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696 > Image 696 of Annual report. 1912

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

li ~ r _ 542 Division of Chemistry. 1 LABORATORY NO. 36770 Salt-sulfur water sent by G. W. Evans, Oakville, Logan County, Ky. The well is on Mr. Evans farm, six miles south of Russellville. It is 132 feet _ deep. A strong flow of fresh water was struck at 80 feet. At 90 feet strong sulfur water was struck and at 116 feet l a pretty strong flow of natural gas which burned 8 or 10 feet high when ignited. Sample gave strong test for me- , tallic sulfids. Received about November 1st, 1912. ANALYSlSrrOH gallon contains 172. grains of mineral matter (2.95 grams per liter) composed of sodium chlorid, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, . magnesium sulfate, a little potassium sulfate and considerable 1 sodium sulfid. The water contains, also, some free hydrogen sultid, the total present, both free and combined, being 8.4 grains to the gallon (0.144 gram per liter). o . It is a good salt sulfur water. , Two well waters sent by J. H. Follin, Oakville, Logan County, Ky. The wells are about fifty feet apart and each l ` is about 80 feet deep. Both recently bored. Samples received December 12, 1912. 4 . LABORATORY No. 36811 Sulfur water labeled No. 1. ANALYsIs eOne gallon contains 29.8 grains of solid matter i - (.51 gram per liter) composed of sodium chlorid, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and magnesium sulfate. There are traces of iron. silica, potassium sulfate, strontium sulfate and zinc carbonate. There is a trace of nitrite but _ no nitrate present and a trace of phosphate. There is also a little hydrogen sulfid present. It would be classed as a weak alkaline sulfur water. p LABORATORY NO. 36812~eSulfur water, labeled No. 2. Gives a strong test for metallic sulfid. Grams per Grains per ANALYSlS liter. gallon. Ferrous carbonate (FeCO;;) is a___g _()]09 ()_63 Calcium carbonate (CaCO::) trustee. .2178 12.70 Magnesium carbonate (MgCO::)-. fr .0972 6.67 l Q