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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I i_1 __ 'V., _ _v_ VV_. . . 1 ~ 1 r all U __ A V ._ . , _, __ Aj I - as _.A, , VVAV. . AA.;.4, - vv ~ . .. .. - $ College for the Community ACT Test Chongecl I , l dont see how they do everything they Currently the community colleges The ACT test, the most commonly used I j do. My daughter went to Ashland educate 25 percent of the college measure of academic potential for } I Community College for two years," says students in Kentucky yet receive 8 college-bound students, has undergone * Dana Ladd `68. Now shes at UK. She percent of the total education dollars in some changes. j had friends who went on to Marshall the state. That translates to a formula The changes in the Enhanced" I University and Ohio U and Morehead funding rate of 67 percent as compared ACT involve both test content and the I and none of them lost any credits in the to 83 percent support for UK to 97 method of scoring. The scoring changes I I transfer. percent support for Murray State mean that higher scores will be required My wifes at ACC, too. She signed University. for admission to UK, but these higher j up for a course when my daughter started Programmatically, the committee scores will be equivalent academically to there. Now my wife is a full-time nursing recommends continued close the scores required under the older student. I just think the community cooperation between the local version ofthe test. colleges are great. communities and the local colleges. For example, under UKs selective I Similar sentiments were echoed More coordination is recommended admissions policy, a student with a high again and again in a special committee between the colleges and vocational- school grade point average of 2.5 would report on the future of the community technical schools. have had to score 21 or above on the old , colleges. The committee, chaired by Wethington says, There is no way, ACT to gain automatic acceptance to I then UK chancellor for the community even without more funding, that the UK. This is equal to a score of 22 or l colleges, and now interim president of community colleges our faculty, staff better on the new test. The two scores I UK, Charles Wethington, and former and students wont continue to do a represent the same level of academic I governor Bert T Combs, was released as good job. But, we would have to look at achievement. I part of the recognition of the 25th holding down the numbers of students Similarly, under the Proposition 48 anniversary of the UK Community enrolled and have to hold programs rules for college athletes, students had to College System. where they are even though there is a achieve a score of 15 or better on the , The committees primary proposals great need for expansion of some ACT to meet NCAA guidelines for call for catchup money to fund the programs like nursing." athletic scholarships. With the community colleges at the same level as No one can deny that the Enhanced ACT, a score of 18 will be j other colleges in the state and to community colleges have had dramatic required, but again this does not j encourage full funding of the Council on impact on Kentucky in the past 25 years. represent any tightening of the academic Higher Education formula funding for requirements. state universities. "There is no reason for students to get uptight about this change. The UK COMMUNITY CQLLEGE SYSTEM __ numbers are different, but the test isnt I necessarily more difficult than before," I I said Randy Mills, UK associate director of admissions. . The test itself is similar in format to i ;.` . ; _ the older version, but now IHCHSUYCS 21 U _ Y r Q l broader range of knowledge and skills. It {. Eg A T " is the first major revision of the ACT '* =~ T . ' . s . c c I `1 I since the test was begun in 1}$), j l T _ #339 r r ~ rmt Interim president Charles Wethington has accepted the keys to o mobile training classroom that will benefit , industries throughout Kentucky. The "classroom" is a specially designed truck, donated by the Ford Motor Co., I containing computers and advanced manufacturing equipment. The mobile classroom is equipped to provide beginning through advanced level seminars in three main areas: computer-aided dralting and design, computer numerical control machining, and programmable logic controllers. The truck allows each community college to provide local industry with this kind of training without having to separately invest in the required equipment. KY .xi.1x1Nis .4