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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1915-12-dec14.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

of the Board to be held at the Governor's office in Frank- fort, Wednesday, December 22, 1915. Senator Camden then offered a substitute for Ur. Stoll's amendment, as follows:- To have the Special Committee apnointed to investigate fees, report to the full Board instead of the Executive Committee, on Wednesday, December 22, 1915, at the Governor's office, at Frankfort. Mr. Smith accepted the amended motion and the same was duly seconded and unanimously carried. The Chair appointed Senator Camden, Mr. Thomas Edelen and Mr. Robert W. Brown as the Committee, and requested that a copy of the motion be mailed each of committee. Motion was made, seconded and carried, that at the next meeting the question be decided as to whether the University is obligated for the payment of the $3600.00 deficit of State Hall and to make final disposition of tie matter. Motion was made seconded and carried that at the next meeting to be held Wednesday, December 22, 1915, at Frank- fort, to dispose of any other questions in addition to those previously mentioned. Motion was made, seconded and carried, that the minutes of the Executive Committee, as read, be adopted. The secretary read the minutes of the Faculty and the following report with reference to granting of degrees:*t "The Faculty- of the State University having received satisfactory evidence that the following persons have com- pleted the course of study outlined for the degrees named, respectfully request that the degrees be granted as indicat- ed below and that they be considered members of the class of 1915: BACHELOR OF ARTS IN EDUCATION Chesley W. Bailey Mary Belle Johnson Newell P. Smith BACHELOR OF ARTS IN ENGLISH Jacqueline T. Hall BACHELOR OF ARTS IN HISTORY Clyde P. Taylor BACHELOR OF CIVIL ENIEERING Robert Ehrlich BACHELOR OF IjIjNG ENGINEERING Henry Louis NRel