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127 > Page 127 of Argument of Hon. Henry L. Stone of Mt. Sterling, Ky. : delivered May 20th, 21st, and 24th, 1880, before the jury in the Jefferson Court of Common Pleas, at Louisville, in behalf of the defendant on the trial of the celebrated libel suit of Thomas M. Green vs. Thomas F. Hargis / reported by Charles A. Graham ; with an appendix containing the pleadings, instructions, verdict, judgment, executions, officer's returns thereon, and sketches of the jurors.

Ionally, Mr. Campbell is probably the smallest man on the 'urv. He has brown hair and eyes, and is very pleasant and affable in manner. H. A. WITHERSPOON. H. A, Withernpoon is a native of Clarksville, Tennessee, and was born March i9th, 1847. He was raised in Memphis, and has been in the clothing business in various capacities since his twelfth year. When eighteen years of age he joined the Southern army and served until the cloie of the war. In i867 he went to Vicksburg and opened a cloth- ing house as manager of Sproule McKown. In 1872 he came to Louisville to take charge of the establishment of James Sproule Co., where he continued till Mr, Sproule's health caused him to quit the business. In 1878 he opened a branch house for John Wanamaker, the largest clothing man in Philadelphia. May ist, i88o, he bought the establishment himself and is now sole proprietor. Hie has the well known stand on the corner of Fourth and Jefferson. Mr. Wither- spoon is a spare built man, of medium size, with light hair arid blue eyes, and resembles Judge Hargis more than any other member of the Jury. He is known as the poet and punster of the jury. He is a very jovial, affable gentleman. R. E. MILES. R. E. Miles is 47 years of age, and a native of this city. He bag always been engaged in active business, and is in every respect a self- made man. In his youth, in the intervals of going to school, he was employed in his brother's chair establishment, and also in J. H. Praig's hat store. Several years later he commenced as an apprentice in the saddlery business, working as such both here and in Cincinnati. After learning the business thoroughly he was made foreman of the establish- ment here, in which he had worked, and one year after was taken into partnership. Five years after he bought his partner out, and has con- tinued the business ever since, in his own name. He now does a large business at Second and Main streets. Mr. Miles was one of the organ- izers of the Merchants' and Manufacturers' Exchange, and was its first Vice President and afterwards President. He is a prominent Mason and a member of the Board of Directory of the Masonic Widows' and Orphans' Home, for which he has worked faithfully. In personal ap- pearance, Mr. Miles is of medium size, with brown hair and beard, blue eyes and Roman nose. He is a very pleasant and benevolent looking gentleman. WILLIAM C, KEND)RICK, William C Kendrick is the son of the late William Kendrick, tne jeweler, and is continuing his father's business at the old place on Fourth Street. He was born in 1852, and was the youngest man chosen on the jury, He started in his father's store in I869, and be- came a member of the firm in 1874. He is a native of Louisville, and is one of our best known and most popular business men, He was one of the best looking men on the jury. Owing to the death of his father on March i6th, he was released from further jury service at his earnest request. He still tnaintaius an interest in the suit, and hlas heard most of the speeches. APtN'1AK 127