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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l ` . 1990 Telethon for Children 1 reflecting the curriculum changes that The UK Hospital has announced the for expanding the pediatric program. have taken place in high schools. official kick-off for the 1990 Children's Since 1962, pediatrics has been a , ( The Enhanced ACT places an Miracle Network Telethon. One of the leader when it comes to caring for increased emphasis on higherorder most important aspects of this telethon children, said Dr. lacqueline Noonan, ( learning skills, as the students are tested is that all money raised in Kentucky chairman of pediatrics. lt is good to on English, mathematics, reading and stays in Kentucky to benefit the UK know the people of Kentucky share our v scientific reasoning. Hospitals pediatric program. common goal helping children get Scores will be reported in more detail The success of last years telethon, well and lead happy, productive lives. ' than in the past, with scores given for which raised more than $216,000, The funds generated from the telethon each of the four main subject areas, demonstrated how much Kentuckians help us to continue working on the ` seven subscores that focus on specific care about the health of children. frontiers of modern medicine." _ areas of knowledge, and the composite The UK Hospital believes in the The hospital has joined in a l score. partnership developed with the partnership for the third year with Mills says the detailed scoring will Children`s Miracle Network Telethon, WLEXTV (Lexington), and this year, help students and their advisors make said Frank Butler, hospital director. The WYMTTV (Hazard) has joined the r more well-informed class selections, people of central and eastern Kentucky hospital for a successful telethon in the particularly in the mathematics area. have made our telethon a success. The eastern part of the state. The Enhanced ACT will better hospitals pediatric program has always The 1990 Children's Miracle r serve both the student and the college, provided state-of-theart care, but there Network Telethon, broadcast live for 21 said Mills. Not only will it give the are still many needs. The telethon hours, will be on]une3 and 4. students a better chance to show their demonstrates how businesses, One of many fundraising efforts is skills, but from the University organizations and private individuals can already underway. For the third year, the standpoint it will give us a better join together to enable us to grow." He UK hospital will participate in the Heinz opportunity to evaluate the student." said the hospital is in the planning stages Baby Food LabelSaving program. _ _ _ For every label saved, Heinz will J l` . J`f?;r_,::?;;, { " l.. ; .. se ~.~.:,,lif Q, contribute six cents toward the _ _ ?;:e.j_?Y* , . x, " { l (lm .,_ _` , _ ; Children`s Miracle Network Telethon. . ba;. l S" r., Z; , ; g 1. um`, _ { a` Labels may be sent t0: Childrens _. M agi ju { `, gi/ ir rf e kg Miracle Network Telethon, University of y { _ A ~ =_l {Qt`; , ` Kentucky Hospital, Room H 112, 800 if _ _ ` { *}so . j U _ `{"~_,; Q. sg by _ ` L __f __.V.j__ j " K Rose Street, Lexington, KY405360084. = ' l . ,_ * Q 3 . ~ J I / y .` _ ~__ j j _ yy A , I F , y ,,_,p.. ALPHA ,.51. y i l Q .. . "`TT like tl , l ,- .. bb " .lS? Fl ` 4 `L W " l?. ; {gh _ J ._, j` K _. / ., _ G D E, , _ . _.e.. . ~ _ __ W5, 4_ K r 2 s. .2. J ... l , , r ` _ ;.se... . . ls: ` - ` .`` . .3;; s4"";>~ 1 Students and townspeople marched near campus in observance of Martin Luther King lr.'s birthday. The march was one ol several programs designed "primarily to convey a sense of reverence lor values ol nonviolent cultural and social change and to communicate the significance of Martin luther King lr. and his work to the next generation, " says Jerry Stevens, director ol operations in the Ollice ol Minority Altairs. lhis is the lirst year classes also were dismissed. l i iisi iiriixits l