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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I l I UK IBM CIM Stump of Quality C UK and the IBM Corporation are IBM has helped to establish similar The University of Kentucky Early I Ic establishing a Computer Integrated programs at other colleges and Childhood Laboratory has been do. Manufacturing Program (CIM), universities around the nation through accredited by a widely respected Co expected to provide new educational its CIM in Higher Education Alliance. professional organization, the National Da: opportunities and have a direct effect on UK is the only school in Kentucky Association for the Education of Young , hat economic development in the state. participating in the IBM Alliance Children. Um IBM is donating $750,000 of program. ant computer hardware, software and As part of the IBM donation, LCC trai technical support. Computers have been has received an AS/400 computer with wc: 3 installed at Lexington Community ten 3196 displays, a 4224 printer and E t ' up College and will soon be in operation as MAPICS (Manufacturing, Accounting _Ia_ I the well as in UKs Center for Robotics and and Production Information Control Stu Manufacturing Systems. System) software. In addition, LCC I i'!-'F L/ly COI CIM involves linking previously received a PS/2 Model 30 with separate business and manufacturing PageMaker software and 4216 personal ggg systems, using advanced information pageprinter. LCC will utilize this , rep systems technology. By improving the equipment and software to develop J , COI flow of information among departments, credit and noncredit courses Peggy Mmms the CIM enables management to fine-tune concentrating on the business and I COI and coordinate operations such as production planning and control mrhis is astamp Ofquahtv that means UK engineering and research, marketing, applications necessary for a well Our labmamrv meets the verv highest gO manufacturing, inventory control, integrated CIM program. Standards Said Peggv S Meszaros dean pg] distribution and financial analysis. CIM The Center for Robotics and Of the Uk College Of Hgme Econgmics , gm technology and practices allow Manufacturing Systems will receive PS/2 riwe are One Of the first Schools in {hg CO manufacturers to respond quickly and Computers, workstation computers, and State to gain this accreditation H efficiently to rapidly changing customer hardened" PC's designed for the shop The labmamrv is Q rcsarch and Cal requirements. floor environment, as well as a wide instructional facility where UK graduate COU Computer Integrated Manufacturing range of software that will be used for and undergraduate Students Studv and O;} is seen by many as a critical requirement computer-aided design, modeling and leam from Children infants through age v Cnc for any company hoping to compete in analysis, and managing shop floor {Om About 120 Children are involved in I-Ii; the manufacturing marketplace of the operations. This equipment and software thellabctatmv which is located in Sta; future. The CIM program at the will also be used to support CIM Erikscn Hall I Robotics Center and LCC will have a teaching and curriculum for non-credit Various [I as Of research mcludm twofold purpose: to help create a skilled courses for undergraduate and graduate S Cholo iggl develc mntal ang workforce, and to directly demonstrate programs. p Y . .g I . p l the CIM capability and function to area 'gid Smd"S are Conducted at busmcsscx thelmboratory bl;3l&JK sgudeni. h EI UK was selected for the program One ds; mlwlb un lfrgm. uES W O I. . . . . . y wi e teac ers in ay care , because of the quality of Its existing Centers d0 their Student teachin at the , programs, the breadth of the labmatg g _ manufacturing disciplines it covers, and Chilgen from thmu hom the the strong relationship the Robotics L . t .t g d { . I Center and LCC have developed with lfxlffli On COmm;ll1hYhar Cam 0r.m Ioeal mdumy, according to IBM I ia OIMOW W IC as an extemwe I . _ waiting list for those who want to enter I `IIIICIIIIB their children in the program. The University has provided T programs for pre-school children since 1939, said Kim Townley, laboratory director. "\X/e have grandparents who remember being in the childhood [ development Iab, Meszaros said. .Il\Y.\l.l'\I\l'$