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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, Tuesday, April Sitfii 5, l0-- 5 Of Spring for and about UK Tennis Champ Swings; Eyes State Tournaments Ily I MA JO Tips For Those Students Bound For Sunny Florida COCANOmilKR Beverly DeLozier, Junior elementary education major from Louisville, has been donning her tennis outfit for the past eight fprings. Heverly plays tennis for fun, but lie's also a champion. Four years nno she was the Kentuckiana open ehnmpion. She and her sister. Gall, im the Kentucky State Closed Doubles championship that same ) ar. lor two consecutive years, Ilev-rrl- y was one of the six players i hosrn to represent the South at (he sectional tennis tournament in Philadelphia. She was a four-yemember of the Junior Whitman ( up Squad that traveled over Kentucky and Ohio. While she was in hlRh school, she also played in the Girls West-ei- n Open in Dayton, the Girls Southern Open in Chattanooga and the Orange Bowl Tournament i:i Miami. d Hut Iteverly romes from a family. Her older brother plated professional baseball for several years. Her older sister and father play tennis, and her younger sister, (iail. is now a member of the Shawnee High School tennis team. St ranee as it may seem. Beverly did not play on her hiyh Mhool tennis team. "We had an all boy team at Shawnee at that ' time.-she explained. Beverly took lessons from tennis professional Walter Senior at the Louisville Boat Club for two years and from Dale Lewis, now coach at the University of Miami. "Trnnis is fun, but it's also hard work. I used to practice several hours a day in both winter and summer." she said. According to Beverly, one of the most xciting aspects of her travcl-i:- v and tournament play was n players. She mtittng has met Maureen Connelly, Doris Hart. l ew Hoad. Tony Trabert and many others. By CINDY CARIt of you who will be Florida bound here are some For those 7 ,,4 , V 4 3 sports-minde- well-know- Pleats Called Fashion Musi Chanel has a new look for Chanel this season. Chanel gives us belted Jackets, wide box pleated skirts, and silk dresses with divided skiits for evening. Box pleated skirts are worn both with hipbone length and bolero jackets. Belted Jackets have a lowwaisted supple look and are worn with slim skirts. Soft turnover collars tied with a bow are alternatives to the blouse collar worn outside. Nini Ricci has different versions of pleats from Chanel; but they are equally as chic. Medium box and knife as well as fine accordion pleats are machine made while inverted pleats are made by hand. Flat box and knife pleats are used for short and long evening models in crepe, shantung and chiffon. Jean Desses is so busy with pleats, folds and fabric manipulation that it sometimes leaves you dizzy. One of his best executed features is the hip emphasis which, contrary to other designers, tends to slim rather than exaggerate the hipline. The hip emphasis appears on frlim dresses, taking the form of wide fabric folds starting from either side and buckling or tying like a belt in front and forming e a flat pepluin. It gives a look from the rear. Sling drapery appears on evening dresses, mostly on ankle-lengt- h types, falling near the hemline at back or front and sometimes both. Double hemlines on Jacket and tkirts tie in with hemline interest reported elsewhere. The most important colors appearing this spring are white, pale beige, and cornflower blue. Creamy white and pinstriped woolens in fcuits are notable. Much printed chilton appears for evening. self-fabr- ic two-piec- hints to make your trip more pleasant. If you are planning a car trip, take your driver's license and be sure you have insurance. Plan to travel comfortably. Some spend your time nursing a sun bermudas, shirts, and a raincoat stroke. When night falls the beach still are always a good idea. If room allows, a cooler with cokes will pre- - remains a popular place. Parties vent frequent stops. Pillows are a are given by college students so all can enjoy the prevailing at- comfort. at your destin- - mosphere. After arriving Clothes may be a concern so n ation presuming it is Ft. Lauder- dale an inspection of the motel helpful suggestion is to pack youremove half of tlr should always be on the agenda, bags and then After you are settled, the next clothes. Those, remaining will tc place to adventure is the famous plenty. Bermudas, bathing suits, and a Elbow Room. You will probably find all your few shirtwaist dresses are the mos friends there. If not, try Omar's you will need. Beachcomber pan' , Tent. It may prove to be one of seem to be the fashion this yecr along with polo shirts and sneak the highlights of your trip. The natives of Ft. Lauderdale ers. Travelers-- checks are a mus : would probably like to move out during this time. So remember to when it comes to carrying mone. always have a neighborly smile for Checks of small amounts may b easier to cash and more convenient them. During the day and possibly the Always keep them in a safe plar night the beach will probably oc- - and never sign them until you get cupy a majority of your time. The ready to cash one. A final hint for your Florid sun will be a danger to those of sojourn is to beware of stranger: . you who are fair or burn easily. Try not to over expose your- - This includes boys from college; self the first few days as you may other than as well as UK. m ar e Wo 111 Gil . i i-r-x " 1 Adds Up To Champion Ie I.oier, junior elementary education major, has won the Krntuckian open championship, and teamed with her sister, Ciail to win the Kentucky State Closed Doubles championship. In high school she played the Girls' Western Open in Dayton; the Southern Open in Chattanooga, and the Orange Bowl Tournament in Miami. Beverly 'Quick Henry BILL TWAY Regardless of where we go in hie it seems to be inevitable that we will run across certain annoyBy ing people. We actually see them every day but don't always realize it. Your best friend can be a pest, but you ignore him until he begins to constantly annoy you. Usually he does not realize his fault. There is another type of pest... a person who knows of his fault but doesn't do anything about it. Certainly someone would have at least hinted to him that he change his ways. We see these people everywhere: on the stieet. in class, walking across the campus, or even In the dormitories and Greek houses. Let's look at the classroom pest; he's the character who annoys everyone from the professor to the students. You've seen him. I'm sure the type who is so persistent to get attention. He'll ask unnecessary questions, continually quix the professor, always want to answer questions, or Just cause disorder to every - one's detriment. It would be expected that he would be an above average student, but this is not necessarily true. Such traits are encouraged in a person when the professor does nothing to stop it. It begins like a small scratch and develops into a deep sore. There is also the person who doesn't contribute anything to class discussions, but who will usually annoy others in the class with his noises. He might tap the chair in front of him with his pen, pop foot, click his his gum. or continually whisper to evciyone around him. Then there's the person sitting next to you who usually forgets to bring a pencil and paper to class for tests. By the end of the semester you feel like you have supported two people. All of us, at one time or another, complain about annoying people, but have you ever thought that we all annoy others once in a while? The most important thing to remember is to try to correct your ways so you won't continually annoy your fellow classmates. ball-poi- fiSw nt Mildly Pointed Point Since shoes are an essential part of your wardrobe, they should not be neglected. Regular cleaning adds to their life expectancy as well as their appearance. Toe taps, which are small triangular pieces of metal, prevent scuffing pointed toes and can be purchased at any shoe repair shop. While you're there, have heels which may have that run-ovlook repaired. Meticulous buying and special care of your shoes will enable you to put your best (oot forward this spring. er Man is the only animal that blushes or needs to. Mark Twain. pair of shears, that they cannot be Marriage is like. so Joined A The Flit' Shoe Designs Show With hemline rising higher and higher, shoes will be more in the limelight than ever this spring. Pointed toes are expected to remain the fashionable shape; mildly pointed for walking and extremely pointed for dress. A new shape, the squared toe. still retains a slender pointed look. It's open season for heel heights ranging from almost flat to spike. Never before has it been as simple to find Just the shoe you want in the exact heel height you desire. Stacked leather heels are very popular, especially in low or medium heights. Neutral and pastel colors are forecast for this spring in a variety of fabrics including linen, calfskin, reptile, and even pale suede! Blade patent is expected to take a back row seat to these lighter and softer colors and fabiics. A revival of the classic spectator pump is also predicted. The most beautiful new look in diamonds separated, often "moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing anyone who comes between Reader's Digest. them. ..... ENGAGEMENT RINGS You hove to see it to believe it I looks like a diamond stor floating on her finger. 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