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KING proved it to me. He pulled out a white envelope from his coat pocket and took a red and white brochure from it. He tossed it across the desk at me. At the top it said: "OVER 600 PHOTOGRAPHS" in big red letters. The other pages of the brochure consisted of photographs of men and women in the nude and peforming various sexual acts. "Was this mailed to you? " I asked. "No, as a matter of fact, someone in yotfr profession gave it to me." I hoped he meant the journalism profession. "Was it unsolicited? " "Yes, some guy in California is sending these things out. " "Well, isn't this a case for the federal government under the mail laws? " LITERATURE FROM REP Radical Education Project has lots of lit about and for all parts of the growing movement for liberation which is rising within the belly of the U.S. monster. We make a few cents above cost on each piece of lit, which we use to get more information into the hands of the people,] so all orders should be prepaid. Please order at least one dollar of lit. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE I (75c) All Power to the People, Black Panther introd. (20C) Black Workers in Revolt (15$) Fight On To Victory! League of Revolutionary Black Workers (35:) Basra Ya! The Story of Los Siete de la Raza (15$) Tierra O Muerte-The Land Belongs to the People (20c) We may not have much, but there's a lot of us! On working women and women's liberation (25c) Protective Laws - for women, for everyone, or none at all? (10c) Man's World and Welcome to It! introduction (I5c) The Gay Manifesto - on Gay Liberation (35c) Radical Defense Handbook (50c) Firearms and Self-Defense (20C) Birth Control Handbook (NOT TO BE RESOLD) (I5C) Having A Right-On Baby (75c) The Earth Belongs to the People, Ecology & Power (20c) BuildingaRank&File Caucus-UAW Black Panthers (20c) Day Care, Who Cares? (10c) Vietnam & the Third World, Che Guevara (50c) Vietnam: A Thousand Years of Struggle (20c) Private Power and the New Indochina War (35c) The Red Book, Quotations from Chairman Mao (25c) The Other Israel, background on Middle East free More information on Radical Education Project free Radical Education Project lit list Please odd 10% postage and handling costs Total Enclosed Moil to: REP, P.O.Box 561-A, Detroit, Ml 48232 "That doesn't matter, " King said. "We're going to extradite this guy from California and make him stand trial in Lexington under the law. " Lawson King is concerned with nudity, too. He talked about the films of the Rock Bottom Music Fair. Two girls have been arrested for nudity at the rock festival. King said one of them looked "at least 21" and described her as "well-proportioned. " He said the girl was just 17, but from viewing the film "you wouldn't believe it. " He added that if he had known the girl was a minor, Dr. Phillip Crossen would have had more charges against him. King thought the festival "was just about the same as other rock festivals I've heard about, Woodstock and Atlanta. " He then proceeded to describe film clips from the Atlanta festival, which he said showed men and women sliding down a slide into a pond com-miting "every conceivable sex act. " Asked how he came to see the films of Atlanta, he said that someone came to Lexington to demonstrate police equipment and exhibited the film at the demonstration. Besides the Phil Crossen rock festival case, King has had a hand in the Jay Westbrook case. Westbrook mailed an empty bomb casing to his draft board to be entered in his file, and has been charged with "common law assault. " "Common law assault" was explained by King to mean the threat and the ability to do great bodily harm. I wonder if an empty bomb casing has the ability to do great bodily harm. King wanted to make sure I understood what common law assault is, so he put on a vivid demonstration for me. ^He took a cigarette lighter off his desk. The lighter was a realistic model of a derringer. He put it in his desk drawer, got an angry look on his face and pulled the derringer on me. "I'm going to kill you, you son of a bitch!" he shouted, just mean enough and loud enough to scare the shit out of me. King predicted that Westbrook will be found guilty and get the maximum penalty, which he said was a $5, 000 fine and a year in prison. Surprisingly enough, King shares some views with the younger generation. "I hate to see men, 18 to 25, go to Vietnam to fight a silly war, to give their life over there for that kind of 'cause. ' I say 'cause' in quotes because I don't know what the cause is, " he said. But here is where his viewpoint differs from many of the student population. Speaking of an unnamed Washington "policy maker, " King said: "Whether he was right or wrong, he had the authority to decide to go into Vietnam. I believe burning buildings and marching on Main Street is wrong. It doesn't accomplish any purpose." I asked King what he would do if he were put in charge of the University of Kentucky. "I'd fire a bunch of liberal professors" and institute "summary dismissal" of certain students, he said. King knows that campus demonstrations are the result of a few troublemakers. About student activists: "They're a blight on society. They're less than one percent of the total student population. "I think the vast majority of college students are getting blamed for what a bunch of woolyboogers want to do. " Haven't we heard the term "woolyboogers" somewhere else? King is an aggressive prosecutor, and he's proud of it. He said Quarterly Court revenues have increased this year and attributed the increase to "better police work, more vigorous prosecution. " As a prosecutor, King wants to make people pay their "debt to society. " King is involved in the Little League ("every hour that we keep boys on that baseball field, that's an hour they're not getting in trouble") and a Sunday school class. His pet peeve: "I get disgusted with people because they don't have any get-up-and-go, any initiative. " About that time I got up and went. * smoking accessories * Jewelry * Incense * Posters * Books 1 j ^4 CLOTHES WITH | STYLE purple onion 216 S. Lime 6/Number Nine