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9 > Image 9 of Lexington (Kentucky) Directory 1921

Part of Lexington City Directories

INTRODUCTION i received from other offices, $1,360,151.05; \Var Savings Stamps i sold, $13,880.28; Revenue Stamps sold, $2,692.93; International and Domestic Money Orders paid, $421,04421. Postal Savings System: Deposits, $6,397.00; Postage receipts, $249,o1o.37. Temperature: Ideal climate. U. S. \Veather Bureau report: Annual normal temperature, 55 degrees. Monthly normals Jan., 33; Fel)., 36; Mar., 43; ADI'., 54} MHY, 64} June, 73; _lulY gp 77; Aug., 75; Sept., 68; Oct. 56; Nov., 45; Dec., 36 degrees. Precipitation: Well distributed. U. S. V\eather Bureau re- port: Animal normal precipitation, 42.08 inches. Monthly nor- mals]an., 3.83; Feb., 3.23; Mar., 4.72; Apr., 3.34; May, 3.52; { june, 3.99; ]uly, 4.44; Aug., 3.57; Sept., 3.42; Oct., 2.22; Nov., 3.48; Dec., 3.32 inches., Fiftyfive miles of improved streets, forty-live of which are paved; mainly wide streets, paved with wood blocks in business J section and asphalt in residential districts; extensive modern {_ whiteway lighting system; three reinforced concrete viaducts, total length, 2,710 feet; 58.6 miles of sanitary and storm sewers. ~ and a $211,000 sewage disposal plant. l \Vater system: Investment of $2,000,000; four large reser- _ voirs covering 410 acres, with capacity of one and onethird bil- lion (I,340,000,000) gallons per day. Pure water, gravity hltered and chlorinated; average hardness 6.5 grains per gallon. Ninety-one miles of water mains and 675 hre hydrants. Total pumping capacity of water plant, 12,000,000 gallons per day; average consumption, 3.200,000 gallons per day; 50 i cents minimum monthly rate (lowest in United States, fixtures not considered); 42% of all consumers pay minimum bill. Two daily newspapers both Associated Press subscribers with private wires and circulating throughout Kentucky. Both newspapers occupy new, fully equipped fireproof buildings. Y. M. C. A. costing with equipment $I50,000. Complete l general and physical departments and 55 bedrooms. Y. VV. C. A. centrally located with all departments and cafe teria. Additional buildings under construction. Lexington College of Music, an institution for art. vocal and . instrumental training. lloused in three beautiful buildings and ' the center of musical culture for the entire Blue Grass Region. j Single telephone system, home ownership, with low rates il and all long distance connections. Q Board of Commerce. \\omens Club. Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, g Pyramid and Optimists Clubs. Civic Club. Business and Profes. , sional \\'omen's Club, and other organizations active in civic de- velopment. , Lexington Automobile Club, with fully equipped touring ., bureau and headquarters in the Board of Commerce. t Eight banks with clearings for 1920 of $III,I24,546.82, and 1,, combined deposits at close of business june 30. 1921, $12,812; [ Q 487.92, and total resources $23,159,741.00. fr s \\`elfare League, a federation of all welfare agencies, sup- V} A ported by $IO0.000 public subscriptions annually.