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14 > Image 14 of Inventory of the Records of the Work Projects Administration in Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

6 description of some of these divisions preceeds the series descriptions for records of the respective divisions.) I DIVISION OF ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION. This division was responsible for the regulation of construction projects, review of the engineering for such projects, end recording and control of project applications. Administration of the safety program end the supply function was also the responsibility of this division. DIVISION OF SERVICE PROJECTS. This division wes responsible _ for regulation of community service projects end projects A specifically designed to employ professional, technical, and clerical workers. Review of relevent project applications was also a divisional responsibility. DIVISION OF TRAINING AND REEMTLOYM NT. This division, estab- lished in l9&l in response to national defense needs, planned end regulated NPA training projects. These projects were usually in technical fields, such as electronics, vital to the nation's war industry. DIVISION OF FINANCE. This division was responsible for the control of project end state administration fiscal records as well as project financial activities such as timekeeping. The division was usually represented at the project level by a finance officer. { DIVISION OF EMPLOYMENT. This division was responsible for employment related activities,such as final determination of eligibility, classification, assignment,-and release of workers. Labor relations and determination of wages and hours for personnel were also in this division's domain. DIVISION OF STATISTICS. This division was responsible for the compilation of statistics derived from activity reports of the other divisions and the transmission of these statistics to the central administration. DIVISION OF MANAGEMENT OR ADMINISTRATION. This division was responsible for procedure, administrative personnel, budgets, office services, and any other function required by the state administrator. Occasional information services, such as project descriptions or newspaper releases, were functions of the state administrator or the staff in his office. Other divisions maintained only at the national level Research, Investigation, Information, and General Counsel- are described in appendix B. Divisions were composed of sections at various times of their development. These sections maintained control over { related projects through a section supervisor who was responsi- ble to the state director of that division.