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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 64, no. 3, 1994

Part of Kentucky alumnus

0 , in the March 16 National Residency j Media Adviser. l Hull 9* Fume Program have chosen to do postgrad { The events will include choices , T T TTT TTF " T uate residency training in primary l such as awelcoming reception, a ban- i Five journalists have been named l care specialties. The national medical j quet, a football game and other enter- l to the Kentucky journalism Hall of school average is 30 percent. Thirty- tainment that will allow groups to 4 Fame, and an advertising executive six percent of the class will enter resi- l gather with their friends. Surround- l has been named to the Kentucky l dency programs at UK. ing the event will be the unveiling of Advertising Hall of Fame. Named to l a short film celebrating 100 years of M the Kentucky journalism Hall of -~ j student publications, displays showing Fame were: the late Molly Clowes, , Cgnfgnniql Fgsfiviligs the history of publications, and publi- T , Larry Craig, David Hawpe, the late -~~--~? -- ~ ~{ cation of a special Kentucky Kernel edi- l ` jane Morton Norton and Burl Os- i Planning is underway to celebrate tion along with the 100th edition of I l borne. Mary Ellen Slone was named the 100th anniversary of student pub- the Kentuckian. l to the Kentucky Advertising Hall of l lications this fall. The celebration is being planned i, l Fame. Induction ceremonies were Alumni who spent their spare ` by thejournalism alumni association, l , part of the annual joe Creason Lec- i hours at the Kentucky Kernel or Ken- the student media advisers office and i ture Series, which featured Osborne, 1 tuckian while students at the Universi- staff from the School ofjournalism 1 publisher and editor of the Dallas ty of Kentucky will be invited to and Telecommunications. Morning News. attend several events to be held from One of the most important steps is y November 11 to 13. to make sure "we know who you are l V T "We havent finalized all our plans, and how to reach you," said Agin. l Med SCIIGOI but we want everyone to set aside time Addresses are being gathered from 1 to come back to UK and see what the universitys records, the alumni 1 Forty-five percent ofthe College of l their student publications have association, and the Kentucky Kernel, [ Medicine students who participated l become," said Mike Agin, UK Student 1 which sponsored a special reunion to y g l Contributions are being j . . ga accepted for the j j e j j Trent DiGiuro ; , _ A- t ____::_;_:____i_V, . j_V, , Scholarship Fund l _ ,.__ j - - -... i ......,..,,,,_,,,,:_;: . :_jj; F j . 6, " . -_ .rr. `i =.;.. . P/ease make Check payable t0. , V -..i i$Tigfifi*;. University of Kentucky V V Q . On 'Memo" portion of Check: V . . Trent DiGiuro Memorial . Scholarship Fund Mail Check to: Trent DiGiuro Memorial Scholarship Fund I University of Kentucky Office of Development I In Of Sturgill Qevelopment Building Lexington, KY 40506 { Trent DiGiu1o /_/.,_.? T ZIP;... { (( COURIER SERVICE May Hzs Spzrzt Lzve On .// 125 K Trade street Lexington, KY 40510 (606) 254-0001 I livuliirkv .\lunums Fan ]g94