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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 64, no. 3, 1994

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I 1 K I I I I I I I celebrate the newspapers independence 1 and long history on campus. I "I loved the response we got from that effort our first reunion attempt," said Q Agin. "We received so many letters and sto- i ries about peoples experiences at our pub- . lications. We got a solid database of addresses from that, but I know we missed many people. So, please send us not only your name O 4 i and address, but also any of your col- % i leagues you worked with that you know A l might want to know about the Kernel and Kentuckian. Even better ive them a call _ I and tau thCm!" g A Cafe, a Bakery, a Catermg Conpany, Look for a final schedule of events and a School and a "out I`VlC, 5 registration to be mailed to alumni some- all COl'lll)lIl(l lIltO OHC &l'l(l time this summer- accommodating location. The histor of student ublications _ _ 2 dates back ko logo;. for boob Ifhe yearbook Serving Lunch Mondgy Through Fnday i and newspaper. The roots of the newspa- fI'OHl UH 2pm, Ellld per grew from the Cadet, followed by the S3tl11'd3y fI'OI`I`l Idea around l9l4. This a er became the , , Kentucky Kemel kb 1915 aiioi) a campus-wide Scwmg Dmmf Tu$d3Y_ThT0gh Saturday ` contest to rename the newspaper. fI'OlTl lllltll be released in September, and will include _ , a special section. The Kernel will research Thtb at Dunn S C00k$h0p i and print a special edition on Nov. ll. is Opgn All Business HQufS_ ' We expect this event to emphasize the _ _ importance of student publications on Present This andRecezve campus, and how the lives of our graduates A LOClf0fl`h BES! Fresh Baked were changed by their experiences," said Bread in T0wn_ y Cltagablia great time for us to get For Information Or i For more information call 606-257-1900. Dinner Reservations Please Call 231-0099. Great Teachers Honored I EGs,,Min St _ The University of Kentucky Alumni I Association has chosen six professors as East WHS Sl 1994 Great Teachers. They are: jane B. Wells, acccountancy; Ronald A. Pen, musi- (7; 43] Old EOST Vine S1-_ colo ; Thomas R. Po e, accountancy; jo Annggcott King, nursigg at Elizabethtown E Community College; Sandra K. Phipps, 1 psychology at Hazard Community College N and Marianne Walker, English and philos- _ ophy at Henderson Community College. 431 Qld East Vmc Street The award salutes faculty who have demon- L>gt KY 40507 strated excellence in teaching, concern for 6O6'231'0099 students and involvement in the academic I I I I I I I I Fal] 1994 Kentucky Alumnus 5