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11 > Image 11 of Manual of procedures : Indexing of county records

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

llEDEXll~lG OF PUBLIC IJYCOIYDS Ob'cctivc. The our osc of WPA indexin` nroccts is to provid; an improved and . iodern system of indexing governmental papers, se that refcr~ ences to individual records can be made with a minimrn.of effort, tine, and cost, bv officials, lawyers, .l. and the general public. an efficient index to these records is necessary for many reasons, a few of which are: l. To make an abstract of title in case the owner wishes to sell or iortgapo his property. E. To pcrwit ready reference to any particular instrument* in order to establish o proportv line or an interest. 5. To locate an instrument and make a copv in thc event the oripinal is lost or is not available. Q. To save tin; and money for both the official in charg of the records and the public. ln most counties where such projects have bbsn employed, the indexes in use were of an obsolete tvpo, handwritten, and so worn and defacod as to be nearl useless. The title of all real urooertr denonds uvon the - .r ; .L ., 4. . instrunents recordrd in the office provided by lax: for that purpose. lf no cenvonilnt and reliable means exists for finding the paper or papers affsctinv thrt .. title the rirhts of the nroeertv omnnr are out in -onard*. J Q J. J. e L L , Th-re hav. occurred many cases in which the land owner has been unable to Sell or otain a loan on his property because a poor index made an abstract and Zuirtntc, of title impossible. * As us;d her in, "Instrument" is cefin E as meaning anv scparatelv record d docrtnt,