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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 20, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

m THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALPHA i i! m 4 Corner Co-E- d MRS. R. L. STOUT HOLDS PICTURESQUE OFFICE The following story appeared recently In n local paper: "The American Clan MacGrcgor, a Scotch society now numbering five hundred persons of MacGregor blood, has been officially recognized by Its chief, Sir Malcolm MacGregor, Baronet, of Scotland, and affiliated with I I the clan of the Bame name in the old country. Mrs. Stout holds the pic turesque offico of representing Kentucky at tho annual gathering. "Tho meetings at Washington aro given over to tho singing of clan songs and spoken addresses relating to tho Scotch history of Rob Hoy MacGregor, and his many descendants. These gatherings attract universal attention at tho National Capital Th? of their featuren the totttctlnsi. Is n Uho won sprig of pine sent trom the old Mac Gregor country in Scotland and fastened to a bit of ribbon of the Macs Gregor tartan. The MacGregor s bearing tho proul motto, bearing the proud motto, "Roy-uou- s place above tho head of tho American Chieftain." Deputy-Chieftai- 1. Dti't Fail To Read court-of-arm- PnrcelPs Store News 326 W. Main St., Lexington. Publisher Times T 1 News of the Style Changes and the Special Value Offered. '! Da Pap-- Society "Roy-of-arm- dance was given Tho at the Armory Friday evening, April 14, in honor of the new members of the two organizations who were pledged 'at that time. The Keys held their pledging serv- & Club Pins In Solid Gold ORDER. FROM HEADQUARTERS. ice during the tenth dance, and an nounced the following new members from the freshman class: Aaron Coates, iSpencer Roark, John Howard, Layton Thompson, Galen Poindexter, Rogers Moore, Frank Heick, Franklin Thompson, Hackney and Hayes. During the thirteenth dance the Thirteens pledged the following men from) the sophomore class: James Server, J. A. Brittain, Rpyce T. T. Richards, Harry Milward, John Campbell, J. W. Welch, Lloyd Wheeler, B. T. LaMaster, Tllford Wilson, Charles Haydon, Walter Dempsey and Robert Arnold. The Armory was decorated In the emblems and colors of the two organizations, and favors and confetti made the occasion a gala affair. Igle-har- t, HEINTZ JEWELER PATTERSON HALL NEWS. Mrs. C. E. Underwood, of Louisville, spent Sunday with her daughter, Miss Eliza Spurrier. Miss Salllc Morton, of OweiiBboro, will be tho guest of Miss Virginia Stout during tho Easter holidays. Misses Emma and Mary Uttcrback at their homo in spent the week-en- Frankfort. Mrs. Henry S. Barker has returned from a visit to Louisville. Msb Ella K. Cox, of Winchester, mi t":c for the saait f llisj Mn ulc "A Jar of Robo Leaves," Mary XI BANQUET. Tho girls of tho active chapter are: Alpha Xi Delta Sorority ccebratcd Misses Lila Estes, Stella Pennington, Founders' Day with its annual banquet Carrio Leo Jones, Zula Ferguson, AusMonday ovenlng at tho Phoenix Hotel. tin Lily, Midred Graham, Robbie Miss Lila Cayo Estes, who presided Douglas Wilson, Margaret Tuttle, bb toastmistrcss, was responded to Kathleen Sullivan, Jano Dickoy and with tho following toastB: Ruth Weathers. "Planting tho Pink Rose," Stella Tho alumnao present woro: Misses Pennington. Mary K. Vcnable, Anna Wallls, Eliz"Green Little Rose Leaves," Austin abeth Wallls, Edna Moonoy, Mary ElLilly. lon Rogers, Elizabeth Waddy, Hattlo "Full Blown," Jano Dickoy. Noland, Mary Brown, Betty Coons, "Thorns," Carrie Leo Jones. Mrs. S. E. Belong, Mrs. Ted Porch "Tho Winds That Woo tho Roses," Buchnnnon, Mrs. Otis Korschor, Miss Mrs. Warner Proctor. Nora Hamilton. Hun-o- week-ead- . Reductions In Mr. J. F. Ecker and son motored from Louisville Sunday to spend tho 'lay with MIbb Laura Esther Ecker. Miss Willie Tnylor visited Miss Frances Steele in Winchester last week. Miss Laura Landage, of Houston- ville, was the guest of Miss May North for the week-end- . Miss Mary Oglesby has returned from a few days visit to her home in Shelbyvllle. Misses Mary Hamilton and Laura Lee Jameson, of Cynthiana, were at home for the week-end- . Misses Edna Mooney 'and Mary Ellen Rogers, of Paducah, who were here for the Alpha Xi Delta banquet Monday evening, visited Misses Zula Ferguson and Robbie Douglass Wilson this week. Miss Mary G. Fisher, who is ill at her home in Danville, is improving slowly. College Jewelry During the month of April only, we will offer the following reductions: Rings 2.40 1.60 .80 $L60 $200 now Belts $1.00 now How about those flowers? Remem ber her kindly for Easter with a cor sage. Watrh J? 7 s Y. W. C. A. The Young Women's Christian As sociation held its regular meeting Sun123 EAST MAIN ST. day evening at Patterson Hall. A talk on "College Life Through Freshman OPPOSITE THE PHOENIX Spectacles" was made by Miss Eryle Special music was a feaRichmond. We Do Watch and COLLEGE CLUB. ture. The meeting was led by Miss Jewelry Repairing Professor B. F. Farquhar discussed Eliza Piggott. "Poetry" before the College Club at PHILOSOPHIAN. the Phoenix Hotel last Thursday afternoon, and will have for the subject of The Philosophia Literary Society the last lecture of the series this afterheld its weekly meeting Wednesday noon, "Some Loci Critic!." evening, April 19. The program was Duet, Misses Lena Clem and Celia SOPHOMORE DANCE. Cregor. The sophomore dance has been postMiss Ruby Talk on "Donizetti," For any kind of dental service call on poned from Friday evening, April 21, Asher. to Saturday evening, April 22. Wright's The rehearsals for the play are go 137 CIIKAPSIDK Saxophone Trio will furnish the ing on and much enthusiasm is being hours 8 a. m. 8 p. Pbon music. shown. $500 now 3.00 now 2.00 now J. 00 now robs .80 $150 now $1-2- 1.00 now .50 now 0 .80 .40 We also have a Line of Kentucky Banners at Reduced Prices, this Month Only! Come Early and Make a GoodPSdection. University Book Store DENTIST Dr. J. T. Slaton 844-- vex. TAXICAB COMPN'Y (iBMrpvrttM.) Phoenix Hotel Lobby City Phone 1854 Hotel Phone 1900 DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 12 DAYS THURSDAY, APRIL 27 J CITY RATES 25c INVITATIONS. Seniors and juniors desiring invitations to the Junior Prom are to see immediately some one of the committee composed of F. W. Potts, C. F. Parks and W. C. Neagle. How about those flowers? Remem ber her kindly for Easter with a RACING WEDNESDAY, MAY 10. MURRAY WELSH PROM. PRINTING CO. INCORPORATED College Stationery, Engraving, an Die Stamping Frat and : Dance Programs 1 2 J18 N Limestone Lexington, Ky AT LEXINGTON $60,000 DISTRIBUTED TO HORSEMEN 12 SIX OR MORE RACES DAILY. Kentucky Association Spring Meeting FEATURES ATTRACTING BEST HORSES EVERY DAY. ADMISSION: MEN, $1.50; LADIES, 50 CENTS. ORCHESTRAL MUSIC. JCN. CAMDEN, Pregident. G. D. WILSON, Secretary. W. H. SHELLEY, Racing Secretary. 7