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14 > Image 14 of Office manual preparation of inventories

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

1 . . r 4 Z V V r in . " ', . , `; L_ -_w:A;`?`_. ( , p , ,` p . , p i afi`.-. I T v { V il`, vw VI i . ` 4 I .v{";j;;`)_rr = ; 3 _,` D 1.. i ,,; 4 '*l ._ s I I J : i ;~ , T . r I _.> .=,,j ._;, . `f an ,,; .,l C VM ',,,+__;~z.;'_*; _ - ." J ._,_,r.,. 1 , V ` {I , I [ v11,15,s--v111,1,e. #* isi vim (erm muse.) B. If all the records of an office are in the same building igflgg or room, notxtion to that effect may be made in introduc~ ; tory paragraph to the records of the office and building {* or room designation may be omitted in entry. f; C. If a record is deposited at the house of an official, the jei exact name and address should be given. (Sup. 4, .e` .rt. BO), ,_;?j (Sup. 5, Arts. 45,44) Ii, ,,,' 2 D. When the original of a record is dejqsitvi in one office -Q;? and a secanl office receives a copy in the regular course i?$ of business, the record should be entered under beth j ff offices. The entry under the more important office shoul ;*LQ be corylote; the other entry should bc abbreviateT and g?QQ should cntain a cross reference tr the complete entry. En2 Sub-divided location references should shew quantity and ?;4QF inclusive dates and sheuli continue in sam; line with boly _F gg of entry. {Sup. 5, nrts. 9,45), (Let. 4/22/57) Wahl? l4. Separate Index: This should be a separate entry ani its contents E gps; sh;uli be described as fully as any other reevrd. (It is nvt g ? sufficient te state "algh. iniexed".) The entry sh uld fined- Yggi iately fallin the entry if the rec rl it serves. Titl. sh ull gg QE} be statci in full, as: "lulcx to (insert nmie f rec rd serv;d)" &?Yff (Su;. 4, Art. 25) , (ut. 11/rl/55} , (Jay;. 5, mcs. 1.: ,5e,55) ='% VIII BD EQEQQKHM ilgp I- _...P*01*i92.:._2;;iy_}s;2awry.= `,;` *7 ".I A. ddthdraw forms not included in inventory, such as lOHR i Dahl o forms, newspaper, painting, statuary, and individual forms t.Y,; that do net constitute a record entitled to an entry. EI Q; B. Edited workers copies shoull be grouped by counties and E i,g agencies within counties. Lntries for each office should be E Y _. listed under a separate section. (Sup. 4, Art. 55), (Let. ii, T 11/14/55), (nn;. 4,/22/57) r C. Office of issue ill forms should be listed under office Q, D of issuc and numbered consecutively. (Sup. 4, Art. 20) tl { mnt. 11/14/:;;.) , (sup. 5, art. io) I jj D. all forms covering a particular set of records should be ? j placed togther and consolidated into one antry. {dup. 4, ? 1lI'l3 55) - E. Duplicate set of records - When two sets of same record i . are exact Wuplicatgs for a part or entire period, the two t Sq' sets should be combined in one entry, as: "45 vols. and E D duplicate set", but distinction shoulT be mad: in descrip _ ., tion of contents between original and duplicate. (Sup. 5, { T are . 25) 5 y , D F. All forms should be arrang I un er subject headings in Q Q the order in which they will appear in inventory. (Sup. 4, ' gm. 55) , (Les. 11/14/55), (sup. 5, .-xm;. 22) Y G. In no case should a record bo entered more than once (ex g , cept as stated under VII,l3D abovc),although the contents Y` of some records actually giv. them a right to a place undei ` more than one subject hcadin;. The index will solve this ` I problem. If further cross r ference is required, the p f statement, "See also entries , " should be placed under V such subject headings befare_lDn;_first numbered entry. E '7` sas-io 1 _ I _.,;,~_:_, i Y )_