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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

t KERNEL THE KENTUCKY on Sundny to upend the remainder of Score by Innings. FOOBALL s SPRING THESE LEXINGTON FIRMS AD jlils vacation at the lionio of his 0 Kentucky 010 0 202 VERTISE IN THE KEN00100000 Ohio in Maysvlllo. TUCKY KERNEL. Mr. Porter Joined Miss AiiRlln's comSummary: Huns KenICarned TO III CHAPEL MONDAY pany Immediately on lcavliiR the Uni NUF CED tucky, 4. Thrco'lmso Hits .Malonc. School Books and Supplies. versity nnd has played with her since 2. Hits Park, McKlvaln, Tho University Book Stow. Mccioiian, u oir C ' tltfit time. For the last two years he Large Squad Is Expected 'iiaso on naiis-- orr Out Next Monday Lunch Counters and Restaurants. has been her stage manager and Is Hill, 1. First Mnso on IOrrors KenW. F. Oldham. Afternoon tucky, 2; Ohio, 1. Struck Out My Professor Farqilhai' and attracting attention in tho theatrical Metropolitan Restaurant. world by his capable work. Ho was McClollan, 9; by Server, 1; by Hill, 7. Dantzler and Mr. Mc Tlx M'lnf Una lamiml n nt.1t t,v ' h Martin & Stockwell. one of tho original members of tho Double Plays 1 11 to Kdwards to Comas To Speak fooUmI1 prncUcc nnd cx,,oct8 Amusements. Strollers and had parts in the first ,B,,r,ns Cardwell. Umpire Gossngo. r 'Varsity men as well as the Orphoum. two productions, nml Itlchollcu" A Shakespearian program will bo m 1M i ti Tit,.,. Ul lltll VtUUi 11U iIS il UtUMIlJUl 'other members of last year's squad Colonial. OHIO WKSLUYAN. given .Monday morning In tho chapel Mlmi ' ' Ada Meado. of tho Kappa Sigma fraternity. AH. It. II. PO. A.B. celebraas a part of tho out for tho IMG team to moot linn on Men's Clothing. I Uattenllcld, rr tion which will bo given under tho Stoll Field next Monday afternoon. Graves-Co& Co. o Pride, lb Club. Judge PRESIDENT BARKER auspices of tho English Nearly tho entire team remains InKaufman Clothing Co. 4 2 of Hovcre, TALKS TO BAPTIST ISarkcr has offered the regular chapel tact and should prove to be about tho Graddy-Rya0I period In which to hold tho exorcises. SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS best that old Stato has turned out In jMnlone, p Luby & Aloxander. ?, 1 2 Professor Dantzler will tell about tho years. Tho schedule for this fall is Edwards, 2b Cluott, Pcabody Co. President Darker delivered an 'Knapp, 3b 01 various ways in which tho American Hardesty'a. an extremely hard one nnd a little to tho Daraca Class of tho Cal3 Cardwell, ss. . . people aro honoring tho literary spring practice is a good move by tho Women's Clothing. vary Daptlst church last Sunday morn1 10 Drewcr, c genius of Shnkespcaro with pageants, A large squad is expected to Purcell'a. ing at 0:30. Tho class had extended coaches. 1 1 Hill, If plays and music. Professor Farqu-ba- r report. Barber Shops. an invitation to tho public to bo will talk on "Tho Personality of Eagle Barber Shop. 34 4 10 27 8 4 Totals Shakespeare." Mr. William McComas, George T. Martin. STATE DIVIDES HONORS KENTUCKY. who played with Southern & Marlowe Soda Fountain and Confectionery. (Continued from Page 1.) All. It. H. PO. A. 13. in Shakesporian productions, will give MUSICAL NUMBER McGurk Brothers. j re a (lilies from "Hamlet." Songs from HiINUO lHiUlVl LUUlv&Hi state was only able to gather four oiirnuer, M) Calagis & Co. 3 tiio Shakespearian pooms will bo sung, Phoenix Fruit Stand. 'hits from his delivery. Malono was Waters, ss Tho fifth number of tho Lyceum 3 Photographic Work. somewhat wild at times and handed Spalding, If Courso Friday evening closod tho 4 Park, lb Franz Josef Spongier. the Cats six passes. ROY PORTER, FORMER series in a most pleasing manner with 2 Crum, c Wesleyan Humphrey's Studio. first In the PROMINENT STROLLER, a musical program rendered by the Cardwell wasscoredwhen McElvaln fifth. McElvaino, rf 4 misJewelers. safe 3 BACK FOR THE PLAY M,sses Stegemlller, Gill and Bennett,1 judged his liner. Brewer sacrificed. Frazier, cf. Fred J. Heintz. of the Cincinnati Conservatory of 2 Sporting Goods. Then Hill singled over second, Card-we- Roark, 2b Itoy Porter, a student at the Uni- - Music, 3 counting. Battcnfleld was thrown Cooper, p Calloway & Co. versity several years ago, and a prom- The performance was artistic and out at first by Cooper. Pride doubled Shoe Store. Inent Stroller, who slnco leaving Ken- - finished in every phase, and was 27 3 4 27 11 4 Totals Special Shoe Co. to loft, Hill counting, and scored himStato has been a member of joyed by a large audience of Univer-S. Basaett & Sons. Malono Score by Innings. self on Rovore's single. iMargaret Anglln's Company, spent a slty and Lexington people. Drugstore. struck out. Kentucky fow days In Lexington last week and W. E. Stagg. It was in this frame also that Ken- Ohio Wesleyan.. 0 0 0 0 3 0 1 0 attended the production of "Father "I tell you it's an outrage," exclalm-anLexington Drug Co. tucky was able to cross the plate for Summary: Runs Ken- Earned the Boys." Mr. Porter left New ed tho married suffragette, "the Insurance. their first run of tho game, Crum tucky, 2; Ohio, 3 Three-basHits on Tuesday, his company having loonkeeper across the way can vote walked, stole second and went to Crum. Base on Balls Off Malone, G; Joe M. Robinson. closed its season on Monday night, and I can't." (third on Brewer's error. Mcllvain off Cooper, 2. First Base on Errors Hotel. and came direct to Lexington in order "That's so," said her husband, "but fouled to Brewer, Crum scored when Phoenix Hotel. Kentucky, 1. Hit Pride. to arrive in time for the Stroller play he shuts up at 11:30 p. m and you Tailors. jKnapp muffed Frazier's roller. Mcll Struck Out By Cooper, G; by Malone, Thursday night. He was the guest of never do." University of Cincinnati P. B. Robards. vain was out stealing and Roark 9. Double Plays Pride to Cardwell; ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Battaile and left News. Railroads. fanned. Malone to Knapp. Passed Ball Queen & Crescent Each team gathered another tally Brewer, 2; Crum, 1. Stolen ,Bases Printing. in the seventh inning. This was Park, Crum, 2; Mcllvaine, Pride, Welsh & Murray. enough to give Ohio the game, al- Knapp, Brewer. Umpire Gossage. Dentist. though State made a strong bid for It GRADDY-RYA- N J. T. Slaton. In the ninth. Water led off and was Vassar College is the first school to INCORPORATED Taxlcabs. thrown out by Knapp. Spaulding was offer a course in Journalism for woThe Taxlcab Company. given transportation by the pitcher. FURNISHINGS, SHOES, CLOTHING. men Parthenon. Park tried hard but was unable to conHATS AND TAILORING nect and whiffed Mother Ozone three r 140 W. MAIN STREET PHONE 903 times. Crum, next up, sent a to center, sending the long boy with the red head across tho pan. While perched on third waiting for a Show Good Taste in Your Gifts Miss Holladay's single which would tie the score, McCandy and Belle Meade Sweets are Unequaled HIGH CLASS TAILORING, MODERATE PRICES llvain could do no better than tip a foul into the hands of the catcher and A Wonderful Range From the game was ended, honors of tho series being divided. Following are the summaries: OHIO WESLEYAN. SHAKESPEARE RALLY 1 par-cut- 12 Two-bas- SPECIAL MUSI i T T 1 last-yca- ' x 1 1 LI ll y 1 00001010 13 04 d e i j Two-bas- e THE TOGGERY SHOP CO. three-bagge- LUBY & ALEXANDER MAKE THEM BETTER LEXINGTON DRUG COMPANY $35. OO to $35. OO $45 As Low as $15 AsHigh as two-gam- e "Lexington s Bigger and Better Men s Store" Now Showing Spring Hartn Schaffner & Marx Clothes for College Young Men AB. R. H. PO. A. E. Battonflold, rf B. Pride, lb Revere, cf Malono, If Edwards, 2b Knapp, 3b Cardwell, ss Brewer, c Hill, p Totals 3 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 0 C 0 1 4 0 0 0 4 1 2 3 0 1 4 0 0 2 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 5 1 3 1 1 9 1 0 3 0 0 1 5 0 32 3 3 24 IS 3 WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist 0 4 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT KENTUCKY. PHONES 2871-91- MAIN 3 & MILL THE PHOENIX HOTEL RESPECTFULLY SOLICITS THE PATRONAGE OF AB. R. H. PO. A. E. Also complete line of Hats and Furnishings that are really individual Kaufman Clothing Co. Shrador, 3b Waters, ss Spalding, If Park, lb Crum, c McElvaln, rf Frazior, cf Roark, 2b MeClellan, p Server, p Totals 5 1 2 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 0 S 0 01 0 0 .4 1 3 9 1 State University Men and Women 0 4 0 1 10 1 2 4 1 3 1 0 0 3 1 0 2 0.0 Special Attention Given Fraternity Banquets and Social Functions 4 0 1 1 4 0 4 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 .38 tG 13 27 10 4 C. D. Calloway BALL SUPPLIES & BASKET 146 WEST MAIN STREET Co KODAKS