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52 > Image 52 of Inventory of the Records of the Work Projects Administration in Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

az 53. WORKING FILES, SHORT FORM. 1939-1940. 1.3 cu. ft. Arrangement is alphabetical by locality. For a description of this material see series 52. 54. UNIDENTIFIED LOOSE MATERIAL. n.d. .1 cu. ft. This material has a random arrangement. This series contains loose forms, scratch sheets, unlabeled drawings of property plots, letterhead, and mimeographed papers that cannot be properly identified. 55. SKETCHES AND DRAWINGS OF PROPERTY PLOTS. n.d. .5 cu. ft. This material has a random arrangement. _ This series consists of tracings of property plots, probably in Franklin County, apparently giving the name of the owner. The significance of the tracings is not entirely under- stood. These tracings were found with the material in series 5l-54. 56. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS. 1937-1938. 2.4 cu. ft. Arrangement is alphabetical by county, thereunder numerical by flight number. These are aerial photographs probably taken for property mapping projects in the counties represented. Photographs of Boyd, Boone, Campbel1Kenton, Franklin, Owen and Union counties are included. . I 57. ADMINISTRATIVE AND WORKING MATERIAL. 1939-1941. .4 cu. ft. 1 This material has a random arrangement. I This material is an assortment of items dealing with property identification and mapping. Included are Bourbon I County assessment sheets, Bourbon County control, daily reports, engineering material for Madisonville and Somerset, manual of instructions-engineering drawings, official circulars, work I sheets, block tabulation and survey table books, and an assort- ment of county maps. 58. REAL PROPERTY AND SANITARY SURVEY. 1940. .1 cu. ft. This series has one copy of The Real Property and Sanitary Surrey of Jefferson County, Kentucky, 1959-1949. This survey obtained information regarding polluted wells for which attempts were made to find the source of the pollution. I