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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 9, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Co "wtasr THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO made and details have been lavishly completed. This banquet marks the first Joint banquet of the Romance Language department and gives promise of being very enjoyable. A committee on arrangements has been appointed, selecting Mrs. Lolo Lcmmc Robinson, Miss Edythe Literal, president of the English club, Miss Eleanor Smith, president of the Spanish club. The public Is Invited to attend the banquet and tickets may be procured from anyone on the committee. WEDDINGS n!Kt::mt:::;!:tt:t;::t:ttnKt:t:intt!t?ttnnKi SOCIETY! MISS ELLEN MINIHAN, Editor riinnc Ashland 3C18 5 d'Hote" at the Ouignol. Phi Beta Initiation in the afterFriday, May noon proceeding the dinner for the Election of the Student Council i Initiates at 6:30 o'clock. at 4 o'clock. Delta Tan Delta Founders Day Delta Chi formal lawn fete and banquet at Lafayette hotel. dance nt the fraternity house on Sunday, May 11 Maxwell street. Vesper Services at 4 o'clock at Lamp and Cross dinner given by Memorial Hall. the alumni for the active members. Monday, May 12 Lamp and Cross formal dance Banquet of the Spanish, French, from 9 until 12 o'clock In the Men's and English Clubs at the Phoenix Mercelve gymnasulm. Mrs. Eleanor hotel. of "Table Kelley, speaker. Fifth presentation d'Hotc at the Gulgnol theater at Tuesday, May 13 8:30 o'clock. Mrs. George Smith of the English and Miss Margaret Key's fraternity dinner In the red department Horsfleld entertaining with a tea at room of the Lafayette hotel at 6:30 Smith's home for the Alpha . Mrs. o'clock. Annual Garden Day at the Uni- Delta Theta sorority. Hours from versity. In the afternoon Mrs. Mc- - 5 to 6 o'clock. Vey will entertain with tea for the Wednesday, May 14 Phi Sigma Pi banquet. visitors, at Maxwell Place. Sigma XI banquet at the Lafayette Thursday, May 15 Twilight Concert at Memorial hotel. Hall at 7 o'clock. Saturday, May 10 Chi Delta Phi banquet. Athletic Association Woman's Play Day with visitors from all the Friday, May 1G Phi Beta Kappa banquet. colleges In Kentucky attending. Woman's Athletic banquet at the ' Friday, May 23 Lafayette hotel at 6:30 o'clock. Annual Engineers Fancy Dress presentation of "Table t Ball. Last CALENDAR 9 All Makes fit' TYPEWRITERS Pl Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters STANDARD SEKR Opp. Courthouse Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. EAT at BENTON'S CHICKEN SERVED HOT CROQUETTES DELICIOUS DAINTY SANDWICHES SALADS FAMOUS FOR OUR CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKES BENTON'S SWEET SHOPPE Phone Ashland 114 South Lime 5961 juiitiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiitiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicai I On Mother's Day Send her one of our GREETING CARDS j 1 g We have Greeting Cards for all Occasions I Transylvania Printing Co. S (Incorporated) 3 N. Upper Street li iiiiiiiiticaiiiiitii 1111C3 Near Fayette Bank iiiiiii iiiiicatiiitiiii ill C3ii iitiiiiiiiC3iiiiiitiiiitC3 iiiii JiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiJiicafi Nunri-Bus- h Oxfords cflnkle-Fashione- d tf yWMk THE MARNE A Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Philip Oall announced the marriage of their daughter, Evelyn Schcr, to Mr, Meyer Frcyman at Huntington, W. Va., on March 1G. Mrs. Frcyman Is now a sophomore at the University, a member of Chi Delta Phi, literary sorority, and has been prominent in University having appeared In dramatics, Stroller and Guignol plays. Mr. Frcyman, a graduate of the University In the law school in 1925, is now a member of the Lexington Delta Chi House Dance bar, and is practicing law in the The Kentucky chapter of Delta city. The couple will make their Chi fraternity will entertain with a home at 425 North Limestone street. "Kentucky Derby" house dance and lawn fete, at the house on East Sliarpc-Tuttlc Maxwell street, Saturday evening, The marriage of Miss Mary Jay May 10 from 9 to 12 o'clock. The house and lawn will be atSharpc, Shnrpsburg, to Mr. William Tuttlc, Bardstown and Lexington, tractively decorated to effect the anwas solemnized Friday afternoon at nual racing event. The music will 5:30 o'clock at the manse of the of- be furnished by Jordan Embry and orchestra of Richficiating minister, the Rev. Howar his eleven-piec- e M. Morgan, State street, Lexington. mond. Members of the active chapter The ceremony was read in the presence of Miss Fan RatliiT, Lex- are: Messrs Rufus Wilson, Martin ington, and Mr. Robert Moorman, Glenn, John Williams, James Wilson, Moss Daugherty, Calvin Hos-kin- s, San Antonio, Texas. Fulton Gosney, Robert ReynMrs. Tuttlc, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Sharpe Jr., Sharps-bur- olds, William Irion, Harold Shaw, Is a descendant of the late Garner Wllley, Allle Mason, George William Hume, Kermit Moses Sharpc, a member of one of Walte, Kentucky's pioneer families. Mrs. Pack and Joseph Kce. The pledges are Messrs Duncan Tuttlc, a popular member of Kappa Delta Sigma sorority of Hamilton Nave, Lee Tyler, Bruce DeGaris, College, was graduated from that William Longacre, Roy McConlckey, Institute in 1927 after which she John Chapman, Albert Manasslan, entered the University of Kentucky, Jack Kendall, George Yenowlne, where she was a member of the Hartwell Bailey, Fred Settle, Paul Kappa Gamma sorority. She re- Jctt, Marshall Kehrt and Vlncen ceived her degree from the Uni- Brandow. About 200 guests are expected. versity of Kentucky in June, 1929. Mrs. Tuttle is a member of the D. A. R. and is prominent in club work Thcta Sigma Phi Initiation and in Sharpsburg. Dinner Mr. William Tuttle, the son of Theta Sigma Phi, woman's proDr. Ronald S. Tuttle and Mrs. fessional Journalistic fraternity, enTuttle, Bardstown, belongs to a tertained with a dinner Tuesday prominent Kentucky family. He was night at the Lafayette hotel for the graduated from the University of new members who were initlatee Kentucky In 1928 and was a very before the dinner. popular member of Sigma Nu The long table was decorated with fraternity. candles and flowers In the colors of Immediately after the ceremony the fraternity, purple and green, Mr. and Mrs. Tuttle left for a wed- and a delicious menu was served. ding trip, after which they will reguests were About twenty-fiv- e turn to Lexington and will be at the present including the actives and Proenlx hotel for a few weeks. They the initiates who are: will then move to Louisville where Actives: Misses Francis Holliday, Mr. Tuttle will go In business. Lois Purcell, Margaret Cundlff, Lillian Combs, Henry Etta Stone, KathRilcy-Wla- tt leen Fich, Billy Whitlow, Margaret e, Mr. and Mrs. William Riley, Ra- Tracy, Bernice Byland, Sarah venna, Ky., announce the marriage Eleanbr Svqjearinger, Louisa of their daughter, Nelle, to Dr. Blckel. Katherlne Phelps, Maude Hauts DeBruin Wiatt, Sunday, April Van Buskirke. 20 at Knoxville, Tenn. Misses Edna Smith, Initiates: Miss Riley was formerly of LexDorothy Carr, Ellen Minihan, Virington and was graduated from ginia Shaffer, Mary Virginia Hailey. Lexington Senior high and the UniGuests were Misses Marguerite versity of Kentucky, class 1924. She McLaughlin. Helen Knlg and Mrs. has held a position at Catawaba C. E. Purcell. Sanatorium, Va., for the past four years. Commerce Fraternity Dinner Dance Dr. Wlatt Is a native of Virginia. The members of Delta Sigma Pi, They will be located at Sanatorium, professional Commerce fraternity, Va. were hosts Saturday night at 7 o'clock at a dinner dance at the Waller-SmoLafayette hotel in honor of the in The marriage of Miss Eva Waller. itlates. The small tables placed around of Fort Gay to Mr. Clayton Smoot, oi Asniana, which was solemnized the room were colorfully decorated November 9 has just been announc- wth spring flower and candles in ed. Rev. J. W. Peck of Jackson.- - the colors of the fraternity, purple performed the ceremony. and gold, and attractive programs The bride Is the attractive daugh- for dancing were given each guest, Kings orchestra ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Whiter The Rhythmn now of Fort Gay. She attended Dlayed the music for the 20 no- breaks, which were enjoyed. Marshall college in Huntington, and Officers the lor ine past two years has been Headmaster. of Austin fraternity are: H. Gresham; teaching in the schools of Fort Gay. Senior Warden, Rex Allison: Junior The eroom is the son of Mr. and Warden. Andrew Shaver: TreasurMrs. R. M. Smoot of Mt. Sterling, Stapleton; Scribe, Glenn Ky., and is a graduate of the Mt. er, R. C. Sterling hleh school, with thp rinss Price . were Misses Hazel Baucom, Guests of 1922. He later graduated from the Hamilton, Mary Louise Rena law school of he University of Ken- Jane Evelyn Ford, Martha Duncan, tucky, with the class of '26. and re ker, Louise McDonald, Ellen Mlniham, ceived his L. L. B. degree. He is a Mlna Pate, Alice Bruner, Louise member of the Phi Alpha Delta, Gex. Frances Baskett, Virginia national professional law fraternity. YounE, Miriam Sloan. For the past four years, he has Hosts, members of the fraternity, made his home in Ashland, whprp h were Messrs. Virgil Couch. Carlos has been practicing law. He is a Jagoe, Wilford Valade. Walter Vest. junior memoer or the law firm, Rex Allison, John Epps, Glen Woods, Stewart, Nickell and Smoot. Prince. Preston Berry. Henry Callo wav. Forest Dalton. T. C. Gaines, Modern Languages Banquet Leland Howard, Preston Ordway, A coming event which has aroused Howard Slaughter. John Tompkins. much enthusiasm among the faculty William Cundlff. R. J. Edwards, B, and student body on the University C. Stapleton. Glen Weinman, Ralph campus, is the Modern Languages Woodall, Austin Gresham, Robert Groups banquet, Monday, May 12, Holt. Owen Morgan, Keith Pace, at 6 o'clock at the Phoenix hotel, Eugene Royse, Andrew Shafer. a at which Mrs. Eleanor Merceine Kelley will speak on her latest book, Kappa Alpha Breakfast "Spanish Holiday." The Kappa Alpha Fraternity en Mrs. Kelley is known in the field tertalned at breakfast on May Day of literature for her books, at the chapter house. Miss Margie "Basquerle" and "Spanish Holiday"-th- McLaughlin was chapterone for the latter having been released from occasion. the press recently. The guest list included Misses At the banquet, Mrs. Kelley will Jewel Martin, Mary King Montautograph copies of her book for gomery. Shirley Grief, Josephine those who have bought It. Wlehl, Frances McCandless, Martha Elaborate arrangements have been Holman, Elizabeth Thompson, Alice Youris Man's Shoe University Commons yM j Spring Semester, 1930 MEAL HOURS: Breakfast Lunch Dinner ou SEE and FEEL 9:15 7:15 5:00 Third Floor : rsfffjj'SffffSJW'fSJ'f Specially shaDtd for Derfeet out. Unci. Platinum- - tone iheath, $1.00. LOVELY LIPS MADE LOVELIER IT and beautifies STAYS exquisitely. is Each shade perfection artistic of colour. COTY;V Acfaw'Xfu&irA. paimi Place vtnooMC On Mother's D ay . . . something that Something appropriate will exPress your sentiments in the right way why not give her a box of . SuKy Dance Suky circle of the University entertained Saturday evening with the annual "gingham" dance at the University gymnasium. Preceding the dance, the SuKy Circle entertained with a delightful dinner at the Lafayette hotel, with the new pledges, the May Queen and her attendants as honor guests. The dinner table was decorated with spring flowers, and an Interesting program was "given. Miss Elizabeth Poole gave the pledge toast, Mr. Theodore Cassidy, sophomore, told the history of SuKy, Mr. Vernon Chandler, Junior, traced the progress of SuKy, and Miss Frances Baskett, senior, gave the farewell address. During the evening at the dance, Suky Circle held the spring pledging, choosing the following members: Misses Mary Elizabeth Poole, Mary Elizabeth Gay Louridge, Price, Henrietta Sherwood, Virginia Wardrup, Messrs. James McRoberts, John Ewlng, Joseph Ruttencutter, Charles Maxon, William Hubble, Benjamin LeRoy and W. B. Phelps. The large Suky Circle was hung in the center of the gymnasium and music was furnished by the orchestra. Chaperones were Mrs. P. K. Holmes, Mrs. Edward F. Farquhar, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin. The members of the organization are Misses Mary Elizabeth Fisher, Baskett, Ann Rhodes, Frances Margaret CundlfT, Mildred Little. Messrs. Frank Davidson, William Kelley, Robert Allsover, Ted Cassidy, Vernon Chandler, Robert Porter, Malcolm Barnes, William Young, Benjamine Harrlslon.George 114 S. Limestone Phone, Ashland This week's winner: 1988-- Y Albert J. Kikel IMPORTED FROM CZECHOSLOVAKIA WOVEN LEATHER,, . "21, Suits Tuxedos M npivi a jSumtner AGAIN" ... we score with the most PRICES ILmK 6:00 P. M. Goldberg's ; J", '1 Lexington's Leading Clothiers and Tailors 333 V. MAIN important sport shoe sensation! 'Many color combinations and styles io cnoose irom. t " "Collegiate Shoe artment Mitchell, Baker & Smith 'I Ascend South Stairs to Commons 11 INDELIBLE LIPSTICK FREE PRESSING McVey Hall GRAVES, COX & CO. NEW Wednesday Afternoon Tea Wednesday afternoon, Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey entertained with their usual weekly tea at Maxwell Place from 4 to 6 for the students and faculty of the University. Mrs. Edward W. Rannells, and Mrs. Bertrand Ramsey poured tea during the receiving hours. Assisting Mrs. McVey in entertaining, were: Misses Mary Louise and Elizabeth McDonald, Richie Stevenson, Frances Hamrlck and Frances Holliday, Messrs Robert A. Sparks, Jr.. Salliffey Hughes, James Cromwell, John Redwine and Roger Womack. MODERATE Mr. Reuben C. Youngqulst, traveling secretary of Lambda Chi Alpha was a visitor of the local chap-Itlast week. COTY Garden Club To Be Entertained Members of all Garden Clubs throughout the state will be guests of honor at tea, Friday afternoon, Mrs. Frank L. McVey complimenting the members. In the receiving line will be: Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Mrs. Edward Clarke, president of the Lexington Garden Club, Misses Mary Didlake. Carrie Hatheway. Mrs. Fred Wallace, and Dean Stanley Coulter. Members of the Garden Club committee who will assist In entertaining will be: Mrs. Spencer Brooker, Miss Mary Robinson, Mrs. Frank Van Deren, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Alney, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. McFarland. Dr. Gorman, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Llnbergh. Mr. Eugene Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Valleau. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Price, Mrs. Eva Giles and Mrs. Dan Healey. Mrs. W. T. Lafferty, Mrs. Case Lawlll and Mrs. Louis Hlllenmeyer will oreslde over the tea table during the afternoon. Assisting in entertaining will be: Misses Prances Herndon, Carolyn Turner, Catherine Best, Mary Cloud Bosworth, Katherlne Wilson, Lois Purcell and Alllce Mae Durllng. 6:30 playing nt the organ during the afternoon. Following the meeting, the mcm- Ibers of the Federation wern crucsts of Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. McVey at j the Maxwell Place for tea, by at - 9:00 A. M. Church Women Meeting of The Lexington Federation Church Women met for lunch Tuesday noon, nt the University commons. The Federation meets three times a year in churches in the city. Immediately following the lunch-coa program was presented in Memorial Hall, under the direction of Prof. R, D. Mclntyre. Dr. A. W. Kelley contributed to the program Miss Elizabeth Hcnslcy and Miss Virginia Shearer of Covington, visited at the Kappa Delta house over the week-enMrs. G. H. Hallcy, of Cincinnati, was the guest of her daughter, Mary Virginia Hailey, for the May Day festivities and over the week-enThe May meeting of the Kappa Delta mother's club was held at the chapter house on East Maxwell street Monday afternoon, Mrs. J. T. Pride presiding. Plans were made for a reception to be given Saturday afternoon, May 31, in honor of the parents of the senior girls in the chapter, and also for all visiting alumnae who may have returned for Commencement activities. The meeting closed with a pleasant social hour. 11:3012:45 -- SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS: the difference Bruner, Virginia Glass, Eddie Doud, Catherine Smith, Mlna Pate, Julia Marvin, Elizabeth Board, Mary Moore Nash, Jo. Blackburn. Those of the chapter who attended the delightful occasion were Henry Bowman, Robert Messrs. Baughman, J. P, Jones, William Phelps, Wllbcrt Holloway, Paul Pickering, J. T. Denton, Thomas Posey, Don Foreman, Ed Moffctt, William Carr, Graddy Williams, Charles Goodman, Kirk Mobcrly, Richard Dryc, William Klclscr, Ben Van Meter, and William Hayes. w 1 (Incorporated) fffffj'JWJ M 4. V:-.- - .. 4,. . '