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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2 - (1939-1990) to the University of Kentucky Libraries' Audio- Archives Visual FCR 6 Report of Leases He asked if there were any comments and then called for a motion for approval of the consent items. On motion made by Ms. Sparks and seconded by Mr. Reed, the items on the consent agenda were approved without dissent. C. President's Report President Todd said that he would mention some items in PR 1 but encouraged the Board to review all of the items in PR 1. President Todd talked about a series of white papers that he is sending out to the Board, all university presidents, legislators, and others. The first one was on health care, and the second one was on cost cutting and efficiency moves. The third one, on athletics and academics, will be mailed within the next couple of weeks. U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell visited campus recently. He has been a major factor in improving the federal appropriations earmarked for UK from about $5 million dollars to $27 million. He helped bring $20 million dollars to the university this year. During his recent visit, he announced a $3 million funded project for planning and design of a new forage and animal laboratory for research that will become part of a USDA federal laboratory. UK needs an additional $27 million to $30 million to build that facility. Another appropriation for the College of Agriculture is $150,000 for the Health Education through Extension Leadership (HEEL) program. This is the third or fourth year that Senator McConnell has been able to get UK around $1 million to keep that program going. That is a program that continues to take on new meaning. UK's delegation is very strong in Washington. The National Cancer Institute has selected Markey Cancer Center for an information service contract. UK was selected as one of 15 organizations for a contract to operate its Mid-South Cancer Information Center. The five-year contract totals about $6 million. Research grants at the close of January were up 19 percent over last year. Federal grants were up 11 percent. This is a testament to the ability of the faculty and staff to bring money to UK. Six UK professors were honored for their outstanding work in the classroom with Great Teacher Awards by the Alumni Association.