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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1916

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Mechanical Department News ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS GIVE BANQUET Tho Now York association of tho nlumnl of tho University of Kentucky hold their nnnunl banquet on the evening of April first. At tho samo tlmo tho Chicago association was giving Its annual banquet to tho visiting senior class at tho Morrison Hotel. Tho Now York banquet was held at The Koyalton, 44 Wost Forty-fourtStreet. A telegram was sent to tho assembled alumni and students, and In return tho Chicago association wired felicitations to tho Now York men. Tho University of Kentucky Club of New York City has recently Issued a directory of Its members. Tho club now ranks as one of tho largest and most Influential in tho country and its roster contains the names of many successful men in all branches of business. The officers are: President, Perry West; Vice President, L. L. Lewis; Executive Committee, H. L. Amoss, R. C. Hopgood, A. A. Gordon; Secretary, Charles White. h A. S. M. E. The seniors at Mechanical Hall may have been mistaken for real business engineers at their meeting of A. S. M. E. held Wednesday. There were ten different firms represented by both partners of each firm and each told of the perplexing but solvable problems that had confronted them since they started to design this factory and power plant, in connection with theses. A. B. BLACKBURN TELLS OF SUCCESS A. B. Blackburn, class 1915, writes that he is very successful in his work with the Franklin Automobile Company at Syracuse, New York. In a letter recently received, he says: "You are no doubt always interested to learn of tho success of your graduates, so I take this opportunity of telling you of my advancements in the Franklin Company. "About the first of the year I was placed at the head of the Training Division. There were about thirty men in the course, and the experience gained in handling them and in mapping out courses and lectures has proven invaluable. Part of my work consisted of designing and Installing standard instruction sheets, for handling "repeat" jobs in the repair shop. Have done quite a bit of time study work in connection with the above, and when I saw in The Kentucky Kernel that you had instituted a course In that this year, I was reminded of your prediction that in all probability we would get work which we neglected or didn't get in college. Glad to see this year's class Is getting some of that work. "Received another promotion last week and Monday I start working as assistant to the manager of the Advertising Department." Har desty's Quality Shop UNION. Tho Union Literary Society held Its annual oratorical contest last Wednesday evening In tho chapel. Thcro wore fivo contestants. J, II. Coleman, of tho Law Department, won tho modal, but owing to tho fact that ho is an alumnus of tho University, ho is Ineligible to represent tho society in the contest to bo hold tomorrow morning with Mr. Shlnnick, who represents tho Patterson Literary Society. Clarenco Clark, a Junior in tho Arts and Sclenco College, who won second place, will represent tho society. Tho society will hold Its annual declamatory contest Friday evening, April 21, at 8 p. m. in the society hall. There will bo several contestants and a good program will be given. Tho winner of this contest will receive a gold medal. All members and visitors are urged to be present. Announces Spiring Opening of Tailoring and Hats Spring Opening of Society Brand Clothing See Display Window 0. L. REID TALKS ON "THE DAY'S WORK" Tuesday morning In chapel under the auspices of the freshman class, Professor O. L. Reld addressed the student body on "The Day's Work." Professor Reld Is superintendent of the Louisville public school system and is a man of unusual ability. His talk was one of the finest ever given at the University and the entire freshman class is to be congratulated on obtaining such a man to address the students. Following the talk, Mr. Reid was the guest of honor at a luncheon given by the Louisville girls at Patterson Hall. FOSTER SPEAKS. R. A. Foster spoke on "The Lan- Secure Award HARRIMAN Queen Crescent Route For utmost progress in safety and accident prevention (luring the year 1915. Steel Equipment - Improved Roadbed - Safety Devices For fares, etc-- , apply to nearest Ticket Agent. H. G. KING, Passenger and Ticket Agent 118 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 49 MOTION PICTURES SHOWN TO SENIORS Motion pictures of the General Elec- seniors of the Mechanical and ElectriThe two cal Engineering College. reels covered a varied number of deIMPORTANT SENIOR MEETING YESTERDAY partments In this vast plant. This was one of a series of such ilIt was voted at a senior class meet lustrated lectures prepared for the ing yesterday to request Dr. Ganfield, senior mechanicals for this term. of Centre College, to deliver the 1916 baccalaureate address. WOMEN ENTERTAINED J. D. Turner, secretary of the AlumEXPERIMENT STATION ni Association, urged the class to leave a suitable memorial and stated that The Woman's Club of the Univerthe Alumni Association would carry sity of Kentucky was entertained Friday afternoon at the Experiment Staon the work In the future. A committee on plans was tion by Dr. J. H. Kastle. director of the station. The staff of the station assisted in IMPORTANT! receiving, and the club members were Doctor Sunday night at 6:30 there will be shown over tho institution. Scope and Misa meeting In tho Y. M. C. A. rooms Kastle spoke on "The Staat which a matter of great importance sion of the Kentucky Experiment tion." Refreshments were served. will be discussed. Every man in school is asked to be present. European Success With Nitrate are Invited to the omore dance Saturday evening. soph- European farmers use 600 pounds to the acre of a fertilizer containing 4J per cent of available Nitrogen. American farmers, on the averThe Kappa Sigma fraternity hold Its age, use 200 pounds to the acre of Indianapolis a fertilizer containing 2 per cent of Conclave at last week. W. L. McKeo represented mostly unavailable Nitrogen. WESTINGHOUSE. the local Beta Nu Chapter. The average European yield of Wheat.Oats, Potatoes, and Cotton in Egypt, is double the American The last meeting of the Westing-hous- e REMEMIERI yield. Society was featured with a Arbor Day will be celebrated on The difference is due to amount talk by J. R. Duncan on "The Trail May 5. 'Tap exercises of the senior of available Nitrogen applied per of a Kilowatt." Mr. Cassldy also art honorary societies for men and wo- acre. KAPPA SIGMA. flowers are best. JOHN A ROLLER'S , Most State men know us. Meal Tickets. you Let us meet OUR BASKETS OF FRUIT cTWAKE LOVELY Phoenix Fruit Store & Fotsch, McGURK'S Where all is Well and Good LEXINGTON, KY. Benkart GIFTS Hot Chocolate, Home-mad- e and Ices Candy Proprietors Eagle Barber Shop Metropolitan Restaurant lUi south Limestone Street Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Block Lexington, Ky. WORK FIRST-CLAS- S The Place for Good Things to GUARANTEED GOTHIC Have Your Annual Photos Made By THE NEW ARROW a fr 2Sc COLLAR IT FITS THE CRAVAT HUMPHREY 341 W. Miin Same Rates-Sam- e Phone 26 3 E. Gooa Work TAXICABS 2558 FAYETTE MOTOR CO. Main Strut. Rati 25c par Passinf m SHOES OF SUPERIOR QUALITY FOR COLLEGE MEN AND WOMEN. Visit ui and Me our excellent lines. Special attention to University people. S. Bassett 238 West Main C& Sons Street Mid-We- with the society and made a short men will be held on this day. talk. Don't forget Martin & StockwelTs Ill SOUTH T Kestaurant limestone afternoon. SENIORS' NOTICE. All seniors MEDAL GOLD Prize for which practically all railroads in United States competed, awarded to (&L guage of Gammer Gurton's Needle" at tric Plant at Schenectady, N. Y., were Wednesday to the juniors and the weekly meeting of the English shown Club yesterday acuities and Efficiency Modern Writ for My Frm "What Nitraf Hem Booh, Dent" Dr. WM.S. MYERS For all occasions let JOHN A. KEEL-LER CO. serve you. Our flowers are Director Chilean Nitrate Prepacaada best. No Branch Officii 2SfcktiMaAv.,NwYri The University Store. Corner Limestone and Winslow Lunch Counter Open Seven Days and Nights Especially on Sunday Full Line of STATIONERY and SUPPLIES W. F. OLDHAM Eat