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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Tuesday, April 5, 2 19(H) Gone To Speak At Lecture SC Delays Approval Of New Constitution Edmund ISurKc, the British statesman who strove for recognition of American colonists' claims to English lilxrties, will be the subject Tuesday night of the annual Arts and Sciences Lecture at the University. The lecture will be presented by essay published during the year. Dr. Carl Cone, professor of history, Cone was also the first holder of who was chosen by his colleagues the Hallam professorship, an endowed chair established in honor as the college's "Distinguished of the Year." It is scheduled of a benefactory of the history department. for. 8- - p.m. in Guignol Theater. Dr. Cone is the author of a In 1958, Cone was one of four study of the Englishman f&ctyty members presented $500 entitled "Burke and the Nature of Alumni Association awards for outPolitics." As a result of his election, standing rrseareh. The award was Pro-less- book-leng- or th Cone was given a semester free of teaching duties and spent the time in England gathering material for a second volume in the study. His lecture will be entitled "The Burke Revival." Burke, who was both a member of Parliament and a political writer, has been placed among a select group of English writers in whom modern scholars are most interested. Dr. Cone's first book on Burke was the winner of the Alice Hallam Award, presented to the history professor with the best book or also based on his work in preparation of the Burke volume. He is also the author of "Torch-bearof Freedom." a biography of British political philosopher Richard Price, and has contributed numerous articles to professional Journals. Cone earned his A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Iowa, receiving the latter degree at the age of 24. He joined the University faculty as an assistant professor in 1947. was promoted to associate professor in 1949, and be- er Approved by the assembly were Pajf 1 chTusfailed. the assembly the sections of the constitution tlon of providing for Student cyngrew remaining ' v. Z articles llh ratification w Of "constitution and b,gan to go niicau the DV- - repreUt on raiuuy, . other administrative matters. laws. the No date has been net for another Bob Walnscott moved that representameeting on the constitution. congress reconsider the tion clause before going ahead with the approval of election rules. Tom Young. Phi Delta Theta The person with real parkin representative, urged approval of worries is a preity girl. Bert the clause, citing the fact that Kruse. Creek Influence In the congress would not suffer because the majority of college representatives in the present congress are Greeks and would probably continue to be so under the new constitution. Ytumg also cited the need for a STARTS TONIGHT new connres constitution to better DR. CARL CONE serve students' interests. When it became apparent the came a full professor in ID 3G. congress was unable to proceed any Dr. Cone is the sixteenth winner further with the ratification, a of the Art and Sciences award, motion to table the constitution established as a means of recogniz- until after the holidays was made and passed. ing academic achievement. Only one other section of the i (VV NOR: UN3 new constitution failed to pass. It MifHAiL CAUA'i was a section calling for four faculty advisers for the congress, two PLAY BANKO O of whom would have been the deans of men and women. ALSO The congress instead accepted a that would give it two facsection ulty advisers appointed by the University president upon the recsick people. He never let himself ommendation of the congress become a part of their world. president and the assembly's Director Fritchard, also a talented actor, manipulated his :uto:s skillfully in attaining the praiseworthy production. His ability as director should not be questioned in this endeavor. Any weak points the production held, were far outweighed by the results of fine direction, acting, and interpretation. X, 1 'Glass Menagerie9 Called Good Dramatic Effort An independent production, sponsored by the Guignol Players, of the "Glass Menagerie" proved one of the best dramatic efforts at UK this season. John Piitchard. who directed the Tennessee Williams' play, necessarily must receive most of the plaudits. The cast of four must be commended for fine performances, especially in the case of the two female members. Penny Mason and Linda Brown Rue, probably the two most versi-til- c female performers at. UK, contributed depth to the roles and ex- t:Vi P.m. DAILY I im i fM3 Im WB P 4 Chty Cn LAST TIMES TONIGHT! Euclid Avinut OF LIFE" "IMITATION Turner, JoSn Gavin Sandra Dec (Color) Lana "THE HANGMAN" Robert Taylor, hibited a fine understanding of them. As Amanda, the mother. Miss Mason gave an excellent portrayal enhanced by her realistic carriage and fine tonal range. Miss Rue's portrayal of the pathetic daughter, Laura, will long be remembered as one of the most convincing Guignol performances. She evoked audience pity without resorting to maudlinity. Tom Marston as the son and Doug Roberts as the gentleman caller gave equally fine performances. Whether Marston showed best ii his role as narrator or as son, would be controversial. His transformation of mood was quite good. His feelings for his sister was best transmitted in his j art as the son, particularly in the very toucliiu; drunk scene. 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