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10 > Image 10 of Lexington (Kentucky) Directory 1921

Part of Lexington City Directories

i INTRODUCTION i Lexington is the center of the famous Blue Grass Region of Kentucky," metropolis of Central Kentucky and county seat of ` Fayette County. It is located on a broad plateau, in the greatest farming and pure-bred stock section in the United States. A slight undulation furnishes natural drainage. The hub of a great system of railroads, interurbans and high- gg ways. Five trunk-line railroads, with 46 passenger trains daily; ' four interurban lines, tapping every section of Central Kentucky, and a network of fine highways make Lexington a trading center for 500,000 people within a radius of 50 miles. ` A Mecca for thousands of tourists the year round. Located . on the Dixie Highway, jackson Highway, National Midland Trail and Atlantic-Pacific Highway, trans-continental routes, and the Boone Wfay. g Fayette County, with more than 375 miles of asphalt and macadam roads, has the finest system of highways in the State L of Kentucky. " A rapidly growing tobacco manufacturing center. Natural i facilities for manufacturing, assembling and distributing are re- sponsible for the location of many industries of varied nature in Lexington. Q Greatest loose leaf tobacco market and burley producing sec- . tion in the world; 18 sales warehouses, with total capacity for Q handling 10,000,000 pounds per week. l Center of the greatest horse breeding country in the world, L the most noted stock raising region in the country and the great- est producing center of saddle and fancy harness horses in the g world. i Lexington has the finest trotting track in the world and offers the largest purses. The oldest running track in the coun- try is also located at Lexington. Two running meets are held 1 each year, in addition to the world-famous annual trots. The il two tracks net an income to Lexington of $2,000,000 yearly. , Lexington is the center of Eastern Kentucky oil develop- it ment, with an animal average production of $25,000,000 Head- i quarters for operating companies and Kentucky Oil Mens Asso- jg , ciation. Lexington is the headquarters for the U. S. Remount Pur- , chasing Department, Eastern Zone, covering 21 states east of the Q Mississippi River; the Federal Vocational Training Department, [ the VVar Risk Insurance Bureau and the U. S. Public Health Ser- vice for Eastern Kentucky. i ` Headquarters for Eastern Kentucky coal producers; outlet { for fields that produce most of annual State production of 30,- _ 000,000 tons. fyi _ Greatest Blue Grass seed market in the world and one of the IP five hemp producing sections of the country. Distributing center for large wholesale trade over Central, r < Eastern and Southern Kentucky, Tennessee and \Vest Virginia. g r Annual income from this source, $25,000,000, in addition to $10,000,000 brokerage trade. V\holesale products are dry goods, . I --.--.......~.........`___ , s /