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8 > Image 8 of Lexington (Kentucky) Directory 1921

Part of Lexington City Directories

6: ~] ii \\ 4 Il ij, ` F? `l I . I i T gil INTRODUCTION. z i L R. L. Polk & C0., the ublishers of the Lexin ton K ., cit _ _ P _ . Y Y ._ ; directory, herewith present to the patrons of the city the eleventh $ zi edition of that publication. T- 1=Acrs Aaour LEXINGTON S PREPARED BY C F. DUNN Secretarry-Maza.ger Board of Commerce Population, 41,534. '. .,v Altitude, 954 feet. ; Thirtyfour churches. ~ =1. J ? ' H _ Three high school (two white and one colored), I3 public `, schools and 2 parochial. Ten colleges, including University of Kentucky, Transyl- ' vania, Hamilton and Sayre Colleges. Annual enrollment of 3,000 students from Kentucky and elsewhere. i Model communit school, with outdoor classes, vocational jr i . y . . . courses, gymnasium, swimming pool and other educational and development facilities. `iiiif Two fine hos itals also tuberculosis sanitorium and Eastern ifiil State Hospital fof) Insane o Commission form of overnment, with five de artments, Jo. _ P W] over which the Mayor exercises general supervisory control. Handsome public library building. Free circulation of isi? 69,998 books during 1920. i Electric light and power, cheap coal and natural gas, piped *,3 , from the Eastern Kentucky fields, for all purposes. Light and yi? power furnished to surrounding communities. tif"! Five modern fireproof office buildings, from eight to fifteen "'itl stories. Daily observations made by the U. S. \\/eather Bureau from highest building. 6 Assessed valuation: Realty, $24,477,801; Personal, $7,963,- ss , . . . . . v L, Fire Equipment: Three triple combination motor engines, W one two-way combination motor engine, one gas-electrical Serial truck, one motor car for chief, three horsedrawn combination iii chemical, two horsedrawn hose and linemans wagons, 12,000 feet of 2-% inch hose, 1,100 feet of chemical hose, six stations, ~ eightytwo men. ` A Parks and playgrounds: Four parks for white and two for .~,, colored, three of which are equipped for playgrounds. Band con- ,i;}' certs furnished by city during summer. Three athletic fields and a summer amusement park with dance hall, amusement conces- "f. sions, boating and swimming facilities. Post Office receipts for 1920: International and Domestic Money Orders issued, $489,531.48; Surplus Money Order funds ~ r -.-.-...._____ , , _ f