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Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1990, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

_ ”_ Later, when head football coach ]erry V ‘ ’‘·V· ~ _ be _ Claiborne unexpectedly decided to retire, "In his term, Dr. Roselle saw UK .._ Newton was able to hire Alabama head coach cited in a book on how to get an A V /‘·» ,::‘ · ‘ g. V r t —i»- \v»»»»»/a . ····=· Bill Curry as a replacement. Claibome, ivy league education from a public i t N } ~ Newton, Pitino and Curry are four men who institution, saw the average AU ¢~. ""W believe in the same ` ` l f ll ' f f h ` l i W ., princrp es 0 co egiate stores or res men rise y ‘ ,_ ` competition — winning with integrity and substantially, and saw UK listed as C _ ’ conducting a class program with the student» one of the best buys for a higher l Y l athlete at the heart of it — as espoused by education in the country" - iii; ` t A Roselle. l F C The Other Controversy erupted over a Sean Lohman g _ _"" " remark by trustee Albert B. “Happy" Chandler l Computing power as well as the number of faculty and students utilizing that _w?lS Collsllllcd as 3 laclal Slut lllld Wldely computers increased dramatically during Dr. RoselIe's presidency. pllbllclzcd Reselle accelerated llle llmelable L Computer connections increased from 400 to 4,000 and electronic mail {Ol Seme affirmative aetlen Pregmms and met t messages went from a "trickle" to 30,000 per day. with Students and leaders Of the blaek l i community to articulate mutual goals. Martin l l Luther King Day was made an official l Among alumni, Roselle became known University holiday. Additional resources for , as a most personable as well as able president. black faculty and student recruitment and l He spoke at more than SO club gatherings his scholarships were allocated, and prejudice i first year as president, beginning with the 1987 awareness training was conducted for faculty Alumni Board of Directors Summer Workshop and staff. _ in ]une. Often he would meet with individual Louise Roselle became widely known ‘ alumni in a community as well as the local as an exceptional hostess, entertaining an media at each stop. He and his wife, Louise, average of ZOO people a week at Maxwell would circulate through a crowd with Place. She also served as honorary chairperson l enthusiasm, usually shaking hands and of the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon , speaking personally to most of the people that raised thousands of dollars for the , there. children being treated at the UK Medical l Alumni trustee ]ulia Tackett, said Center. Louise was a volunteer at the UK King l “Dr. Roselle garnered a tremendous respect Library and was on the board of the Volunteer l from University of Kentucky alumni. His Center of the Bluegrass. She was also busy regular appearances at alumni functions kept taking a motivational message into area us aware of University developments and elementary school classrooms encouraging . progress for which we were very grateful.” students to stay in school and set college as t Two divisive controversies marked one of their life goals. Rosellels tenure. He brought them both to -·········-······-··--· · -········· , Successful I-€SOlu[iOn_ The lgnggst running Li; Howard '68 is editor ofalmnni tiirlvlicurirms. ; “problem” was the National Collegiate Athletic Associations investigation of wrong- __._ _ ,5,;:., , doing in the UK basketball program. Roselle { " C J was commended by the NCAA for his _ el R \· handling of the investigation and NCAA _, · officials indicated that his cooperation was a . ' factor in reducing the severity of the penalties `* l `i~J es . y assessed against Kentucky. [ , L * li •_‘ 1 l In putting the athletics program back e'`' gs ` — · _ l on its feet, Roselle made some other hard il l _ = __ r {Q l t ee decisions, replacing athletic director Cliff lx, · _ l •" _ , Hagan with another alumnus, C. M. Newton. l '`lr M Wi · A Roselle and Newton later convinced then ' / K ` ‘ · , l New York Knicks head coach Rick Pitino to ` come to UK as head coach of the basketball UK president David Roselle announces his resignation from UK and his Wildcats. acceptance ofthe presidency ofthe University of Delaware. . li\`!\l.l`\1Nl`S`