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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-16-oct25-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF MEETING- OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTE OCTOBER 25, 1916 The Etecutive Committee of the U74versity of Kentucky met at the President's office on Wednesday October 25, 1916. There were present at the meeting Me8srs. Nichols, Brown Johnston, bcKee and Stoll. Mr. Nichols, the 'Uhairman of the Committee was in the Chair. On account of the illness of Mr. Grehan. r. Stoll was selected Secretary of the meeting. The minutes of the last meeting of the Committee were read and corrected, and were approved as corrected. At the last meeting of this Cormmittee, the President and Registrar were directed to obtain diplomas containing the cor- rect name of the University, and to issue these diplomas in the manner therein directed to those receiving degrees in 1916 for the reason that the diDlomas actually given did not contain the coreoct name of the University, The President was also directed to secure a box at the Security Trust Company, and to place therein all surety bonds given by the official of the University, and he was also directed to Invite the Transylvania University to hold its thanksgiving game upon the athletic field of the University of entucky. The q resident stated to the Board that the dipbomas and the box at the Security Trust C-~mpany had not been obtained. and that the invitation to Transylvania University had not been issued, but that the matter would be attended to at once. The President reported that as directed at i former meet. ing of the Committee he had made an investigation of the i prove- ments made on the grounds of the University at the corner of Limestone and Winslow Streets, and that Doctor Kastle, so far as he had been able to ascertain, had agreed with the Carey- Reed Company to advise hi:", how much of said work had been done and the amount due to him by the University therefor, and he s stated that the contract was not in writing. Upon motion of ar. Brown, it was directed that the res- dent be directed to put the contract in writing with the Carey- Reed Gompany, and that the work be coupleted as contemplated; that the vwork be done under the supervision of Frank T. Mc- Farland, who has heretofore been placed in charge of the grounds of the University, and he shall make a full report of what has been done and what work is to be done to b autify this portion of the grounds to a committee ObMposed of r. Wichols and Mr. Johnston, which said Committee shall- have full power to act. Mr. McFarland then appeared before the Committee and dis- cussion was had with him as to the project of planting of seeds and shrubbery.