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STORIES FROM AMERICAN HISTORY Continued Southern Soldier Stories By GEORGE CARY EGGLESTON Forty-seven stories illustrating the heroism of those brave Americans who fought on the losing side in the Civil War. Humor and pathos are found side by side in these pages, which bear evidence of absolute truth. Illustrated by R. F. Zogbaum. xi + 25/ pages. Cloth, $1.50 net Tales of the Enchanted Isles of the Atlantic By THOMAS WENTWORTH HIGGINSON Legends showing that the people of Europe were for centuries fed with romances of marvellous and beautiful countries beyond the Atlantic. Besides the early Irish, Spanish, and other traditions of the Happy Islands of the West, there come to us, among others from our own race, the old stories of King Arthur and his Avalon; of St. Brandan's Isle; of the Voyages of Erik the Viking; and of the vanishing Norumbega, so real a vision to the imaginations of Queen Elizabeth's day. Illustrated by Albert Herter. Cloth, $r.;o net DeSoto and His Men in the Land of Florida By GRACE KING The author of " New Orleans: The Place and the People " has collected into an entertaining volume stories of the brilliant armada which sailed westward under De Soto in 1538 to subdue the natives and bring this country under the Spanish crown. Old Spanish and Portuguese narratives are the basis of its history. Illustrated by George Gibbs. Cloth, $i.$o net The Story of the Great Lakes By EDWARD CHANNING and MARION F. LANSING The Professor of American History in Harvard University, author of a number of volumes on the History of the United States, has found an immense amount of romance is centred about the Great Lakes, from the time of their discovery and early exploration by the French missionaries down to the present time when they play so important a part in the industrial progress of the Middle West. This book tells the story of these great inland waterways, with special reference to those picturesque aspects of history which interest the general reader. Illustrated. Cloth, $1.50 net published by THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 64-66 Fifth Avenue, New York