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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1916-16-oct25-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

is under no obligation as yet to service to junited Stetes, understand from the Arosy and Navy Journal that there I s a comaittee of college presidents unt oriTete- of the u.S. who con eliminate the eqXam1nation entirely of those who have gone throDuggh this course as stated above. He can alj ask for a gradrate course of sir months, for with Commi sason a.s tetobr ary second Lieutenant In the regular army. for which he would draw the ful I I pay al low.ed o f a. 2nd i emtm--n.nat of on ly o n e hundred dollars per month Instead of full 2ad Lieutenant', pay. if he applies for temporary co-nt sseon and serves six months, he binds hi;mself to serve five years In time of war on in defense of Xresident when war Is Im-mtIent at the call of the aoaverngnent. if he does not desire5 after this tern, to re-main longer he is .,vevn a. honora bl dis soarge. Thli tis tho scheme In the rough. Everybody that i s physically fit will drill three hours a week as they drill now, Shere will be a Ira yinng camp of siz weeks each year for two consecutive ye-,rs, ? a -man desires to pursue this course further, he can take a postgraduate course. 4r. Stall0 ersonally I s!-m very meach In favor of the plan enggestod 'by Captain k-airfa.c, bu In order to get the matter in preper shape, I move you, r. 9hailrman, that the full details coupled with the official action of the Dar Departmsnt, be pre- pared by the 'rresdent of the University and Captain Fairfax, and be presented to this Board for action at Its next regular Meeting. halt It is the saenwe of this 3oard that the plan be entered. into, but no action therein be tanker1 until the report of the resident of the t tivereity and %jnptainl 'airfn2 be pre- sented at the next regular meeting,- of this Board. otion seconded by ar. Johnston, carried. If there are two separate units, who will drill them? Captain Fairfax- 1f itis the sense of the andversity, I shall drill them. would like further to state that %ngreso passed thtis law ha June 3rd. but In a hurry to aedjourn, failed to provide any money and the War Department will not be able to enter In- to this before July first 1917, but they want to know the an- ber they will have to provide forl Mr. Stofll 1hile we are on this proposittion, there tI a ltourp In the Cataloc on Military Science. hat betng the case, r. resident, Imove you further that the residet of the Uaiverrity and teaptain %irfax be authorized to revise the course of Instruction In Ail tary Science at this U1iverelty and that the eervi-ces of any of the other profensers In this instituttim and the clasees t-, by them can be incor:'orated in this de- partment. My r 'neon for thits i that take It that oldiaer ought to know something abeut civil enginering, know tomew- thing about sanitation, taught by Doctor tryor, and a lot of other things that can be tenht by other profesesrs in this in- stitution, and for that reason, * Imake this motion.