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Image 3 of Lexington (Kentucky) Directory 1921

Part of Lexington City Directories

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·_: ,,l· l__ , •·`;·m ';:;7’;:27r.;é.1Z,t,’ ,_*·__-_'~ L.; If · · xt" fw ‘'`·t if - E; 5 I O I I P lk’ P bl` t` I National · Banker’s Encyclopedia (Directory) of the United States and Canada Architects’ and Builders’ Directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Pa. Dental Register and Directoey of the United States and Canada. Medical Register and Directory of the United States and Canada. National Iron and Steel, Coal and Coke Blue Book. [ 7 Real Estate Register and Directory of the United States and Canada City and County Directories and State Gazetteers ’ “ ALABAMA GEORGIA MICHIGAN NEW MEXICO SOUTH DAKOTA ‘ _ V glrxgiilngham gtlanta §tateAG§zetteer State Gazetteer §%1t%Gazetteor 4 0 e ugusta nn r or ¢ 1vgon§omery, and lvgacolli, and gattle Creek Nlggyv ¥(g§{KC“y grgyseéh. . ot era ot rs ay `ity ALASKA ° Detroit N- Y- ¤· ¤¤tv¤¤=·— M`i{£il`ou a Alaska and Yu- Hl?WAlHl Funto Ro · biiqli? C Business Sioux Fun. P k0!1 Gazetteer Ono u u ggglgnn p‘d° Olean I TENNESSEE ARIZONA IDAHO Kalamazoo Watertown Momublo State Gazetleerl gg; g?;°tt°°r ggzggxgngzd NORTH DAKOTA NBSBVUIB Phoenix alle Sa t . and 8 Others 25 Othels State Gazetteer TEXAS River Va y Minot Prescott and ll_LlNOlS MlNNESO·l·A Ward County §:’St5nG¤**tt•°*’ » Txlzgggai Cmmty .1l/ollet gtate gazetteer OHIO Beaumont = Yuma R ° *"° um . Ashtabula Dano, ock Island Minneapolis Buoyrus Forth worth _ I ARKANSAS Spljlilgfleld St. Paul and Cambridge Galveston · State Gazetteer INDIANA 16 °‘h°" Columbus Houston {I¤¤=§··¤}*h sono omnm Mrssrssrvrr {}¤d*¤Y Wm- ¤¤¤ ¤.&$1o"i».£’$£ and ,€*’=*¤““‘•* §E,°‘;;{*";,“* NSVSA ’° °“‘°" » 4 others lsalayiiglgcxs Mzrloizuurg Portsmouth UTAH CALIFQRNIA Terre Haute. and Iggitlghgl ¥§;gO and ggggucawttm I FIBSIIO h 6 others IC S urg Others Saltlduke L°"g Bea': MISSOURI and 3 others Los Angelo, IOWA OKLAHOMA Oukloud State Gazetteer St-·{1°S°?h State Gazetteer WASHINGTON ‘ gasadena ggggséloixéugs St' Ou S gxgighrie Sxtzlfe Gazetteer °¤¤°¤¤ MONTANA e Ingham DesM0in s l\lICAlest€t v ggggtxgzto Sioux Ciity, and Stat? G“““*'" Oklahoma City Egglgg 8 Sou _loSo_ and 6 others iggllxtacgda T5u1stH;nd Spokane 26 others KANSAS Butto OREGOX`; Tacoma, and A co1.oaAoo sono cozottoor H=¤¢¤¤l Som, Gamma, 2 °‘h°” Boulder L¤w¤¤¤¤¢ “{§§‘,‘{}Q;;,°“° Astoria wEsr vmGrN1A , l Colorado Springs Leavenworth Eugene Stuto Guzottool- Pueblo T°¤°k¤ d NEBRASKA Portland Huntington I Tlifllgligg, and Vgiglgliguan itgljg Fazoqool- Salemiland wlhotilmg, and y IIICO K1 ot EIB ot BIB { ' DELAWARE Omaha and . KENTUCKY ’ PENNSYLVANIA WISCONSIN Wilmington Lexington 4 Others Sézéte Gazetteer Stan, (gazetteer ‘ NEVADA _00¤¤ A hlan ` DliyiEll§;1I;g,?lLUM` LOUISIANA State Gazetteer Erie Itfarinetto Alexandria Reno and Sparks -I°h¤¤Y0W¤ Superior Fsigizuégzottoor Sm°v°p°“ NEW JERSEY Iliiiiggirign wYoMING Jacksonville MARYLAND Jersey City Scranton State Gazetteer Pensacola State Gazetteer Hoboken Wilkes-Barre Cheyenne ‘ Tampa, and Baltimore City New Brunswick York, and Laramie 11 others Cumberland North Hudson 32 others Sheridan A R. L. Polk & Company E ESTABLISHED, 1870 A q· DIRECTORY PUBLISHERS Mailing Lists, Addressing and Mailing General Oiiices: Detroit, Michigan ASSOCIATE OFFICES O I New York Minneapolis Des Moines Fort Wayne Scranton ` Chicago Memphis Nashville Spokane Bol", St. Louis Atlanta Salt Lake City Duluth Llttlo Rook St. Paul Los Angeles Jacksonville Butte Tacoma Pittsburgh Columbus Birmingham Sioux Cl Pueblo Baltimore Washington Grand Rapids ty _ Seattle Portland Wheeling Ogden SF ·I°”I’h -;» Dallas Indianapolis Colorado Springs Wi1k¢¤-Barre 0m¤1¤¤ / Houston Toledo Davenport Oakland Topeka Write for a free co y of our "Director of all Directories Published" and our "List of Lists" I P Y n gl .e= · ·:·- 3* · .