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Best Cop THE KENTUCKY PAGE FOUR I' Tuesday, December SEMI-WEEKL- Y Vespers to Feature Christmas Program THE American schools arc of such a vocational na-- i WOMAN QUESTION turc that the student seldom has an opportunity Resolved; "That the woman was made of a to come into contact with the finer arts in an understanding ON TUESDAY AND FRIDAY and educational atmosphere. j' rib out of the side of Adam; not out of his feet PUM.1811ED That explains the fact that the average Amer- to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side of the Students of the UnlvcrMty OtTiclnl Nrwppfi of Kentucky, Lexington ican student Is lacking In appreciation of art. j to be equal with him, under his arm to bo pro-- I Books cannot bo appreciated until they can tcctcd, and near his heart to be loved." This, MKMIlEIt K. t P. A. ' Subscription $2.00 n rnr. Entered nt Lexington, Ky. be read, music cannot bo truly heard until the we believe, would be an excellent topic for an Po.itolTtce an second el am mall mutter underlying theme can be read Into the sound International debate, rather than one Intended artistic things cannot be truly seen until the to prove academically her place is in the home, HERE SHALL THE KERNEL PRESS ALL STUDENT RIGHTS MAINTAIN pattern of thought can be traced through the waiting anxiously the anrjearance of her lord and master with the disposition of a Hrceford strokes of the artists brush. WILBUR O rilYfc FRANCES HOLL!A ManBRinn Editor Kentucky has an art department the rapid bull and a hairy chest rrom the depth of which WILLIAM ARDEKY AMlotant MnnftRlns Editor climb of which to prominence on the campus come rumblings of alternate ire and displeasure, A8SOCIATE EDITORS K, Kruser Virginia Dougherty nut it seems that it is the proper thing for has made It so well known that the most nine Iloimell Morton Wnlker ASSISTANT EDITORS of students cannot Ignore it. Every j thoughts and arguments on the woman quesVirginia Net-IL. W. McMurrny Keltenn Cole student in the university Is proud to think that tion to travel In the vicious circle of an excerpt , P. II. Landruin Louise Thompson Norman NcH's painting was chosen out of a irom inc urpnan: , News Editor JOHN MURPHY group of representative paintings Ifrom the ASSISTANT NEWS EDITORS "What mighty Ills have been done by womanl William Sliafrr finest schools in the United States to be award-- I Lawrence Herron Jojin Watts Who was't betray'd the Capitol? A woman; College Art Association exSociety Editor cd first prize al the ELLEN MINIHAN Who lost Mark Antony to the world? A woman; ELEANOR SMITH hibit. Polly Reese ' Emily Hardin Who was the cause of a long ten years' war, Martha Falcomr At this same exhibit Kentucky was repre- VERNON D. ROOKS Bports Editor Isented by a larger number of paintings than And laid at last old Troy In ashes? Woman; McDonald Elbert Assistant Sports Editor Destructive, damnable, deceitful womanl" any other college. It is indeed a pleasant fecl- SPORTS WRITERS Edgar Turley Totsy Rose ling to know that Kentucky, although its art Sometimes it becomes a matter of conjecture Kathryn Williams Joseph Conboy depatment is not as well equipped as those of whether much of the discussion on the proper Ralph Johnson Lawrence crump George Kay Harry Dent the larger schools, has received honors for status of women In the world arises from an Charles Maxson Elizabeth Eaton Woodson Knight Brandon Price the finest schools sent their representa- - attempt to do right by the fair sex, or from an j which Itive work to compete. SPECIAL WRITERS inherent desire to revenge all manhood on the Thomas L. Riley P. Davis Rankin On the campus the art department is playing theory that Fannie Woodliead Edith Reynolds an increasingly Important role. It is well REPORTERS woe, Kathryn Myrlck Mary Elizabeth Price known that it is responsible for the sets at the "A woman's counsel brought us first to William Martin Turner Howard louignol. Almost every campus publication has And made her man his paradise forego, Mary Oalloway Griffith Malcolm Barnes Mary Virginia Halley Gilbert Klngsberry some sample of the work of students in that Where at heart's ease he liv'd; and might have Mary Alice Salyers Starr Mendel been Cameron Coflman department. The etchings done there are good As free from sorrow as he was from sin." COLEMAN R. SMITH Business. Manner In such magazines as Letters and in the school BUSINESS 8TAKF annual. Recently a young man, sufficiently well-ed- u Lucille Howcrton Betty Tipton Some very fine art exhibits have been spon cated to possess sophistication and its broad-mindoncra urant Campbell presented by the art department. sored and ramifications, declared that women heve ADVERTISING STAFF ALBERT J. KIKEL . . . Advertising Manager Attendance at the past exhibit was record no place except in the home, and that their inJames Morgan Allle Mason goes to demonstrate that the dividual physical structure and generic qualibreaking, which RALPH KERCHEVAL . Circulation Manager general student attitude is undegoing a decided fications make them unfit for a place in the change. We may credit this change to the sun similar to that held by man, who is posexchange in manner of presentation of the sessed of sturdy frame and great mental vigor. An interpretative attitude of presenta That young man should have lived In the past Last Wednesday the University of Kentucky hibits. tion is being established. This is educating the century, but it becomes alarming when we decided to extend the Thanksgiving holiday is training him to be able to under pause to consider the company he would have from Saturday until Monday, thereby giving student: it stand, and hence appreciate the paintings that had in all those who think similarly. students a vacation period of four days instead may have the opportunity to see. The theme of modern living is independence. of the two originally planned. This extension he We think that the art department should be Without it no person can expand and attain made it possible for many students to go home given unlimited credit for opening the eyes and that degree of efficiency which he or she is for a short time, and it showed that the univerto the true value capble of developing. That being the case, sity is willing to cooperate whenever it is pos- the minds of the students art, for in so doing It has opened a new ' and admittedly so, it becomes the duty of mansible to do so. The Kernel and the student of fine given , kind to cease this futile and altogether foolish body, we believe, are grateful for the favor ot and wider field of student Interest and has field for town people to mingle with argumentation as to the place of the woman in the past week-en- d. The result was that Thanks- another In these) the world. We should concede her the prero-gtiv- e giving brought additional thanks for the exten- and enjoy university associtlons. ways It will be of unlimited value, both to the of deciding for herself. If she wants to sion of the holiday period. student and to the university. spend all of her time making a home for someone, let her do it; if she wants to get out in ' MERITED the sphere of professional activity, let her do it. THAT! DON'T course she chooses, she will contribute Formal acceptance of an invitation to play Saturday the university freshman football ' Whatever Washington State in the Rose Bowl at Pasa team bowed low before the Rats of the Unlver- - at least her share of life's achievement. dena, Calif., on January 1, has been issued by sity of Tennessee to the tune of an overwhelm" When greater perils men environ, the University of Alabama. It is the third time ing defeat. The final whistle had not ceased Then women show a front of iron; a Crimson Tide eleven has received this echoing before gloomy pictures of future varsity that And, gentle in their manner, they signal honor for the Southern Conference. Kentucky and Tennessee were games between Do bold things in a quiet way." There is no question that the invitation this being painted by followers of the fortunes of year was merited. Alabama has one of the the two schools. So be it resolved and decided affirmatively It was pointed out that the best teams in the country, if not the best, as Wildcats now cannot hope to win from the or- - that woman was made out of the side of man, some sports authorities declare. Winning eight ange and white for a period of three years, if to be equal with him, loved, protected, nd not conference games in a season against the ever. More handkerchiefs were spoiled by tears out of his feet to be trampled upon by him. strongest teams of the South is a feat seldom than was the case following the Alabama game. It is amusing to hear pessimists make such accomplished. The Tide has done that, predictions. In fact, It shows ignorance on the A Kentuckians should be pleased that one of part of those kneeling at the wailing wall. Past The Kernel notes that the department of of freshmen and varsity teams should the Wildcats' foes has been selected for the an- - records buildings and grounds has constructed a walknual New Year's game. It indicates that the I relieve those who cannot envision anything but i way from the main campus driveway to Limeschedule makers were not lax In game arrange- - defeat for the frosh who for the next three stone street. The need for a walk in the locaments, as some persons have said. Further vcars w111 Plav varslty ball, At tne University of Tennesse. the first year tion of the new one was intensified with the than that. It should be a matter of some pride Training completion of the new Teachers' that a team only three touchdowns better than teams are coached to play as a unit. They are to the beginning of the current Blven many plays of their own. They are al- - School prior Kentucky has been selected. year. Many students have classes in the Let all of us hope that Alabama wins the lowed t0 be a team At Kentucky, the yearlings school game. It will show that we have sportsman- - primarily are playing ball for the benefit of the new structure and must walk quite a distance new walk also solves the need ship, it will assuage the wounded feelings that varsity. They are not coached as an lndepend-w- e to them. The a way from the Law building to Limestone received when the Tide conquered the 'Cats. cnt team but as a buffer for the Wildcats. It for street. Formerly students walked along the and it will enable us to be more than ever proud ls true that the Tennessee freshmen scrimmage the varsity, but not to the extent that the Kit driveway and were In constant danger of being of membership in the Southern Conference. tens do at Kentucky. Thus it is that freshman struck by automobiles. Thus the department teams at the university do not receive great ol buildings and grounds did its usual efficient work by constructing one new walk that ls takprofit from practice. The varsity gets it. If the ability of the freshmen determines the i ing care of pedestrian traffic formerly needing Art is generally underrated by the average rating of future teams to the extent many be- - two outlets to Limestone street. college student. It is not quite as collegiate a lieve. there ls no need for Coaches Gamage and subject as some courses and as a result ls some- - Shlvely. Just give the head Kitten coach the You were a barefoot boy? Cheer up, nobody's times termed "sissy" by Individuals not well position and accept as truths the predictions of bom with shoes on. enough educated to appreciate It. In Kentucky the pessimists. this attitude Is rapidly changing to a more ap- -' Life's killing monotony lends exaggerated But that ls not the situation. The one. man players who lost to Tennessee Saturday vividness to times of diversion. Apparent lack of appreciation of art is greatly will be better players after receiving varsity lamented In the United States. Europeans are coaching. They will become true Wildcats, unThe death of adventure is the fear to venture. educated to appreciate the fine arts for they are i bued with the spirit of Kentucky. And they given a cultivated understanding of them. ; will win football games from Tennessee. In marriage, he who hesitates is bossed. The Kentucky Kernel ? KERNEL, ... ... HOLIDAY EXTENDED AN HONOR j "Why the Chimes Rang Out," n Christmas play, will be presented at the regular university vesper scr-- I vices In Memorial hall on December 14. The play, which will be given by members of the Interest groups, will be sponsored by the Y, W. C. A. Special Christmas music will be presented at the services. The program Is being arranged by Miss Margaret Lewis, secretary of the University Y. W. C. A. HISTORY CLUB TO MEET The regular meeting of Lc Ccrcle Francois was held Monday afternoon ot 3 o'clock, in the Recreation room at Patterson hall. After the business meeting, svvcral members gave readings on the lives of well known French authors. Miss Mary Elizabeth Price was program chair man, The club meets the first and third Monday of each month. All advanced French students ore invited to attend. The December meeting of the History club will be held Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the old Education building. A large attendance is desired as there will bo an election of officers for the ensuing year. The name of the speaker has not been announced. LAW FACULTY TO MEET The faculty of .the Ujhlverelty College of Law will meet today at 12:20 o'clock for their weekly luncheon at the University Commons. MORTAR BOARD MEETS Mortar Board held its regular meeting at Patterson hall Monday night at 7 o'clock. The business was dispersed with as usual. WINTER'S 105 COMING MILLER BROS. PHONE WEST HIGH STREET ASHLAND jTHephmi WANTS BY Ten seconds' conversation on the telephone! That's all you need do to have drags delivered to your door, promptly and speedily. ! Scrupulous care takes to prescriptions accurately. PHONES ASHLAND 21 or 640 Hutchinson's Drug Store 103 S. Limestone SHOP EAST HIGH ST. Ash. 5646 PRESCRIPTIONS J. D. MORRIS' SHOP 269 EAST MAIN a MAIN AND DEWEESE wwwwwwwwwww. Watch for the Big Finals in the Intramural Indoor Golf Tournament Why not come around and play a few practice rounds. For information regarding tournament, see us immediately Phoenix Hotel Indoor Golf Course MR. PURSLEY, Manager LARRY CRUMP ART IN KENTUCKY 2 OR 3 Fall Semester, 1930 MEAL HOURS: Breakfast $00 SERVICE ONE-DA- Buttons Replaced PIECE A HARD HAT, WITH A TIMELY Small rips repaired without charge ITS WEALTH OF DISTINCTION, OFFERS OPPORTUNITY FOR AGREEABLE AND EIGHT DOLLARS 5:156:15 CHANGE. SOFT SHAPES FROM SEVEN TO TWENTY 11:301:00 Suits Pressed SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS: 9:00 A. M. YOUNG MEN CORRECT 7:159:15 Lunch Dinner 'J debiy Suits Cleaned University Commons 6:00 P. M. THREE-HOU- $3.50 MEAL TICKET Breakfast and Supper for Six Days Third Floor Ascend South Stairs to Commons IN THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES 35c $5.00 MEAL TICKET 3 Consecutive Meals for Six Days McVey Hall AGENTS R SERVICE THE FINCHLEY HAT Phone 62 WILL BE FOUND HERE EXCLUSIVELY R. Lexington Laundry Co. 139 East Main St. 132 East Short St. 27M 9 EVERY DAY Chas. A. McATEE The Shops with Reputation Bureau and Jewctt will be the speakers. The subject for discussion is "Science in The Modern World." fill Shoe Rebuilding Pheae: Relations Club Now Is the time to have your furnace cleaned and repaired. Repairs for Wise and all other makes of furnaces. Slate and tin wwfc. Service We have the three best Shops in town SOT The International will meet tonight at 7:30 o'clock at McVcy hall In room 111, Professors rWWWUWWWVrVWUWWt WOODLAND TO SPECK" JEWETT, BUREAU SUKY HOLDS MEETING Sponsored by Phi Beta, honorary musical sorority at the university, n program of music was given by students of university 8unday night over the local remote control studio of WHAS, Louisville. The broadcast lasted from 6 until 6:30 and included instrumental solos by Miss Anne O'Brien, harpist, LeRoy Smith, violinist; and several vocal selections by the Phi Beta octette. BE LIKE NEW WALK FRENCH CLUB HOLDS MEETING SuKy will hold its regular weekly meeting in the men's gymnasium this afternoon at 5 o'clock. PHI BETA BROADCAST 2, 1930 s. sons THORPE (lMnprate4) "THE MEN'S STOEE OF LEXINGTON" Opposite Phoenix Hotel 1