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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 9, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available fm$; f AGE THE KENTUCKY FOUR U.K. Officials Return Varsity Jiifle Team From Trip to South Begins First Practice C A D E T H O KERNEL. TWi .RXa:::::;;;::;;: Suther, Alabama Hnckman, Tennessee Roberts, Georgia Second Team Smith, Qeorgla McCanco, Tulane Learners, Georgia Lipscomb, North Carolina Thayer, Tennessee Lcycndecker, Vanderbilt ooncs, ucorgia Tech ucinca, Florida Zimmerman. Ttilano Kelly, Kentucky wuui, uiiuama H Maree, Georgia Tech H Steele. Florida P Roberts, Tulane Pos. Maddox, Georgia E Sington, Alabama T Maffctt, Georgia G Dodd, Tennessee O Chandler, Georgia G Suther, Alabama T Roberts, Georgia E Second Team Second Team Pos. E The R. O. T. C. and Varsity Rifle Grant, Auburn Ken- - Maree, Georgia Tech T teams of the University of O tucky began their initial practice by , HnBcr, Tuiane firing n hrt.xvrnn thn two O AUbum teams. The Rtflc teams will open the ucmcnw, Aiaoama L. McVcy. Dean1 M,nn President Prank uv mmnrUnn 17 k. Holland, Tulane E Paul P. Boyd, and Ezra Glllls, regis- - I with the New York Stock Exchange Hcrrlngton, Miss. A. & M Q Hatfield, H H trar, returned Saturday night from !nnd t,lc University or Delaware. The campuen, Auburn H Alabama Atlanta, Georgia, where they at- varsity captain has not yet been Splccr, Kentucky F chosen. tended n meeting of the Southern Lieut. Criswell In charge, has not HENRY RIPPELMEYER, Association of colleges and Second- yet designated the respective teams. Sports Editor JIMMY YOUNQ ary schools, which was In session Those eligible for the varsity are: (Clcmson Collcgo) Snorts Editor, The Reflector L. S. Payton, C. D. Wallace, A. P. from December 1 to December 4. lrst Team Pos. (Mississippi a. fe M. College) E First Team Thursday Dean Boyd spoke before Stallard, S. H. Robertson, P. Mus- Pos. Smith, Georgia ' T the Commission on Secondary sclman, T. C. Fuller, S. Barney, M. Maffctt. Gears! E Clement. Alabama Wachs, P. M. Settle, J. E. Ramon, Sington, Alabama Aiaaaox, ucorgia a Schools on "Standards of AccreditT Clcmons, Florida C ing." Wednesday nftcrnoon Pro- K. D, Little, W. C. Florence, R. Al- Aiaaaox, Georgia O Thayer, Tennessee O C fessor Glllls addressed the deans of lison, M. L. Walton, C. F. Stone, J. Roberts, Tulane Georgia Tech T Bodenger, Tulane G Marco. the Arts and Sciences collccos on Powers, J. W. Rogers, P. H. John Maree, Georgia E T Maffctt, Georgia "The Registrar and the Dean in the ston, C. M. Christie, A. Henderson, Smith, Georgia Toch q E uoaa, Tennessee H Undergraduate School." Thursday T. Mantz, and O. B. Coffman. Dodd, Tennessee Q Suther. Alabama H The teams made an excellent Suther, Alabama morning, he addressed the CommisH Hackman, Tennessee F sion, on the subject "What a Mark showing last year, due partly to the Hackman, Tennessee H Roberts, Georgia Second Team Pos. coaching of Sergeant Bryant. Lieu- Roberts, Georgia Should Mp.isnrn " P Brandt, Tennessee E Second Team Pos. Davis, Clcmson Dean Boyd and Professor Glllls, tenant Criswell, a new member of T No Selections wno leit Lexington Sunday evening, the Military staff this year, has been Forquer, Kentucky o attended the committee meetings, selected as the new coach and exFordham, Clcmson C Howard, Alabama which were In session Mondav and pects to produce another winning G TOM SILER, Sington, Alabama T team Tuesday. McVcy President left Sports Editor, E Cavana. Kentucky Tuesday cvenlnR to attend the The Orange and White Q Welch, Clemson meeting of the General conference, (University of Tennessee) Kelly, Kentucky H which was held Wednesday and First Team Pos. Zimmerman, Tulane H Thursday. F Maffett, Georgia E Cain, Alabama Addresses were Riven bv some of Sington, Alabama T the most prominent educators of the Steele. Florida G Delta The regular meeting of ALBERT O. SMITH, . . .n South, and all the southern colleges Phi, legal fraternity, wasPhi held at Roberts. Tularin Sports Editor ana 'secondary schools were rcpre , tiic Lafayette hotel last Tuesday Forquer, Kentucky o (University of Georgia) Clements, Alabama T sented. The Conference adjourned night. A banquet was served to all Dalrymple, Pos. First Team E Tulane 4 o'clock Thursday afternoon at t ie student members and two faculty Dodd, Tennessee Q Dalrymple, Tulane E members. The guest speakers, Dr. Randall and Dr. Murray, of the law school, chose as their subjects, "How to Make a Fraternity Beneficial and an Active Force in a Student's 1 Life." 1 NOW PLAYING Dr. Forrest R. Black will speak on "The Way Out of the Prohibition Model," at the next meeting, which will be held the first Tuesday In January. t .t. r T Smith, Georgia O Clements, Alabama O Bodenger, Tulano G Ebcrt, Alabama T Leathers, Georgia E McCanco, Tulano q Jones, Georgia' Tech H Downcs, Georgia H Kelly, Kentucky F Bethea. Florida Pos. CAIn, Alabama WINTER'S College Editors Select ROBERT Montgomery JUNE WALKER ZASU PITTS EDWARD NUGENT ANITA PAGE ROBERT 'AMOS HIDDA HOPPER ? NOW PLAYING "SIN TAKES A HOLIDAY" CONSTANCE BENNETT Thurs., Fri., Sat. "BIG MONEY" Robert Armstrong Margaret Livingston Eddie Quillin All-Southe- rn (Continued from Page Three)' 1 Herrington (Miss. A. & M.) Half Backs 22 Suther (Alabama) 9 xiacxman (Tennessee) 8 Zimmerman (Tulane) 7 Kelly (Kentucky) 7 Uetnea (Florida) 3 Aiuiray (Duke) rnomas (Virginia) 3 2 Chandler (Georgia) 1 Leonard (Vandy) 1 xiatfield (Auburn) 1 Berger (Maryland) 1 Nasn (N. C.) Full Backs 21 Roberts (Georgia) 7 Cain (Alabama) G Maddox, Georgia T Sington, Alabama E Dalrymple, Tulane Q uodd, Tennessee H Suther, Alabama Zimmerman, Tulane it F Cain, Alabama Jros. Second Team E Holland, Tulane T Clement, Alabama G Bodenger, Tulane C Harking, Auburn G Wilson, L. S. U T Levendecker. Vanderbilt E Smith, Georgia Q Felts, Tulane H Kellv. Kentucky H Bethea. 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