, M. D., { EMERITUS Professor of Chemistry and Experimental Physics. ` JOHN SHACKLEFORD, A. M., L h Professor of the English Language and Literature. JAMES G. WHITE, A. M., l Professor of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy. , A. R. ORANDALL, Professor of Natural History. ac-__..._._._.._......_._..... Professor of General, Organic and Agricultural Chemistry. , F. M. HELVETI, A. M., Professor of the French and German Languages and Literature. 1 JOHN H. NEVILLE, A. M., ) Professor of the Latin and Greek Languages and Literature. M. A. SCOVELL, M. S., _ Professor of Agriculture and Horticulture, and Director of Experiment Station. . J. R. POTTER, A. M., _ Principal of the Normal Department and Professor of Pedagogy. 2 DILLARD H. CLARK, Frasr LIEUT. U. S. A., Coimarrpaxr, S Professor of Civil, Mechanical and Mining Engineering and Military Science. 5 l . j WALTER K. PATTERSON, 1 Principal of the Preparatory Department. ( M. L. 1>ENcE, M. s., Instructor in Book-keeping and Assistant in Preparatory Department. i VVILLIAM PREWVITT, A. B., Instructor in Latin and Greek, and Assistant in Preparatory Department. *'I`0 be filled. `