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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1960

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

2 -- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Wednesday, April 20, 1900 Institute Auditions Set For April 30 Auditions to choose applicants for the Second Annual Youth Music Institute for high school students will begin April 30 at UK. 'The 'UK Music Department-sponsore- institute will be d held- from June 13 through July 1. - High school students who have completed their sophomore year are eligible and will be accepted on the basis of musical performance, scholastic standing, personal interview, and recommendations of the high school principal and music teacher. All students who are sHrrtrd for strings, organ, woodwinds, brass, the institute will be awarded hon- theory, and music appreciation by or scholarships waiving tuition members of the Music Department fees. Last summer, 43 high school faculty. juniors and seniors, representing Ed Rutledge Promoted ODK Announces Hook Recipients Continued From rage 1 housing, equipment, and home management. Betty Sue Langsford, Interior design j Anahid Tashjian, institution management; Donald C. Mitrhum, air science; Charles M. Woodward, ancient languages and literature; Lee II. Hanson, anthropology; Charles J. McCormick, art; Thomas Nye, botany; CeciHa M. Fitch, bacteriology. Patricia Erickson, bateriology; James R. Rutledge, chemistry; Francis Clark, chemistry; William Judy, English; Ronald K. Wright. English; Paul Cooper, geography; Richard M. BjTne. geology; Phil Shelby, horticulture; William journalism; Lael F. Kinch, Nei-kir- k, Ed Rutledge, head coach of the UK freshman football team for the past two seasons, has been promoted to the rarslty coaching-stafas offensive backfield coach. He succeeds Don Shula, who has accepted a coaching position with the professional Detroit Lions. of Western A 1941 graduate State College, Rutledge played end for the Hilltoppers. He coached high school football at Danville and Bowling Green In Kentucky and at Ironton. Ohio f week. They are Ermal Allen, continuing as head overall team defease and also defensive backfield coach; Bob Cummlngs, defensive line; Howard Schellenberger, defensive ends: John North, overall offense; J. R. (Abe) Shannon, recruiter. Troupers Is Project Study By UK Could Lead To Creating New Towns preliminary study which could eventually lead to legislation setting up machinery to create new towns in economically undeveloped Eastern Kentucky will be made by UK this summer. Prof. Charles P. Graves, head of the architectural curriculum at UK, will serve as leader of the project financed by a $1,350 grant from the Kentucky Research Foundation. The project, which could have a effect on bringing new industry into the area, was announced by Dr. Merl Baker, executive director of the KRF. The new towns would provide a r.ew source of employment, a totally new environment offering all the attractions, advantages, and stimuli necessary for economic opportunities now available in the reu'ion. Graves said. Graves will be assisted in the preliminary study by Grady Clay, visiting lecturer in the UK architectural curriculum; and David F y'.e, architectural instructor and city planner for the Dhision of F'iUinins and Zoning. State Department of Economic Development. One step in the preliminary A NOW! ' .taitta Mr-Cow- J MlSlPSlA-- n, v m GO FORMAL far-reachi- RENTAL SERVICE 1 KENT'S 4-65- .... - dra-mat- TWO ARE NAMED AS UK TRUSTEES Dr. H. B. Murray, West Liberty, and Dr. Robert W. Bushart. Fulton, were recently appointed to ieur-yeterms on the UK Board oi Trustees. Gov. Bert Combs named Murray tc succeed Dr. William C. Wilson, Henderson, and Bushart to succeed Wood Hannah Sr., Prospect. by neighboring sorority. Examination of alcohol tonics and stitlv hair creams (rubber gloves recommended for this class). Result: repelled women. Frequent use of water on hair cited: this practice deemed harmless because 'Vaseline' Hair Tonic mollifies its drying effect. Female Appraisal of Contemporary Male. Conclusion: Student body y O.K. if student head kept with 'Vaseline' Hair Tonic. ar PHONC 4--4 J 70 NOW SHOWING! turn Ten tmpmpv YVttia UK? INC 14 5 if Parting Signs 1 TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) Prisoners are confronted by these two signs as they leave the Tucson Jail. "Thank you. Keep smiling. Call again." "Through our doors walk the finest people in the world our customers." H OA fill 1 date-worth- ttntiir run' w Materials: one 4 vz. bottle of 'Van line' Hair Tonic MiLu X "' 1 V STARTS FRIDAY - Rogers and Hammersreins "OKLAHOMA" In TODD-A- y I O ; : H N tnii HtNIUCHV 1 . Starts TOMORROW! TTtttyrsi i v . kSvs;HlrNi if kN a o Today "SNOW QUEEN" 7r., V before Joining the UK fttaff U 1956 as freshman coach. In announcing the promotion of Rutledge, Coach Blanton Collier also announced other coaching assignments for th Wildcats' spring practice, which begins thU Added recreational opportunities Wheeler, Ga. His Job was organand recitals by guest artists will mathematics. Continued From Page 1 William E. Kirwan, mathematics; izing entertainment shows for enbe featured during the session. son explained. "We finally sold It listed men. Twenty-fiv- e of the students at- John P. Sprague, philosophy; Son-J- a Lancaster, physical education; for S10." After the Army, Johnson retending last year have been awardRalph O. Myer, physics; William While in high school. Johnson turned to UK, where he obtained ed scholarships for the 1960 session because of their superior achieve- II. Sims, physics; Lessley Decker, participated in several minstrel his master's degree. He was hired political science; Katherine A. shows, serving primarily as an end to reorganite Troupers, inactive ment. Auditions will be held in the Fine Gard. psychology; Nellie Taylor, man, but also doing song and since the beginning of the war. Arts Building during the mornings psychology; Gayle Harper, social dance routines. The club has grown to its preswork. In the Army. Johnson served as ent size of approximately 50 mem of April 30, May 7. and May 14. Bruce May hew Jr., sociology: a special service officer at Camp bers. Sara Jean Riley, topical major; Claude Farley, topical major; Wanda Arnold, zoology; Anne Armstrong, commerce; Dale OsTOWN borne, commerce; Robert Gray,1 LAUGH! marketing; James Casada, agricul- op the best-sou- s ture engineering; Taul R. Francis, THi Biggest pictures! study will test the feasibility of civil engineering; II. C. Godsey, developing new towns either in civil engineering; Herbert T. wholly open country or in confi W DORIS DAY DAYlDNlVEH chemical engineering. junction with one or more existing Ayhan Aydogdu, chemical engismall communities, Graves said. PICAS nQ.fJV FAT TVlf neering; Norman Y. Cravens, elecl s The first of the new towns could trical engineering; William Alver-- , "Tk vESer "S s uwmt wtfRwrTm mmwu be built in Eastern Kentucky, with son, electrical engineering; Charles others following throughout the White, mechanical engineering; Appalachian Mountain region. Jack B. Howard, metallurgical and Graves' study proposal submitted mining engineering; Donald R. to the KRF stated. Neel, pharmacy; Carol B. Wishnia, "New Towns" projects have been pharmacy. carried out successfully in Great COMPLETE Britain, Canada, and the Scanda-navia- n countries, but such a project in Eastern Kentucky would te the first in the United States, For ALL Occasions Chavy ChaM Euclid Avnu Graves said. NOW SHOWING! A "New Town." he explained, MEN'S 'THE PRIDE & THE PASSION" must include all the elements of a Cary Grant Frank Sinatra WEAR complete urban settlement stores, "MANY RIVERS TO CROSS" facilutilities, schools, recreational Robert Taylor Eleanor Parker TEL. 120 S. UPPER ities, churches, residences, and ad(Both features in co'or, ministrative offices. "Too, a most important element is the inclu-io- n of industry." ho snid. "Without industry, development i' either expansion of an exX"" I."C ooi st i r 1 CrMi: VTILMi'1 A I isting area, or a satellite comsL jkiiJL. ,v munity dependent upon an existIrogrcss ot Women (toward men) ing economic center." 'c Graves feels the project is Dr. Allure enough to attract volunteer assistance and to bring to Kentucky a national reputation for Magnetism of men who use ordinary liair tonics studied. Conclusion: enterprise which will have beneficial side effects such as enbarely existent. Magnetism of men who um k'asilinc Hair Tonic studcouraging capital investment and ied. Conclusion not yet established since test cases being held captive industrial expansion. Kentucky communities, participated in the institute. Classes will be held from 8 a.m. tc 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, with four hours a day devoted to class and laboratory sections and two hours of individual practice each day. Both private and class instruction will be given in piano, voice, 26 ) Staff To UK Varsity : . .u,: ii rb Xoi ,- fl l LMiM TjTjTnTTT,'"l i cnr x W.'V T7fer:st; Infill i i i ill I