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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 4

Part of Kentucky alumnus

he University of Kentucky campus has turned into a sidewalk superintendents paradise. With hardhatted construction workers seeming to outnumber students on parts of campus, one thing is clear: UK is in the midst of a building boom. At least half a dozen major buildings are now under construction, with more to come soon, along with a raft of building renovations and parking improvements. "This is an enormous leap for us," said jack Blanton, vice chancellor for administration, who said $170 million worth of University construction projects will be under way during the current biennium on the Lexington campus. Thats more than the entire value of campus buildingsjust a few decades ago. In fact, it is said that nearly onethird of the space on campus has been built since Otis Singletary became president in 1969. "Ive never stopped to add it all up," he admits. rgw _ -. Y -~- ~ "Certainly theres been a vast increase in research space, and ' M j in patient care facilities at the medical center. " ln; i _ Heres a closer look at some of the major projects: _ l, ll; t. * The Mining and Mineral Resources Building, at the I l~ L corner of Rose and Clifton streets: This 3-1/2 story, $14 Ei l E million structure will house UKs mining engineering department, the coal geology group of the department of i geology, the Institute for Mining and Minerals Research and if . the Kentucky Geological Survey. The building is expected to boost UKs reputation as one of _ , /{ N the top mining schools in the nation. "Consolidating these j if ` __,,,_ A . A} related agencies under one roof will offer several . Jrzef PG A administrative advantages," said joseph Leonard, professor of ,, ,, Q mining engineering. ' U 9,/***; " "Enabling scientists in related fields to work side by side- nn O p - A? but with funding independent from one anotherwill ` J A Mining ond Minerols Research Building UK 7