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The Kentucky Kernel, December 2, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

J"j Best Copy Available T . r TUESDAY I SEMI-WEEKL- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL EDITION KERNEL TUESDAY, DECEMBER LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, JUDGING TEAM OF "Camille" to Star LETTERMEN WILL UNIVERSITY WINS Margaret Lewi, in ELECT '31 HEAD THIRD IN C0NTEST,GuinLOfferin AT GRID BANQUET1 U. K. Representation nt Inter national Livestock Exposition Take Honors AG. COLLEGE OFFICIALS ATTEND MEETING .. Harris, Levy, Florence, Jetl, Cochran, and Melby Par- - The Judging team which is repre- senting the university at the 31st International Livestock Exposition in Chicgo, placed third in compet- -, tive Judging with 22 college teams from schools of agriculture through- out the United States. The six members of the team are Harris, Carrollton; Hymen Levy, Lexington; William Florence, Paris: Ivan Jett, Richmond, John Cochran, Marlon, and Theodore Melby, Buffalo, N. Y. The first three are Juniors In the College of Agrl-- 1 mitnn fVio nfhors nrp cnmnletlnar their senior work In the same college. Assistant Dean Horlacher who coached the team throughout a preliminary season of practice Judging is attending the Exposition with several other members of the university faculty. Second Production of Univer sity Players to Open December 8 Amateur Night Judge Richard Stoll Will Re Toastmaster at Annual Affair Thursday Once more the brilliance of the O Russian Nazimova, the exotic AWARD OF NUMERALS, f-jj - 3wffUS X memory of the Gulgnol Theatre patrons when Margaret Lewis steps te upon the stage In the leading lnlne role of "Camille," Oulgnol's .second production of the season. ' "Camille " by Alexander Dumas a love tragedy of the nineteenth century, will open at the Euclid avenue playhouse Monday, Dec. 8, .and will continue throughout the LETTERS TO BE MADE Football Season to Terminate In Accordance With U. K. Custom The captain of the 1931 football team will be elected at a banquet to be given the members of the varsity and freshmen football men Thursday evening at 6 p. m. at the 'entire week, Lafayette hotel, according to an anj Rector Frank Fowler said yes- - nouncement Iterday that the cast has been unus-Oeor- of S. A. Boles,issued from the office In "ally responsive in its work, and addition to the athletic director. cap-tia- n , election of the 'more than satisfactory in Its zealous letters and numerals will be effort to make "Camille" meet with awarded to members of the varsity even greater approval than did and freshmen squads. "The Royal Family," Guignol's first The athletic council will meet offering of the season. Thursday afternoon at 5 o'clock and The cast follows: will make the final decision as to Camille, Miss Margaret Lewis; M. Duval, R. D. Mclntyre; Ormand, who shall receive the letters and The council received Neal Cain; Prudence, Ethel Morgan; numerals. Olympe, Mary Alice Howes; St. recommendations from the coaching Obudans, Perry Kraatz; Nichette, staff early this week. Coach Gamage and his staff, as Gay Loughridge; Nannie, Lolo Robinson; Gaston, Donald Pratt; Anais, well as Coach Pribble who has had will be Unxtc urnrn nlornrl '"iyril OIIlllu; minus, riuiin. oiuiic, charge of the freshmen, present. About 75 members of the " , flf. IVarvlelle, Horace Miner. f two squads are also expected to at- teenth In the work with horses, and tnIs affair which TI ID A tend f00tba11 season at officially ends scored twelfth place in cattle in- ri Kentucky. the 1 J U Li U spection. - ml Daddy Boles, athletic director of mm m A Wl N Individual honors were uwarded ri r!the university, announced Monday I to George Harris and Hymen Levy. that Judge Richard Stoll, former Levy ranked the 4th highest and Wildcat, will be the toastmaster of Harris was 8th in the individual Extensive Program Is Planned the evening. The remainder of the competition. For Winter Meeting to Be program has not yet been arranged. A team from the Oklahoma Agrl- -, This banquet, which terminates Held at Agriculture College cultural and Mechanical College the football season at the universi- December 4 and 5 ty, is an annual event at which all won the livestock judging championship while a Kansas team finFive speakers from other states, Kentucky grldders receive their finished second. This is the fourth 10 from Kentucky, and a banquet al awards for ability shown during the Oklahoma at the Lafayette hotel, are featured the football season. The affair is championshipu for school. on the program of the 75th annual for the members of the football Experiment Station entered ,,,!.,.. uiremug Hi ths Tfnntiinlrv teams alone. This is in accordance utlir nt J .. .. The . 1.11.11. wun un buuiuuu nt gtate Horticultural Society """'"-"tne contest to which with the custom set when the banThree Aberdeen the College of Agriculture will be quet was first given by the athletic Kentucky cattle. Angus yearling steers were entered host Dec. 4 and 5. In past years department. under the charge of Mr. John Fra- - approximately 100 hortlculturalists ser, and a herd of 24 sheep, consist- s, have attended the meetings of the ing of eight Cheviots, five Hamp-shlresociety, but this year, due to the lve Southdowns, and six agricultural depression, the number To Be crossbreds. One of the Cheviots won will probably be less. the championship of that breed as All meetings with the exception Art Department Sponsors Ina lamb last year. of the banquet will be held in the formative Showing of Professors L. J. Horlacher, W. w. Livestock Pavilion, on the Experi Dimock, J. Holmes Martin, R. C. ment Station farm. Lunch will be Prints S. Good, and served there each noon, under the Miller, W. J. Harris, E. ' Wayland Rhoads, members of :jjteetlon,of .MIm Hoover of theUnl The. dcDartment of art of the unl- commons. uoiiege oi Auriuuinuc iH.uiv,r, versity opened exhibition attended the exDosltion. and Profes Interesting of of Graphic Processes in the Art Probably the most sors Rhoads, Good, and Miller read the speeches will be that of E. C. building today, which will continue papers before the American Society Wolcott, Chicago, Thursday after- to be open every week day from 8 of Animal Production. noon on "Increasing the consump- a. m. to 5 p. m. Students and pubThe Judging team left Sunday, tion of the apple." Mr. Wolcott Is a lic have been Invited to visit the 23, for Purdue University, representative November of the organization exhibit at any time. at Lafayette, Indiana, where they known as "Apples for Health, Incor-porate- d' Graphic processes are especially livestock and Inspected the Purdue which serves as a public- Interesting because prints are easier did practice work. From Purdue they ity agency for fruit growers through tr nnrtprstnnrf than ntifnUnoc onH went to the University of Illinois, out the United States. what Is mniv AccpnHtil thiv nrp and conducted practice worK mere. Of Interest to landscape workers more within the range of the aver The university team Is expected to -- .m h Pmf w w Elliott's talk Fri- - age purse. The exhibition has been er return to Lexington, Wednesday, day morning on "The Fruit planned to assist one in distinguish3. er's Obligation to his Community." ing between etchings and dry points, " ' " The meeting will open at 9:45 tell what an aquantint is, what a . mezzotint is, and to show what wood-bloc- k prints and lithographs of Hillenmeyer Nurseries, Lexington. are like. display comes through the This courtesy of Charles E. Goodspeed Miss Virginia Dougherty and and Co., Boston. It includes prints Thomas L. Riley Are of all kinds together with notes ex- To Be plaining the different processes used. Guest Speakers , ' ' tr.,l, ( n I I TI I flUli T I f iTnllllr1 I ItiL II The University of Kentucky band over station WROL broadcast Knoxvllle, Tenn., during their recent visit to that city. The broadcast was given from 5:30 to 6 on Thursday night. band Miss Virginia Dougherty, sponsor, mde a personal appearance at the microphone, and gave a brief talk to the radio audience. Tom Riley, head announcer of the university station here, was guest announcer during the band's program Thursday night. The miniature band of 14 was used by Director Sulzer, augmented by the saxophone section and a vocal quartet. Wllden Thomas was the vocal soloist. The program was as follows: "Alma Mater," "El Captain," "Cheer Up," selection from "The Three Trombone," "Mose Musketeers," "When You're Smiling," "My Old "Massa's In De Kentucky Home," "Old Black Cold, Cold GroundJ," Joe," "Them Basses," and "Bye Bye Blues." Many phone calls of congratulation for the program were received at the studio that night, and staff members of WROL told the Kentucky guests their performance was the most complete and artistic ever given over the Knoxvllle station. The fifth of the series of International debates that are being held by the university debating team night, will take place Thursday Dec. U, In Memorial hall, according to an announcement by Prof. W. H. Sutherland, coach of the team. Two German debaters, Hans Graf Jurgun Blumenthal, University of Berlin, and Herbart Schaumann, University of Munich, who are on a tour of the United States, will take the negative side of the question, "Is a Foreign Indictment of American Ou'lture. Justifiable?' Richard M. Weaver and Hugh R. Jackson will present the affirmative arguments for the University of Kentucky. also anProfessor Sutherland nounced that plans are being made to have the Kentucky debaters meet the Indiana University team at an early date, in a series to be held in Evansville, Ind., and Henderson, Ky. Football Charms and Loving Cup to Be Awards to Season's Champions .'00 Gladiators Are Listed to Compete In Tourney of Two Weeks CLUB BEGUN FOR LETTERMEN Completion of Organization Awaits Action of Senate for Formulation of Constitution and By-La- Further nlans for the formation or a K ClUD at tne university were discussed at a meeting of the major letter men held last Tuesday in the recreation room of the Men's Coaches Bernie Shively and M. E. Potter, who have been asked to act as the faculty advisors of the club, annonnrPri. that. M soon un it was possible to obtain permission trom tne university senate, ueiiniie or- ganization would be consummated. The underlying principle of the "K" Club is to sponsor and promote a closer relationship between those men who have won a th? university. The organization will not throughout the country. A committee, awaiting further ac tion of the senate, has been appoint- ed, and after permission has been granted by the senate they will write the constitution and 1C iu b.."- b"" The next meeting of the club will be held Monday. December 8, at 7:30 to Be o'clock, at the Sigma Chi fraternity Down In the Desert" house. Given Under Direction of Mrs. John Burgin The First Methodist Choir, under the direction of Mrs. John Burgin, will present on December 14, the oratorio "Dawn in the Desert,'' by R. Deane Shure. Dr. Shure wrote this oratorio for the Mount Vernon M. E. church. Washington, D, C, and consented to Its presentation in Lexington, the second presenta tion of this modernistic opus. In preparation for this difficult work the choir has been divided Into two choruses. Tho wonmn's chorus meets Monday nights and tnp mpn's ftinrai Wi'rinpsrlnv , nlcrhrr. :v : nome rn me organist, ur. : at me v. ADner W. Kelley, where a new two manual twenty four step Wicks pipe organ has been instaljrd, The combined choruses moets in full rehear sal on Thursday, ntehts us usual. in addition to tne cnoruses n nlimhnr of cninc ,1,,ac nivl nunrtot- " k, Toy "iL ,tc fcvki " i w fcv htvcu uj AVAioo i jruiuL.iijr Under the auspices of the local H. B. Carr, MrsVcharles Bailey Burgin. Mr. Banker White. mprrhnnts th hrnnrh nf John the American Association of Unl- ALMA MAGNA MATEIt TO MEET versity Women will sponsor a toy, alumni, and professors are members exhibit in the auditorium of the 01 tms choir. The entire student i ooay Alma Magna Mater, campus orto at- ganization of the sons and daugh- university training school, Thurs- - j ters of former university students, aay, uecemDer irom & to o in tne will hold an organization meeting afternoon and from 7 to 0 in the By at Maxwell Place at 4:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. McVey, evening. This will be the first eduPhi11inrmnnir cational toy exhibit held in Lexingwho sponsors the club, will bo preMI sent to welcome newcomers, and ton and is free to the public. . . At 2 o'clock, Mrs. May K. Dunto explain to them the history and haTnUnUe SfflrSf purposes of the club. Any student can, head of the elementary school, dte whose father or mother attended und Miss Frances K. Martin, kin tion of Prof. Carl A. Lamnert. made tho University of Kentucky for at dcrgarten teacher, will speak on the its first least one term Is eligible to Join, necessary knowledge in the selection Sunday a he uXmfty veSw und is cordially invited to attend of books and toys for children. vices held in SSx-aTTt- i the meeting. nn,., After the program everyone Is in- - Prnnlf Piiflfrol pnntrnltn vlted to visit the display of toys and j panted by Mrs. Roy E. Jarman at W. S. G. A. TO GIVE DANCE books which havo been selected and tho piano, sang a recent compost- arranged in groups for children of tion of Prof. Lamperfs, entitled, The annual W. S. G. A. tea danco ages. "Out of tho Deep." Other soloists will be held in Patterson hall De all on tho program were Miss Ann cember 4, at 3:30 o'clock. All women O'Brien, harpist, and Miss Alice students are invited to attend (for,, Tho Vnlyersity f Kansas Is course for firemen for Penn. xylophonlsts. Tho program only). One of the features' lnB a will bo tho pledging exercise of tlioso students who are willing to closed with a march, written recentbegin at tho bottom of the ladder ly by Prof. Lampert, "The Spirit of Chi Delta Phi, honorary literary , uvlAtv Kentucky." 'and work up. ; 'Bama Has Chance For National Honor T In linmfk .mnimrv 1 Among the major football teams of the country there are three that remain undefeated. Beginning with Alabama. in the south, who has won eloht cames and lost none, and who has niled ud a total number of points of 247 for their opponents 13. Tnen there is the invincible Irish Dame that has team ... from Notre ... . not lost a came ior me nasi two winnints coocn. in strnioht. ' Xm. ?ntatlon. Debut Is Made " Hrnnn uKff in mwi, and others by a hair's breadth when the South Bend men took advantage of the breaks tht came the.r way. -t. rjninnrnn,A tn wnshinaton Rtntn v)m hnQ tint. tflltpH Wf!lt iTrM-Vuulcr"u.' "V" ; : , iivvwiivu,"' aiuwAuiK University Women to Sponsor Exhibit mfmfeVoFveiS hv .SL.HPu-'SSf.- , ua. wm this uiu wn,ips u oireJram ' Is thn num hucshuh uuko, namely, will the Irish luck fall next Saturday, or will It continue, and help Notre Dame to mark up their 19th win. If tho Big Irish does win then there will still be two unde- that Is with the feated elevens-a- nd ,nf roii i i.ti toS Vashlngton. that wa are as- suming so mucn. wun two unue- leatea teams who is n procmini um champion? There will still be the old split opinion, so why not uuv let II1U I'UHluiluuti vu uhiu tor once and therefore pick tho teal ' Champs. Who knows, that Champion may be Alabama! qutwui. I After two years study, graduates university will receive tho degree of Doctor of Atheism. Nearly half tho COO students arc girls. of an 1 RULES, REGULATIONS MADE AND ANNOUNCED V Methodist Choir To Give Oratorio " SPORTSTO OPEN Presentation of three one-aplays and the announcement of Stroller eligibles will feature the annual Stroller amateur night to be held at 7:30 o'clock tonight In the new auditorium of the Teacher's Training building by Strollers. Andrew Hoover, president of will be In the organization, charge. Those presenting the one-aplays are Irma Pride, Kappa Delta pledge, and Brandcn Price, Delta Tau Delta pledge, in "On the Lot"; Rosemary Balch, and James Davis, Phi Delta Theta pledge, In "The New Fur Coat"; and Dorothy Gould, and Lois Neal, Zeta Tau Alpha pledge, in "Friend Husband." Prof. Enoch Grchan and Misses Helen and Willy King have been invited to Judge the performances, as a prize will be given for the couple giving the best production. The public has been invited. No admission will be charged. were held durStroller try-ou- ts ing the past two weeks. From those persons who entered the s, the six who will perform tonight were selected. Andrew Hoover, Thomas Riley, Mary Virginia Hailey, and Christine Johnson, were members of s. the committee on Approximately 6 0 university students came out for Strollers this year. Plans are being sponsored by this organization for an original play for which a prize will be given. The play is to be written by a member of the university student body. -- Fifth International 24 OF INTRAMURAL Intramural football will be inau gurated at the University of Kentucky for first time, beginning today when Greek meets Greek on Stoll field at 4 o'clock. In the first games on the schedule, announced yester day by C. w. Hackensmlth, intramural director, Sigma Nu meets Phi Sigma Kappa on field one, and Sigma Chi mixes with Kappa Sigma on field two. Three hundred gladiators are listed to compete in the games. Sixteen fraternities and four indepenThe dent teams are represented. fraternities compete among the fraternities, and the independents play in their own brackets; the winner of each group will play for the championship. A loving cup and football charms will be awarded to the winner. The games will be played under the following rules and regulations: John Sims "Shipwreck" Kelly, above, has been mentioned by several each quarter will be five minutes sports writers for the mythical football team. Kelly in length, and five minutes rest probably has done more to bring Kentucky into football prominence will be allowed between the halves. limited, than any other Big Blue griddcr and has achieved a reputation Substitutions will not be eligible. but In each player must be throughout the South as a fast, elusive ball carrier. "Shipwreck" is case of a scoreless game the team also a member of the track squad. with the highest number of first downs will win. A team not on the .field by 4:05 forfeits. The players must furnish a sweat shirt; head gear, shoulder pads, pants, and shoes will be furnished by the uni versity. Suits may be obtained at 3:40. Games must ne piayea, rain or shine. Coaches Gamage and Shively will not officiate as formerly announced, By MALCOLM KENT "but they will pick an The Kentucky - Tennessee footeleven. The pictures of tne eleven ball game Thanksgiving day proved will appear in the Courier-Journ- al to be a most interesting affair, when and other state papers; the Courier-Journ- al one considers the events leading up and Lexington Herald will to, including, and following the acof the games. give write-up- s tual playing of the game. More A schedule of the first week's things happened as sidelights to the Alpha Zeta Freshman Award games is as follows: contest than the writer has seen In Gdes to Robert Reed, Soph Independent Teams a pale blue moon and pale blue omore, for Splendid Work In Breckenridge vs Wrecking Crew-D- ec. wae trift arriicii pnlnr nf tna fntus Kir- .4, Field 2 at 2:00 Agriculture Last Year ting out in the stadium while a bit- - ' Dec. . Engineers vs Independents ter wind made many a lad and lass 1 at 2:00 Robert. Reed, Covington, sopho- - 6, Field envision the warmth of red flannels. Fraternities imore In the College of Agriculture, Sigma Nu vs Phi Sigma Kappa-D- ec. Let us turn to the situation in wlth a standing of 2.58 for his fresh- 2, field 1 1teheiotMk.0Uoth,Le; Sigma Alpha Epsilon vs Phi Kapan work, was presented this year's gan. The scene pa Tau Dec. 3, field 1 apartment; the time an hour before A1Pna Zeta freshman scholarship Delta Chi vs Alpha Sigma Phi-D- ec. the train was scheduled to leave, medal during the Closing ceremonies 4, field 1 One of the band boys heard the 0f the Fall Festival. Nov. 21. The Alpha Tau Omega vs Alpha Gamwhistling of the wind and called a ,i0t lo TOOr-ann.,ie hv Al ma Rho Dec. 5, field 1 downtown newspaper for a tempera- Sigma Chi vs Kappa Sigma Dec. fra ture reDort. Twelve above zero, he Pha Zeta- - honorary 2, field 2 learned. Believe It or not, that mu ternity, to tne sopnomore in tne colTriangle vs Kappa Alpha Dec. 3, muiuii uieu umeiy imuc hic huiu lege of Agriculture having the high- field 2 because his feet were so numb Irom est standing for his freshman year. Lambda Chi Alpha vs Phi Delta the mere thought he could not walk Runner-u- p to Reed's unusually Theta Dec. 5, field 2 fast- Delta Tau Delta vs PI Kappa Ahigh average was John Ewing, Pros- PI a stand- - lphaDec. 6. field 2 at 2:00 Sig of 1.84PScottPMcClain, (All games to be played at 4 p. m. h2 the be fa years' awardf and unless otherwise noted). A list of the players entered for trouble with the idea was that the 1A"""1C a"lcu'competition Is as follows chaperone also was locked in the in 1928. Independents The gold medal, presented to Bentley. Cecil. Davis. Drur t,,sr,ie,' ,n on wnv Reed, bears on one side the Univer- gerald, Featherston, Harrlajf sity of Kentucky seal and the words son, Mcuraw, renningion, ana means 01 wreckZ the train Alpha Zeta freshman scholarship Ross, Tracy, Tate. On the other side is the medal. Wrecking Crew winner's name, his standing, and the Greenauist. Hosue. Price kick off of each game by firing he was a freshman. man, Kinkead, Hoffman, Sin r vounir cannon. As the reverberating 'year boom was swept across the field, two After the presentation of the stone. JasDer. Cheanev. Tysks slightly Inebriated youngsters from .medal, Alpha Zeta held its pledging White, Smith. Wallace. Oreatlm ' Numbskulls the'Blue Grass were heard to ihout, exercises. The men pledged are. Parr. Buerl. Spencer. Seams.' "Kentucky's Right!" Yandall Wrather; Murray; H. T. Tuskey, Smile. Anat Cox, Georgetown: Ivan Jett, Rich- - Valrie, Jones. R. Whitney. H. Whi It is believed that a prominent Imond; Scott McClaln, Taylorsville, Todd, Swartz, Thompson. McAc professor of debate of Kentucky has and E. E. Ball, California. Breckinridge become an ardent exponent of na- Hunt, Rellley, McGrooch, tional defense In contradistinction to TTnivofcitv Offininlc Rc Hill, Myer, Newcomb, neace naets. He sat at the came and tllUVCISllV VSlllWiaiB Moore. Fennell, Gaunt, Clo,) 1 admired Bobby Dodd's dexterity, and nett, Skidmore, Sullivan. Biep To on each side of him sat two bruisers Delta Tau Delta AH at bigger than i Babe Wright. Peyton, Shipley. Busn, lit p ,d t Frank L McV Dean . . . once they began to fight, and not C. Coffman. 1 i n ,ul according to Hoyle. The professor's f3"1 mnn. Williams. Wooten. Turob Price. Huffman. Foro.ii hat was thrown for a loss and then r!"1' Stephens. : cooper. deflated, his hair suffered cruohlnu .u,e ouul""'1. v?lu"V" Theta Interference. He began shadow box- - ?fs a?a aannr.zr fY0 Jmhpr Hubble. Phi Delta Holt. Neurti Dunn. ing and thus refereed what was a V t0 December 'a Humphreys. House, Owens, Huw better bout than some of those held .. nnnn nnnrl 11,111 cnoulr Iwifm-- the Massle. Moore, uatsKKin, nun "i""" -- v.w.v ... in iviuaisuu ouuuru uuruen, ""J" . Commission on Secondary Schools Ferguson, Hatcher. Murray. Lambua ini Aipna on "Standards of Accrediting " Mr CamDbell. Johnson. Mantz 'WautlluT and charniing co- him. Scott. Sour. Dalton. TM r tne eds rosted her feet and was escort- - Wednesday afternoon on "The Re- - Wheat. Barber. Gartln. Med f.T-J- from "... "r where cistrar and the Dean in the Under- - Ohr. Ray, Ashley. .f Triangle CrOdUOte SCllOOl." .1 i .u.l.j i, ii,BV,..,.u.,u" 1 Cooke. Schrvader. Dunn, ba m o Tinnn nr rnnrs u' lnn run npnnv momlne" he will sneak before the AnHprsnn. Sul Alexander. v o " .wwv, w. w" whnr n Mark Commission nn Moore. Voelcker. Welch, WIS tco"nuea on Page Ioun Should Measure." Little, Gray. Smith. Kastner. Dean Boyd and Mr. Gillls left SU'ina uni Sunday evening to attend the com Johnson, Clark. Golson, RingO WinS mittee meetings which will be held Hillen. Crump. Carraco, Monday and Tuesday, and Dr. Mc- - Easley, Davidson. Perry. Henderfconj leave Tuesday evening to Wmnia TAiifnomanf1 Vey will the General Conference Tucker Fanor, uwens. Kaona Sigma attend Polscrave. Worthlneton, He meeting which will be held on nosa. Gess, Roimh Hoblltzeld.l David L. Ringo, of Lexington, a Wednesday and Thursday. (Continued on page four! freshman, was the winner of the All the Souti,ern colleges will be annual fall selective tennis tourna- - rercSented and some of the most ment sponsored oy iroi. it. h promment educators in tho South PliQC Downlnir. coach of the varsity team. ...m i. rim rnnfnrniw b'dj0urun Thursdny which closed last week ,ternoon at Whltl wp 4 ociock. i iuHnwuu.m mc muii Dr. M M. White was the speaker during tho fall and to give the coach l'OSTl'ONED SEMINAR a line on the prospect ye materia at tho regular meeting of the Intcr- .. bo held Tuesday national Relations Class at McVey The seminar to w..j.....w iui the tourney were '."turning letter "aSS! To hall Tuesday night. Mrs. J. O. Jones men and numeralmen and candi important speakers were unable to presided at the meeting. Professor dates for the squad. Good, Mr. Rose. Mr. white spoke on the intelligence of Many outstanding performers, in- attend. Mr. stars, ffleVo1? IgricuK' SI cluding several the different races and their relative are attending tho university for the town meeting the International intelligence. "It Is very hard to corn-stofirst time, Professor Downing said. Show in Chicago. They ex-i- nr thorn In rnsnoct to tho latter In recognition of his victory, Ringo lh because of thler different standards. was presented a silver loving cup by 'environment, and culture," he said. the coach. first of next week. Kentucky Tennessee Game Are Revealed 'Best Band In Dixie' Plays Over WROL 1 GRIDIRON TILTS Sidelights, Fore, Aft, and Inclusive of Graphic Processes Exhibited Held Debate Here December 11 NEW SERIES NUMBER 2, 1930 "Shipwreck" Is Selected Strollers to Release List of Eligibles at Annual Affair "I HUNTING SEASON FOR OPENS UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOLUME XXI j FOOTBALL TO BEGIN REED IS WINNER OF SCHOLARSHIP ,,,' JSMft teJTt Attend Meeting T'i,11", tu$ l'.tlL LnHncouSes "u. David In Annual elective lennia 10lirillineill Tln:ftTlc io HearS Dr. wm fctWWaui SM t0,mhSrh,aS 1 4 1