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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

T H E g ir 1 1, L E G A C Y The tenure of David P. Roselle was one of the shortest in the presidential history of the University of Kentucky. Roselle served as UKs ninth president from ]uly 1, 1987 to December 28, 1989. He did much of note in those 911 days. Roselle came to the University of Kentucky with an agenda to bring the Universitys academic program to competitive levels with similar institutions nationally. A part of that agenda was to increase the Universitys computing power, enhance its reputation nationally in research and teaching and promote higher achievement from faculty and students by providing the environment for their success. w B Y L 1 z H 0 w A R D I l l l a ii l