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15 > Page 15 of Blue-Tail Fly, No. 9

Part of Blue-Tail Fly

PULLED OFF THE JERSEY TURNPIKE I SEE THE GIRLS I LOVED In a dump at a wood's edge I stand in front of an open refrigerator rusting bullet holes in its door girls I went to highschool with standing in their sears housecoats now wrapt in what movie scent? looking look down the lighted food shelves behind the mil carton / the juice carton behind the juice / they've forgotten what was wanted and all their lives they will drop knives and forks into this silence DAVID POLK FOR KELLY'S (PREFIX: (FINDING THE MEASURE) Finding the center of the self long ago laid by AT J.D. SCOTT'S CROC. IN LOVE.MISS. squatting at the congress of three cottonpatches along the rails to memphis the grocery leans doggedly towards the gravel that glints a galaxy of bottlecaps toward which the ancient negro lady, having fetched the boychild tethering his hand with hers, lifts her right foot tennis shod arresting it momentarily, forever as she surfaces, a gaping diver, resiliant from the green density into the coolness into the dark orchard of the store to hear the grocer gamelegged, swollen, enthroned on a tractorseat, her soul's creditor, complaining about his feet. RICHARD TAYLOR (aside) my fingers move beneath the electric pulse, the pull of the field of your skin. They feeL There is no specific time. .The tree in which we waver, suspended far from roots is akin to us. It has no choice. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS "Whatcha doin'?" says the father saturday-afternoon game-o-the-week libation in hand as hippie-dippie son home for the holidays avails himself of mother's bread and meat "Makin a sandwich?" It loves the thrashing wind. Side-burned son says nothing continues spreading mayonaise. WALTER BROWN GUY MENDES CHANGES THINGS FOR HE AND SHE 151 S. LIME GOOD CHEAP SHIT PEOPLE TRADfM///Vo v NAT. GUARD TARGET I*| JEANS, DRESSES PIPES, PAPERS "SUPER CANDLES" INCENSE, ETC. PRE-CHRISTMAS COP LEXINGTON'S FINEST BLACKLIGHT ROOM We sell black lights & strobe fixtures 10% discount with this ad Call A-Head 252-0724 101 W. High blue-tail fly/15