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126 > Page 126 of Argument of Hon. Henry L. Stone of Mt. Sterling, Ky. : delivered May 20th, 21st, and 24th, 1880, before the jury in the Jefferson Court of Common Pleas, at Louisville, in behalf of the defendant on the trial of the celebrated libel suit of Thomas M. Green vs. Thomas F. Hargis / reported by Charles A. Graham ; with an appendix containing the pleadings, instructions, verdict, judgment, executions, officer's returns thereon, and sketches of the jurors.

ville in 1834, and has lived here ever since. He those the trade of carriage maker and has followed it successfully. He was engaged in various capacities and places in this business till i855, when he started his present large factory on Jefferson street, between 2d and 3d. The firm name is "Joseph Enders Co.," and the subject of this sketch is senior partner. Personally Mr. Enders is rather below medium-height, of stout build, with gray hair and smooth face. R. C. HILL. R. C. Hill is a native of Chatauqua county, N. V'. He came to Louisville in 1854 and engaged in the manufacture of gold pens in i86i, in which business he has continued ever since. HIs life has been a quiet and industrious one, and he manufactures an excellent article. Personally he is a tall man, with thick black hair, and bushy beard, just beginning to bc tinged with gray, he has dark, deep set thoughtful eyes, and is quiet and thoughtful as he sits listening to the testimony: Mr. Hill has just lost his father, who died this week in Franklin, Pa. The remains are to be sent to this city, and this may possibly delay the case a short time. Mr. Hill is a natural mechanical genius, never having had any instruction in his trade. He was formerly engaged in the iron business. He is a man of very extensive reading. In his youth he entered Alleghany College, but did hot complete his course on account of ill health. HENRY WINTER. Henry Winter is a native of the town of Bunde, Germany, and was born Novcmber 2ist, 1841. He came to America in March, iS66, and made his home in Louisville, where his elder brother, Julius, had already established himself in business. Henry immediately went into the clothing establishment of his brother, and in 1870 became a member of the firm, which is styled "Julius Winter Co." The firm has one of the largest and best clothing houses in the city, on the corner of Third and Market. The Winter brothers are enterprising and intelligent German citizens of the better class, and have been very successful in their business. Mr. Henry Winter is personally a fine looking man, with regular German features, dark hair and beard, and blue eyes. He, like all Germans, is a great lover of music, and does all in his power to promote it-in Louisville. JOSEPH1 H, OtTER, Joseph H. Otter is a member of the firm of Otter flro., dealers in stoves and tin ware, Sixth street, near Market. He was born in Edmondson county, Kentucky, June 2d, i85o, and came here in i859. He went to school and grew up in this city, and in I872 went into business with his brother John. Mr. Otter is the youngest juror in the case at present. since the release of William Ken. drick. In appearance he is a slender young man, with light hair and mustache and blue eyes. J. T. CAMPBELL. James T. Campbell was born in Louisville in 1839, and has always lived here. He has been in the establishment of R. A. Robinson Co. for tWenty years. He is thoroughly acquainted with the whole- sale drug business, and is a very valuable man to his employers. Per- APPEND)IX. 128