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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 80, no. 2, Summer 2009

Part of Kentucky alumnus

HK B e at Explore UK Online Sustainability Initiatives University Archives within UK Libraries has expanded the Incl ude Sha red ke availability of historic items frequently requested by researchers, _ _ _ _ _ _ alumni, current students and faculty with a new online resource Bob W1SCmaH UK_V1CcP[CS1dCl1t {OT faclllucis mamgcmcllt and called Explore uic rim preserves me memory ofthe institution a member efme Preememe Smtamaemtr Admem Cemmmee and makes university history more readily availablc says that onerofthe most signihcant achievements ofthe advisory Explore UK brings together textual and visual records that can be Commmcc? S Inaugural Year is the Ffcahlfm Oftllc university S Hrst browsed or keyword searched, The site offers searchable photo- Campuywld Smfcmcm OH Susmlnablllw Policy _ graphic images, Board of Trustees minutes (1862- 2007) and the UK _ The POUCY is built upgn A Sfafcwnf f?HmUm The Umvcp yearbooks (1894-1975), More resources will be added over time SKY 0fKetl<`> tewgmmes that mrrts mission ro improve the lives of dl; ` E _ _ _ Kentuclf -; " _ / .5 to ` T ,_ In addition to advances made toward UKs Hrst LEED-certiHed 5 _?;l ` - I T C ` V building and a concerted effort to reduce the universitys carbon tg ,i footprint, sustainability advances include implementation ofthe All sl; - / if 2005 Campus Bicycle Plan, which created shared paths for pedes- ig Mr};. I _ *` - trians and bicyclists that link residence halls to the campus core, E 7'~_ '% V { _,__ / e e., _ xc! Wiseman says that improvements to city sidewalks and streets will James K. Patterson served from 1879 until 1910 as nrst president of eonneet the shared path system to the city streets to facilitate oii- the University of Kentucky, at that time named the Agricultural and campus bike trips, A new pathway will be created through the Ar- Mechanical College of Kentucky bOICtLlI11 Woods, providing 21 critical lillli ill LCXiHgtOH)S Check out Explore UK at north-south trail system, wilt: h Xtra, keywords: il SQ iq, V 1 _ Exieiere UK- ~e` T , ll.? , No .,,e YB er r ( ,,1 G U meV Norma U Na med ii ll l?i Qi `.i I Q i~i A S1``i { , ,, is rieje _ *e r Ke MU C ky Pet La U reate ii, : ..i, if Gurney Norman, director ofthe University of Kentucky (jre- lep` g A ` e ` /,*i yvyyy lc _ ative Writing Program, is the Kentucky Poet Laureate for a two- ,`r` if ply l A .'` A V Tl year honorary term, He succeeds Kentucky Poet Laureate ]ane `K T, V, y K T i S on T ]`*` r ` ge Gentry Vance, who is aprofessor in the UK Department ofEng- T ` ~``r. Q; g ;` X,. `V ` T _ ee ` ` lish and the Honors Program, - _~ - ` A , ,.~`~ ` V , For 30 years, Norman has been a force to be reckoned with in 1 ` s, e y ~ M E the literature of Appalachia and the South, He was instrumental ,~`` r l' in the founding ofthe Appalachian Poetry Project and the South- The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of Kentucky ern Appalachian Writers Cooperative, A charter member ofthe faculty of the Hindman Settlement Schools Writers Workshop, he continues to serve as a senior writer in residence for the annual For a llst of UKs Sustalnablllty event, His numerous writings include his Hrst novel, (Divine l]Xlf8 ll'IltlatlVS, visit WWW.UkalUmhl.l'It, Rzghtk Trzpfwhich was originally published in the margins ofthe keyword; Sugtajnabjhty (Least Whole Earth Cozml0g and sold 2 million copies worldwide, www.uka| 7 ((