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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY The Kentucky Kernel , THE KENTUCKY KERNEL is the official newspaper of tho University. It is issued with the view of furnishing to its subscribers all the college news of Kentucky, together with a digest of iteniB of Interost concerning the universities of other States and Canada. FIVE CENTS PER COPY mail matter. s h'K AM I .1 ,M III I iN'U Assistant Editor Managing Editor "Squirrel Food" "Cocd"itor Athletic Editor Exchange Editor C.IIKIN Hil J I Uart N. Peak Miss Anita Crabbo William Shinnlck Miss Rebecca Smith McClarty Harbison J. R. Marsh J. T. Gooch Harry Melton S. J. Caudill ?" Estill Woods 11 Il-- Locals and Law Julia Vnnarsdalo. . . .Homo Economics Mechanical Fraternities Graham Mining Miss Anna L. Whltworlh. .. .Sororities ' Patt. Hall uaucauoa Miss Ell7Abeth Duncan ibert ".V" miss Eiisie lienor REPORTERS. W. T. Cottlngham Miss Mildred Taylor. H. J. Evans liUblfNiUSS 'W. J. Harris tiAxt: M. C. Finne Business Manager The Girls issue. The Kentucky Kernel was a great suc"squirrel food," make-u- p and everycomposition of a paper we're excellent. are in the saddle again we can not rewere there with the frain from admitting that the "goods." With maidenly modesty the girls assumed credit for only one thirty-sixt- h Their modesty of the Kernel during 1915-1is commendable but their statement does them grave injustice. Women have always stood out prominently among the best "men" on the staff of the University publication. Especially is this true of the staff of 1915-1The managing editor of the Kernel is a woman. Through her hands passes all news matter that goes into the paper, to be d The managing and prepared for the printer. editor also writes the heads, reads the proof and gives assignments to the reporters. Her position is the most important and responsible on the staff. Many other positions of importance are held by the The has charge of the news of University social functions and is responsible for a great body of the news that each week goes into the Kernel. Much of the departmental news is written by the women on the staff and is written well. The Kernel is taking this opportunity to attempt to express ; during 1915-1f its appreciation of the work of the Without the expectation of much credit or honor the women on the staff have worked diligently and well. Best of all, they have been faithful and dependable. Never has it been necessary to remind any of them of a duty or promise. Their work has always been of the highest order. In conclusion, we wish to make it known that we were planning to have a men's issue in the near future, but gave it up when the girls' issue appeared. We are afraid to try it. t The Girls Issue of News, editorials, thing that goes into the Now that we mere men cess. co-e- 6. copy-rea- co-ed- s. , "co-edito- r" co-e- Spring and Love, Tra-L- 6. a. When the poet wrote that immortal line, "In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love," he expressed about of the world's wisdom on the subject of the immortal passion. If he had included luscieus summer, hazy golden autumn and old winter, clad in snow and cheery crispness, he would have said all there was to be said concerning the young man's fancy. This observation is based on a thorough study of some eight hundred students and three hundred on the campus in the past four years and the writer is ready to maintain now and hereafter that almost every day in the year, except just before Christmas, the young man's lissome fancy runs a foolish little race in the same old direction after the same sweet that imagination always paints as the fairest and the most delectable of the things man may one-four- th co-e- possess. But the Kernel has no desire to take up the shillalah and apply it to the figurative head of the philosophy of our good friend Tennyson far be it. What boots it if the student's vagrant thoughts do journey to the same glorious realms every day in the year? The fact remains that spring is the season for love and love is the gentle emotion for the springtime season. Ah, lovely spring; 'tis then the blushing dandelion takes on itself a hue as of creamery butter, the violet and the four-leclover, and the succulent mustard green all come forth timidly to delight the eye too long forced to dwell on the preserved fern in the picture album and the dried butter bean in the boarding house the latter flanked by that "prepared" cousin of his, the navy bean. What can be more pleasing to the sight than a field of emerald grass and sproutlets of weeds dotted o'er with quaint blossoms as yet untenanted by the myriads of pestiferous little red bugs, who will be the unin st af F. 0. MAYES WINS HUSTLERS' lacy-edge- CONIEST Staff Is Pleased With Number Of Kentuckians Sold MISS ALEXANDER NO. 2 pre-histor- ic EDITORIAL STAFF. J vited guests at every summer picnic? What is, half so delicious as the boiled jowl and greens with .the appetizing whose medicinal virtues arc so highly praised?.. Besides, the d ruby radish and the lettuce and the unstrung bean and the rest of the tribe from the early garden are ready to charge on the lasislude winter left behind misnamed "spring fever" and to put the "pep" into the partakers of these celestial delicacies whose merits have been so long and so shamefully unsung. We doubt if Lamb's story of the invention of roast pork would be half so interesting as the relating of the manner in which jowl and greens first got together back in the misty days and delighted the dwellers in the Garden of Eden, which, we firmly believe, was located somewhere in Old Kaintuck. Where else could have been found the wonderful cornbread that goes to round out a "greens dinner?" But that is immaterial. Spring and love, and why? are the questions at issue. Perhaps it's the jowl and greens; perlawns in the soft haps it's the flowers and the while moonlight; perhaps it's the balmy air and the industrious bird assiduously seeking the early worm, and mayhap it's only inscmnia, but certain it is that young men's fancies take on renewed activity in April. If you don't believe it, take a look at tra-lcome the campus any morning. Spring and love, tra-ltripping lightly and only the jilted brethren and the confirmed refuse to hear that call of Orphean sweetness. J. R. M. "pol-licke- r" (Formerly The Idea). . Published every Thursday throughout the College year by the student body of the Stato University of Kentucky, for the benefit of the students, alumni and faculty of the institution. SUBSCRIPTION, ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. Entered at Lexington Poatofflco as second-clas- KERNEL F. O. Mayes, n sophomore In tho College of Arts and Science, won tho "Hustlers' Contest" and the $20 in gold which was offered by tho business stalt of tho Kentuckian. Miss Elizabeth Alexander was second with a total of lf0 subscriptions. Mr. Mayes had 20G subscriptions. The staff nnnouueed that It Is well pleased with tho contest, since much additional interest in the annual 1ms Roth tho been stimulated thereby, man-hateloaders In tho contest were very energetic nnd deserve much praise for their work. The contest was closo at all times, and the winner was hot known until contest closed, Mr. Mayes getting a safe mnrgln only on tho last day. The entire business staff will tako subscriptions for tho Kontuckian now and until May 1, after which date it will bo too late to order your book. If you have not ordpretl one copy or as many as you want, see R. E. H. Fried, P. A. Harrison, C. R. the cop and the other one cops tho The Kentucky Colonel Says: Smith or Miss Iua Darnall. call. Well, suh, the girls' issue of the Kernel has come and gone, and about NOTICE, JUNIORS! The Eternal Fitness. all I can say is that I am glad they The goose that laid the golden eggs loft me out of the paragraph colyum, No juniors who have not paid dues certainly do was not a chicken. suh. Them fair by tho end of this week will receive shoot a mean pencil and what they programs for the Junior Prom. ProGet This Deep One. did to the rest of the Squirrel Food grams will be here Monday. Pay dues She: John, what arc you thinking now artists was a caution, suh. and save it next year. All dues about? must be paid before graduation. He: I was thinking what would The girls' issue of last week warnArts and Science students will pay ed, the basketball and track men to happen if I should kiss you. dues to Roy Scott; law students to V. She (coyly): You oughtn't to think look out for a change in the length of Chamberlain; Ags to E. MoMurtry; their clothes if woman ever got a about that, to J. N. Civils and Mechanicals chance to legislate about such things. Waters. Why Not Fingers? Fie, girls, fie. they are really too N. WATERS, Treas. M. C. Short, L. & N. brakeman who short now. was seriously injured in an accident The Domestic Science freshman Is in the local yards, is getting along doing research work. She is delving nicely at tho Bach Hospital. His left FIVE YEARS AGO into the mystery of where tho feathers arm was cut off at the shoulder, (From the Files of The Idea.) being injured in of the gooseberry are located. the lower limbs. Jackson Times. told us last week that The April 21, 1911. women are now making remarkable Fie On Her! Henry Woodruff, tho original "Tom strides. What of it? Don't the men As you sit by the fire with your heart's Brown," attends rehearsal of "Brown design the women's fashions? red desiro of Harvard," to bo presented by the Can't you see that the flame fingers Strollers. which It is hoped that the bull-dowrite Transylvania defeats Stato 3 to 1. was taken from the Jilted Brethren That tomorrow she'll hand out to some Michigan ditto. will be returned at an early date. other boob What is Clay Hall without its bull? The same line you're getting to- Tho Miami Girls' Issue of their stunight? dent paper will bo published May 11. Progression. "Every ,fall witlMqts of knowledge Miss McChesnoy again displayed her Small medals aro being sold for Come tho fresh to save tho college. ability as a minstrel producer, as is twenty-fivcents apiece at tho UniEvery spring at graduation evidenced by tho success of tho boys' versity of Colorado for tho roliof of There's a bunch to save tho nation. minstrels in tho auditorium, March French war orphans. 17. Frankfort High School Gazette. The boys do wear sport shirts and Ruth McChesney's many friends will Don't forget JOHN A KELLER'S plaid crimes known as Bhlrt waists, read this notice with interest. flowers aro best. but they aro never hi deadly, fear that tho essential shoulder strap is going to break and ruin tho dance. dew-freckl- ed a, a, rs Cul-Io- ' s s - e It doesn't necessarily follow that you aro Presidential timber because you have a wooden head. Ker-Cho- Miss Gladys McAdams will entertain Monday with ai handkerchief shower in honor of Miss Jane Frost. Lexington Herald. The Bright Stude Again. Cun anyone toll us tho Professor: difference gotweon. a .police alarm box ami a populur actress? Stude: Yes, sir; one. of. them calls COLLEGE MEN ! Have you seen those swell English Last Shoes we are showing this season? Thoy aro sure beauties; made in mahogany calf and gun metal calf. They fit like a glove and stand the knocks. They are just tho Shoe for the Dressy Young Follow. Prices, $4, 94.CO and $5.00 the pair. The Special Shoe Co. 206 West Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky. Cy Hanks, Manager.