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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY Mutual Program FIRST-CLAS- IN S EVERY KERNEL Go Where the Go's Go. MEET ME AT. APPOINTMENT THE ORPHEUM THEATRE J. H. STAMPER, Jr., Owner and Manager. Grubbs, who was covering third Just TRIP FOR In tlmo t6 tag Harirs who was at- INSPECTION B. ROBARDS, Tailor tempting to reach that station.; College Boys' Tnilor Suite Dry Cleaned nnd Pressed - - $1.00 Cross and Moss played excellent ball AGRICULTURAL MEN Suite Pressed 3oc All work Guaranteed for tho Tigers. Harris, too, with tho 152 S. Limestone hone 1550-oxcoptlon of tho fatal ninth, when his "Father and the Boys" Make two errors paved the way for defeat One Week Will Be Devoted for his teammates, did well. Waters the Great Hit To the led in batting for State, being tho Opera House only man to connect twice. George ALL-STA- R Park batted Ave hundred in his two trips to tho plate. SUPERIOR VAUDEVILLE An enthusiastic audience greotdd Following is a summary of the game: tho Strollers' production of "Father Following tho examplo of several of STATE UNIVERSITY. 2 NEW SHOWS WEEKLY and the Boys" at the Lexington Opera AB. R. H. PO. A. E. the larger institutions of tho country, House Thursday night, April 13, and Schrader, 3b tho Agriculture Collego of tho Univer3 - - SHOWS DAILY - 3 4 to tho brilliant presentations for which Waters, ss sity has determined to inaugurate this 5 tho University's Dramatic Club has Spalding, if year an inspection trip for the mem4 always been noted was added the most C. Park, MATINEE 10c bers of the class in farm management. 4 1 13 lb ably done amateur play seen in LexNIGHT . The arrangements have been made 4 26 Crum, c ington for a number of years. and tho class, together with some $1.00 WORTH FOR 10c 4 McElvain, rf Emery Frazier, by his finished playagriculturists of neighboring vicini4 Frazier, cf ing, has almost barred himself from ties, will leave Lexington Monday, 3 Roark, 2b SAME MANAGEMENT future college productions, as ordi G. Park, p. May 8 for a trip lasting one week and nary amateurs may object to being taking in the district of the most highGrubbs, p. "shown up" by men of professional Cooper, p. ly developed farm section of the counability. try. Cisco Waverley Briggs, as the spoiled Professor W. D. Nichols, of the Dedarling society butterfly," gracefully 37 7 7 27 15 4 partment of Dairying, who has charge Totals 107 WEST MAIN STREET allowed himself to be "redeemed" inof the farm management class this 'Batted for Roark in ninth. BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE to a handsome semblance of a real year, will be in charge of the expediHOME-MADCITY. FINE GEORGETOWN COLLEGE. man, and Leonard Taylor's pugilistic to be CANDIES AB. R. H. PO. A. E. tion. He was In the district tendencies were adequately portrayed year and has heard from 5 0 1 0 1 1 visited last 2b Larrimore, in the calming down process to a capin regard to 5 1 1 3 2 2 several of the farmers Waller, 3b able business man and model husband. the proposed visit and all have as4 1 0 13 0 1 Anderson, lb Probably the part most foreign to to do all 4 0 0 2 0 0 sured him of their readiness Cross, If When you contemplate the real character of the actress was in 4 1 1 3 1 0 in their power to aid the travelers Moss, c securing Life or Accithat played by Rebecca Smith,, who as their quest for knowledge. A person 312110 Cowles, cf dent & Health Insurance the slightly hardened, breezy girl who from the President of 4 0 1 0 5 2 al invitation Harris, ss ask the K. S. U. student place way came from the "jumping-of- f Pennsylvania State College to visit 311301 Patterson, rf representing a conservaout West," did decidedly the best been received 0 0 0 0 0 0 that institution has also Summers, p tive, Boston, Mass. , Comwork in her brief but crowded career 3 1 1 0 4 0 and accepted. p Sullivan, pany to submit a proposiin amateur theatricals. If there is no alteration in the prestion. Mary Turner, Alice Gregory and ent plans, the party of about 40 men 7 6 825 14 35 Totals You need tlie InsurEliza Spurrier did their roles in such May 8, go to Washing One out when winning run was will leave here ance. He will apa manner as to more than adequately ton, D. C, remain there a day, go on scored. Busipreciate your uphold the haughty Louisville tradito Philadelphia for a day, then stop ness. Score by Innings. tion that from that city come the best, at Lancaster County, Pa., for three 0 State Address 406 Cily Bank Bldg. while Virginia Stout put Owensboro (days' inspection of the farms in that 0 00 02 11 2 Georgetown on the "map" by her clever handling Summary: Earned Runs State, 2; locality, and ending with a day's visit of a delightfully supercilious matron. at the State College at State College, Georgetown, 2. Hits Cramer, Ector Lawson, Johnnie Three-basCrum, Harris. Hit C. Pa., in Center County. Tate Bird, J. N. Farmer, Herbert Gra Lancaster County, which is to rePark. First on Balls Off Park, 2; off ham, W. L. Smith, J. F. Corn and Pres ceive the greatest amount of attenSullivan, 1. Stolen Bases Crum, ton Cherry, by their superior acting, Schrader, Waters, Larrimore, Cowles, tion on the part of the excursion, has deserve more than mere mention, but developel 2; Summers. Struck Out By Park, the best and most highly those who saw "Father and the Boys" systems of farming in- the United 2; by Grubbs, 1; by Cooper, 2; by will not forget their work. 2: by Sullivan. 2. Left on States. It will be thoroughly covered Special mention should be made of ' Summers, Bases Georgetown, 5; State, 4. Sac in automobiles the first day and the, Eugene Gribbins work as scenic ar remaining two days of the time alPlays tist for the production. Mr. Gribbln's rifice Hit Patterson. Double lotted will be spent in visits to typical Crum to C. Park to Crum; Schrader talents are such that the Strollers' to C. Park to Grubbs. First Base on and most successful farms of different rival the Transylvania Dramatic Club, catErrors State, 4; Georgetown, 2. Time types of farming, including beef has asked his aid in staging their tle feeding, dairying, truck farming, 1 hour and 55 minutes. Um forthcoming production, "The Fortune of Game tobacco and general crops, fruits and pire Howard Guyn. Hunter,' 'which will appear at the Op poultry. era House April 25. The county agent or Lancaster For all occasions let JOHN A. KEL"ounty has been heard from by ProLER CO. serve you. Our flowers are WILDCATS' HOT ONE best. fessor Nichols to the effect that the (Continued from Page 1) Suite Made to Order Dry Cleaning EAT P. Y at ADA MEADE CAST FIRST IN HISTORY CALAGIS & CO. Admission 5c OPEN 10:00 A. M. TO 11:00 P. M. hoard of trado of Lancaster, a city of tho Bamo slzo as Lexington, will act ns a commltteo of reception nnd will entertain and suporvlso tho first day's I rip about tho county In auto cars. A trip of this naturo has been part of tho course In tho Mechanical Department of this institution for several years and the advantages have been readily seen. Tho Agriculturo College hopes to perpetuate this as an annual event and slnco tho advantages aro great and tho expenses light, it is hoped that the number to go will bo Increased before the date of departure. Patronize Our Advertisers Knights of Columbus Hall Open for Dances and Otber College Affairs FRKE $7.50, Pianos FwoUbtd B. J. Tracy, Phone 335 E 1 ! 0121000 37 .llllllllll 06 Two-bas- e e COLONIAL i AHFeatureProgram Best Screen Best Actors Best Artists Best Pictures Best Producers i j was the first clean one garnered off Josef Brother George, yet the coaches deemed it advisable to yank him and sent The Photographer in Your Town In Tom Grubbs, who managed to pull out the hole in this frame, but was Has pleased the exacting touched up considerably in the next student and the best peoWe have the largest line of Hawaiian instruments in the South. ple generally for fifteen d allowed two runs. Cooper went years. Can he show you? Koa Wood Ukuleles in case $ 8.00 in and finished the game. Koa Wood Ukuieles (Nunes & Co.) 12.50 Although the contest was marred by Koa Wood Taro-patch16.00 311 W. Main St. Phone 1092-- y several misplays, several scintillating Huudon, or Hawaiian Guitars, (9'strings) complete plays were modes of quick work. steel slide and thimales 10.00 Kealakia Ukulele Method 1.00 Waters pulled down a liner in the sevSent postpaid upon receipt of check or money order. Hair Cut 15c enth "which appeared to be way over Shave 10c his head and good for several bases. A double play had just been enacted. (EXCEPT SATURDAYS) GEO. MARTIN'S BARBER Harris, of the visitors, was on second. INCORPORATED. SHOP. Patterson hit to Schrader who threw "LOUISVILLE'S MOST COMPLETE MUSIC HOUSE" Basement, 1St East Main, LOUISVILLE. KY. to first. Parks returned the ball to 309 WEST WALNUT ST. Oeaeilte Pheenlx Hetel. Franz Spengler UKULELES and Hawaiian Guitars es r Toung Men Graduates ... 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